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The Marvelous Land of Oz Tip Builds A Pumpkinheaded Man As A Joke But The Joke S On Tip When A Mean Old Witch Brings Jack Pumpkinhead To Life Soon Jack And Tip And Their Friend, The Sawhorse Are On The Road To Oz There They Join Forces With The Scarecrow And The Tin Woodman Against The Rebel Army Of General Jinjur, Who Has Conquered The Emerald City If Tip And His Friends Defeat Jinjur, They Can Restore The Throne To The Rightful Ruler Princess Ozma There S Just One Slight Problem They Ve Got To Find The Princess First

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    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.In the northern Land of Oz, there lived a boy called Tip who was reared by a haggard old woman named Mombi One day, Tip got the idea to startle Mombi, so he took a large pumpkin from th

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    A straw king Transgender issues addressed What in the heck s a wogglebug Heaven knows what s going on here, but I like it Strange though it may sound, I preferred this sequel over the first book in L Frank Baum s Oz series, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, from which most of Dorothy s

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    An orphan boy called Tip was one of the inhabitants of a magical place called Oz He lived with an evil witch Mombi who decided to turn him into a marble statue one day being fed up with his pranks Tip escaped and headed for the Emerald City having nothing better to do He arrived just in time to

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    I loved the story and characters My favorite was Jack Pumpkinhead The ending was a total surprise and I just loved it Looking forward to the other books.

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Like many people my age, I actually remember when The Wizard of Oz movie being shown on network television every year was an event I mean, we didn t have VCRs Let alone Netflix back in the dark ages, so if you wanted to get a glimpse of Oz, you had to plan your socia

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    So Much Weirder Both than your memory of this stuff, and even than the first Oz book You ve got the Scarecrow set up, brains and all having gone to his head, as King Fool of Emerald City, you ve got an antifeminist caricature not that i mind it when it s so transparent, even for a kid in this modern era taking over

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    This book is slightly ridiculous It s hard to evaluate The Marvelous Land of Oz for what it is a children s book and a sequel a sequel to a great example of the genre at that rather than just a book But it s a goofy, daffy book It s weirdly pro women in a way for 1904 everyone who makes anything happen is a woman J

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    Everything in life is unusual until you get accustomed to it.I ve read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz sometime last year and really enjoyed it , and I have to say that this book was a pretty damn good sequel to it I enjoyed being introduced to new characters, as well as following new adventures of old characters The p

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    This is the second volume of this series that I read on my holiday back in June A lovely first of this specific edition of the book Charming line drawings and coloured illustrations by Biro accompanied by a whole series of characters both old and new made it a pleasant enough drift back into the frankly odd ball Land of Oz.It is once a

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    I ve always preferred this one to The Wonderful Wizard because I love the new characters introduced here It s great to have the Scarecrow and the Tin Man back they were always my favourite characters from the first book, if you don t count Toto but Jack Pumpkinhead, the Saw Horse, H.M Woggle Bug and the Gump are all so awesome I can t read ab

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