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The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTUREStraight From The Front Line Of Urban America, The Inspiring Story Of One Fiercely Determined Teacher And Her Remarkable StudentsAs An Idealistic Twenty Three Year Old English Teacher At Wilson High School In Long Beach, California, Erin Gruwell Confronted A Room Of Unteachable, At Risk Students One Day She Intercepted A Note With An Ugly Racial Caricature, And Angrily Declared That This Was Precisely The Sort Of Thing That Led To The Holocaust Only To Be Met By Uncomprehending Looks So She And Her Students, Using The Treasured Books Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl And Zlata S Diary A Child S Life In Sarajevo As Their Guides, Undertook A Life Changing, Eye Opening, Spirit Raising Odyssey Against Intolerance And Misunderstanding They Learned To See The Parallels In These Books To Their Own Lives, Recording Their Thoughts And Feelings In Diaries And Dubbing Themselves The Freedom Writers In Homage To The Civil Rights Activists The Freedom Riders With Funds Raised By A Read A Thon For Tolerance, They Arranged For Miep Gies, The Courageous Dutch Woman Who Sheltered The Frank Family, To Visit Them In California, Where She Declared That Erin Gruwell S Students Were The Real Heroes Their Efforts Have Paid Off Spectacularly, Both In Terms Of Recognition Appearances On Prime Time Live And All Things Considered, Coverage In People Magazine, A Meeting With US Secretary Of Education Richard Riley And Educationally AllFreedom Writers Have Graduated From High School And Are Now Attending CollegeWith Powerful Entries From The Students Own Diaries And A Narrative Text By Erin Gruwell, The Freedom Writers Diary Is An Uplifting, Unforgettable Example Of How Hard Work, Courage, And The Spirit Of Determination Changed The Lives Of A Teacher And Her Students The Authors Proceeds From This Book Will Be Donated To The Tolerance Education Foundation, An Organization Set Up To Pay For The Freedom Writers College Tuition Erin Gruwell Is Now A Visiting Professor At California State University, Long Beach, Where Some Of Her Students Are Freedom Writers

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    Erin Gruwell was a first year high school teacher She was teaching tough kids in Long Beach, CA Her students are the lowest at the school so she begins with diaries written by others to have them create diaries of their own She was able to stay with these students for all four years of high school Then she decided to teach college to new teachers.I teach I teach well An yet I find myself discouraged when I read b

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    I will begin by stating that I did not read this entire book I made it through 50 or 60 pages I had not had any intent to read it, as I have heard than enough stories about the fish out of water young white teacher who is able to save the inner city youth from the apparent inevitability of failure A coworker strongly recommended the book to me and actually put it in my hand, so I decided to give it a chance As I read one

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    True, this collective diary depicts racism quite poignantly, but what touched me deeply is this how the teens use writing to come out of the confinement of racism and resurrect their self esteem A powerful, captivating narrative.

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    The only reason I picked up this book was because it happened to be lying around the house, and I needed something to read I d heard of the movie with Hillary Swank and intended and still do to stay away from it as I believed it was another Gangsta s Paradise cliche white teacher, colored students, they all dance and learn When I picked up the book, I thought it would provide a few anecdotes of interest before I returned it to its pile on the

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    I was pretty disappointed by this book from the get go Diaries and journals are interesting because you are able to experience someone else s life in real time Part of that experience is being immersed in the language, personality, and emotion of the author The students idolize Anne Frank and Zlata, but don t allow any of their own voices into their writing Each entry sounds just like the next with only occasional sentences that feel real and un edited

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    Freedom Writers by Erin Gruwell is one of the most interesting books I ve ever read.It is about how one teacher Erin Gruwell makes it her goal to change the way students in her class view the world.The students in her class view the world as one big war zone and have their own goal which is to be able to survive the streets without being killed.Mrs.Gruwell takes it up on herself to show the kids the theirs to life then gang violence trying to do so she risks lo

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    I work in an inner city school This doesn t quite touch on the way inner city schools really are For instance, all the kids writing is in standard English My kids, when expressing how they really feel, use what I call Urban English I just couldn t hear my kids in this book I related a bit to the teacher s writing But there are a lot of realities that were not portrayed in this book For instance, the teacher had her own room the same room for the 4 years she taught The rea

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    The Freedom Writers Diary is an amazing, moving, and inspirational piece of art It consists of a collection of diary entries written by the 150 Freedom Writers and their English teacher, Ms Gurwell All of these Freedom Writers are students at Wilson High School in Long Beach California, where they have been placed in a below average English class with Ms Gurwell as their teacher This is Ms.Gurwell s first teaching experience, and it will have a lasting impact on her One of the firs

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    An interesting but ultimately unrealistic story of a high school teacher in an urban school in CA who does amazing things with her students The unrealistic parts first, the students write diary entries what I missed immediately were student s voices With one or two exceptions, they could have all been written by the same student the stories were different of course fresh, sad, poignant, brutally honest dealing with everything from molestation to drugs to violence but the sentence structure a

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    Unfortunately, I did not love the book I wanted to, being a teacher who hopes she makes a difference, even in some small way, in the lives of her students Particularly since it was a true story, it had all the potential of a classic tearjerker where this sap is concerned, and yet, it fell flat.First of all, they edited it so much that it felt fake I think I would have much preferred to see the diary entries as photocopies in the students own handwriting It would have added a level of authenticity that

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