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Oryx and Crake Oryx And Crake Is At Once An Unforgettable Love Story And A Compelling Vision Of The Future Snowman, Known As Jimmy Before Mankind Was Overwhelmed By A Plague, Is Struggling To Survive In A World Where He May Be The Last Human, And Mourning The Loss Of His Best Friend, Crake, And The Beautiful And Elusive Oryx Whom They Both Loved In Search Of Answers, Snowman Embarks On A Journey With The Help Of The Green Eyed Children Of Crake Through The Lush Wilderness That Was So Recently A Great City, Until Powerful Corporations Took Mankind On An Uncontrolled Genetic Engineering Ride Margaret Atwood Projects Us Into A Near Future That Is Both All Too Familiar And Beyond Our Imagining

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    So, you go to Wal Mart to buy your groceries because it s so damn cheap, but then you realize Wal Mart is hiring very few full time employees and not offering reasonable health care to its employees and it s walking employees through the process of how to get Medicare, not to mention they re closing down small businesses by exploiting foreign economies to get the lowest possible fucking cost so,

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    I wonder if all Margaret Atwoods books are like this one Having read Oryx and Crake and The Handmaid s Tale, I am curious now how many other ways of horrifying me she has up her sleeve Oryx and Crake is a dystopian or as Atwood calls it herself, a speculative fiction novel set in a future where genetic engineering rules the world The story is told from the POV of Snowman, a seemingly last Homo sapie

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    This is the second dystopia Atwood has written, and I think it s less successful than The Handmaid s Tale Her vision here is of a not too distant future in which the US is divided into corporate owned gated communities where the biotech companies owners and highly paid skilled workforce live and the lawless, sprawling urban wasteland where everyone else lives Unlike virtually every other Atwood book I k

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    Sometimes I m torn between wishing I could get a glimpse inside Atwood s mind and thinking that might be absolutely terrifying.

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    Oryx and Crake is an exceptionally weird novel that left me baffled, stunned and even disgusted however, as time went on, it developed into one of the cleverest pieces of fiction I have ever read Behind the child pornography, ritualistic killings and animal abuse two young teens relished watching in their spare time on the internet, resided a dormant drive to understanding the excesses of human behaviour in or

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    How can someone make up such a fascinating and terrifying story Wow I absolutely loved it It took me some time to take this book from my book shelves, it was there already some time, it seemed a bit weird, but after having read the Handmaid s Tale, I took up the challenge and it was well, well worthed An apocalyptic story about a guy who seems to have remained as the sole human alive after an epidemic catastrophy l

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    What a fantastic dystopia awaits Our post apocalyptic fate will surely be a wonder to behold Atwood BUILDS UP when any other sensible writer writing today about the doomed future would simply TEAR DOWN In this compulsively readable novel, the fabulous formula borrows some ingredients from such classic books as The Island of Dr Moreau Jurassic Park The Road and Never Let Me Go derive from the same line of thought as it

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    I am calling complete, and total, bullshit There are so many things wrong with this book that it s hard to know where to begin For starters, the idea of having a couple of different timelines going at once, and shift tenses according present tense for the present, regular past tenses for the past causes some serious grammatical problems, and is an utter BS plot device I m not a huge fan of telling a story through flashback

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    One Generation AwayI often find it difficult to tell whether Atwood s dystopian fantasies are meant as constructive social criticism or as sarcastic prophecy Recent headlines suggest that her prophetic skills dominate, and with them her anticipatory sarcasm.In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the MeToo movement, for example, the British actress Joanna Lumley is reported to be fervently hoping that not all men are

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    eh.bore x and crake this is a very all right book i was just unwowed by it initially, i liked the pacing of the book, and the way the story was spooling out between the present and past, doling its secrets out in dribs and drabs but the characters just seemed so flimsy, and i was ultimately left with questions than explanations and the cutesy futuristic products and consumer culture bits are best left in the hands of a george sau

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Margaret Atwood was born in 1939 in Ottawa and grew up in northern Ontario, Quebec, and Toronto She received her undergraduate degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her master s degree from Radcliffe College.Throughout her writing career, Margaret Atwood has received numerous awards and honourary degrees She is the author of than thirty five volumes of poetry, childr