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Introduction Makers Of Worlds Lin Carter Zulka S And Kalilah The Third Episode Of Vathek William Beckford Translated By Clark Ashton Smith Silence A Fable Edgar Allan Poe The Romance Of Photgen And Nycteris George MacDonald The Sphinx Oscar Wilde The Fall Of Babbulkund Lord Dunsany The Green Meadow H P Lovecraft The Feast In The House Of The Worm Gary Myers Zingazar Lin Carter Simrana Series A Wine Of Wizardry Poem George Sterling The Garden Of Fear Robert E Howard Jirel Meets Magic C L Moore Duar The Accursed Clifford Ball The Hashish Eater, Or, The Apocalypse Of Evil Poem Clark Ashton Smith The Party At Lady Cusp Canine S Mervyn Peake The Sword Of Power From Khymyrium Lin Carter Khymyrium Fragment New Worlds for Old

About the Author: Lin Carter

Linwood Vrooman Carter was an American author of science fiction and fantasy, as well as an editor and critic He usually wrote as Lin Carter known pseudonyms include H P Lowcraft for an H P Lovecraft parody and Grail Undwin.Carter had a marked tendency toward self promotion in his work, frequently citing his own writings in his nonfiction to illustrate points and almost always including at

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    Carter s framework is the progression towards what he calls imaginitive world fantasy fantasy fiction set in an invented world, as opposed to lost, legendary, or ancient places on Earth He hangs his introductory material on this thesis and carries it through the supposed predecessors of and successors to William Morris The Well at World s End , who is declared th

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    I m familiar with most of the material here but this is still an excellent collection, featuring work by Dunsany, William Beckford, Mevyn Peake, Robert E Howard and H.P Lovecraft, plus writers I know less well, such as Clifford Ball and Gary Myers There s no particular theme beyond imaginary world fantasy to tie them together but that s okay Lin Carter s contributions to h

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