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Baiting Him From New York Times Bestselling Author Aurora Rose Reynolds Comes The Second Book In The Steamy, Witty, And Hilarious How To Catch An Alpha Series

Chrissie Doesn’t Have Time For Guys, Hot Or Otherwise; Most Days, She Barely Has Time To Sleep With A Thriving Bakery That Demands Her Attention And Plenty Of Proof That Relationships Aren’t Worth The Trouble, She’s Content To Go It Alone Too Bad She’s Unwittingly Baited Mr Tall, Dark, And Way Too Gorgeous—and He’s Just Waiting For A Chance To Bite

Gaston Is Used To Getting What He Wants, But He Also Knows Nothing Good Ever Comes Easy From The Moment He Meets Chrissie, He Realizes That This Woman Who Makes Him Laugh, Smells Like Cupcakes, And Looks Like A Tasty Snack Is Going To Be His Greatest Challenge And If He’s Lucky, She’ll Be His Biggest Reward

But Someone Else Wants To Catch Gaston At All Costs—even If It Means Endangering The Lives Of The People He Loves Somehow Gaston Must Thwart Danger And Convince Chrissie That He’s The Perfect Catch spoilers ahead, 3.5*

Cute, drama free, sexy read. I liked
Alpha hero who was all in from the get go
Sweet and loveable h with some daddy issues, she cried a bit to much for me but 🙍
Gaston 😂 I sang the song every time I read his name
I'm really liking the covers for this series
This author knows how to deliver Alpha heroes

Both non virgins but no deets or skeevy references
OW drama from a woman who wanted the H but he definitely wasn't interested. I did think he should've been wiser in dealing with her but I guess it created the suspense for the plot Baiting Him is book two in the How to Catch an Alpha series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. This can be read as a stand alone. I haven’t read the first book in the series but loved this so much that I might have to go back and read it. This is an instalove romance with a hero that made me swoon so much it’s a miracle I didn’t just melt. He checked off every one of my perfect hero boxes.

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Gaston “Gus” is the owner of three successful bars. He’s used to women coming on to him in his bars. He’s good at deflecting their advances. What he isn’t used to is seeing a woman that captures his attention like no other woman ever has, a woman that stirs something inside him he didn’t know was there. And having her tell him to leave her alone!

Hesitating Pretty Woman Looking At ...

Chrissie is a thirty three year old woman living her dream of owning her own bakery, The Sweet Spot. She works long hours seven days a week so she has little time for anything but work. But it’s her best friend’s bachelorette party. So it’s a rare night out for her. Then she saw him. When he spoke, his voice wrapped around her like honey. He was gorgeous, much too gorgeous for her. She’s seen men like this before, men who only want you for one night and throw you away afterwards. No thanks.

Gus isn’t taking no for an answer. He’ll give her a little time to come around, but then he’s going after her. There was something there, something he needs to find out what it means.

So begins Gus and Chrissie. Gus was just everything. All swoony and overprotective and just amazing. Both have such busy lives and trying to fit in a new relationship isn’t easy. But they somehow make it work. There is some family drama on Chrssie’s end and she is an easy crier so that sort of annoyed me a little bit. But not enough to take away from the amazing connection these two had. She made Gus laugh. I loved who he was with her.

“I feel the possessive brand of his mouth on mine and his hold, like he’s staking his claim, telling me without words I belong to him.”

This was just a feel good, swoony, steamy book that made me so happy. I want a “Gus” in all of my books. Seriously, I think I had butterflies most of the way through. I’ve read a few of this author’s books, but not many. I definitely need to go through her book list and see what I’ve been missing. Because if there are more “Gus’s” there, then I need to meet them.

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 Baiting Him is the second installment in the How to Catch an Alpha Series and features Chrissie, Leah’s best friend from book one. This was a very enjoyable read. Super sweet, steamy, with fantastic writing as always and two amazing characters that had me hooked from the start. A heartwarming entertaining romance that focuses on what love is all about and leaves a warm fuzzy feeling!

“I feel the possessive brand of his mouth on mine and his hold, like he’s staking his claim, telling me without words I belong to him.”

“He makes me feel safe, he makes me feel at peace, and he makes me feel cherished and wanted.“

💝 ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 💝 Baiting Him is super cute. We met Cassie in the first book of the series. She's a very sweet heroine with a bit of an emotional side to her. She's always there for everyone around her, and she protects the ones she loves even when she is hurting.

Gaston (love that name) is actually a toned down alpha from what I am used to seeing from this author. I mean, he's still alpha and protective but he wasn't as "caveman" as ARR's usual heroes. He came off more gentlemanly. He treated Cassie like a man should. He was also a sweet mama's boy.

There isn't very much conflict in the story which makes this a nice low angst read. There is some family drama but not much couple drama. I really like that in a book. There was a small bit of ow drama as well, but I really loved how Gaston handled it.

If you are looking for a fun, feel good story, this series is perfect. I hope there will be more to come.

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