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Let's All Kill Constance This was surprising Bradbury is one of my favorite writers, but I found this novel s writing style to be choppy and disjointed I think that Bradbury s writing style just works better in sci fi and dystopian than it does in mystery This book was interesting enough to keep me reading, but I found I had to force myself to read when I didn t want to and that it was just a very dull book for me. . On A Dismal Evening In The Previous Century, An Unnamed Writer In Venice, California, Answers A Furious Pounding At His Beachfront Bungalow Door And Again Admits Constance Rattigan Into His Life An Aging, Once Glamorous Hollywood Star, Constance Is Running In Fear From Something She Dares Not Acknowledge And Vanishes As Suddenly As She Appeared, Leaving The Narrator Two Macabre Books Twin Listings Of The Tinseltown Dead And Soon To Be Dead, With Constance S Name Included Among Them And So Begins An Odyssey As Dark As It Is Wondrous, As The Writer Sets Off In A Broken Down Jalopy With His Irascible Sidekick Crumley To Sift Through The Ashes Of A Bygone Hollywood A Graveyard Of Ghosts And Secrets Where Each Twisted Road Leads To Grim Shrines And Shattered Dreams And, All Too Often, To Death , I recommend you pick some other Bradbury work to read unless your a fan of 20 s 30 s Hollywood stars and wacky detective novels. , 451 This book was not good What works in a short story does not translate to a 200 page novel It s not a good sign that I was reading a Philip K Dick book at the same time, and THIS book was heady and trippy The mistake Bradbury makes yeesh, that sucks to say is not giving the reader anything tangible to stand on We are constantly whisked away here and yonder before we really know what s going on It s very quick and conversational, which works fine in his shorter works, but doesn t work to great or even good effect for me here Not near the best from an undoubtedly great author. The reason I love reading Bradbury is that he always manages to draw me into a wonderfully weird and often wacky place and that is certainly the case with this story Atmospheric and tongue in cheek in a twisty way, the story begins on a dark and stormy night It s one of the Crumley mysteries, but Crumley is a minor character in this story instead the protagonist is an unnamed author who is toying about writing about a fireman who burns books and the life and death scavenger hunt that was dropped into his lap as he is struggling with his current manuscript.It s a nod to Hollywood and the legends it spawns and discards, writers and reality itself. I have never been one who fancied Ray Bradbury s mystery novels Reading Let s all kill Constance , third in this particular series, I was kind of lost.Essentially, an unnamed protagonist is pulled to his front door on a dark and stormy night by Constance, a wayward movie star who lives just down the beach She is distraught, pushed over the edge by two books of the dead The dead and nearly dead in these books are all know by her and seem to be harbingers of her own impending doom the protagonist, along with a detective pal of his begin an informal investigation to help save her life, leading them to a priest, a psychic, a tomb and the ghosts of hollywood past.all in all it was a decent story I would suggest it to others and found that it was very enjoyable The problem was the delay I experienced putting myself in the storyline The clumsy yet precise speech and the conversations the characters had were the problem The characters are all witty and seem to share constant inside jokes, without the courtesy of letting the reader in.Once I picked up on the groove of their interactions, I was sitting in a much comfortable position Unfortunately, even as I neared the end of the book, I found I was reading and rereading passages to pick up the important details.In review, it was a fantastic novel but not very accessible, even to an avid reader such as myself The tongue in cheek humor, and self serving references to Fahrenheit 451 were enough to make the novel worth reading Pick it up if you find interest in it.Toastx2 ,.

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Ray Douglas Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet, was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there, he became a student of life, selling newspapers on L.A street corners from 1938 to 1942, spending his nights in the public library and his days at

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