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A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories A Spaceship Captain Determined To Gather A Cupful Of The Suna Nubile Young Witch Who Yearns To Taste Human Love Expedition That Hunts Dinosaurs Across The Fragile And Dangerous Chasm Of Time These Strange And Wonderful Tales Of Beauty And Terror Will Transport You From The Begininng Of Time To The Outermost Limits Of The Future Selected From His Best Selling Collections The Golden Apples Of The Sun And R Is For Rocket, Here Are Thirty Two Superb Stories From One Of The Master Fantastics Of Our Age The Inimitable Ray Bradbury

About the Author: Ray Bradbury

Ray Douglas Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet, was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there, he became a student of life, selling newspapers on L.A street corners from 1938 to 1942, spending his nights in the public library and his days at

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    I m completely stunned by Bradbury How can anyone depicts and express any feeling in such a deep, impressive way without using the word describing that very feeling itself Depiction of the fog horn s voice inside the lighthouse in story the fog horn is such an example of this One day many years ago a man walked along and stood in the sound of the ocean on a cold sunless shore and said,

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    How many movies have ripped off the Sound of Thunder time travel idea You ll never know until you read it.Incidentally, Bradbury s intro Drunk and in charge of a Bicycle contains all of my email passwords for the last 15 years Now that s dedication to an author.

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    a sound of thunder is a collection of short stories by none other than ray bradbury there s all kinds of stuff in here rocket ships, space travel, dinosaurs, ancient sea creatures, all manner of human emotions it s glorious some of the stories were a little on the boring side though, and i found myself just trying to read stories per day just to get through them quicker the fog hornquite

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    This book of short stories was hit or miss for me, though hit than miss, especially the scifi stories.The opening story, The Fog Horn, was haunting and beautiful I really enjoyed it, though that s not too surprising since it involved the sea.One day many years ago a man walked along and stood in the sound of the ocean on a cold sunless sure and said, We need a voice to call across the water

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    TL DR This book is a great place to start with Bradbury, or it s a great place to see his work anew.By my count this is the fifth book that I ve read by Ray Bradbury By my estimation his work will never get old.I ve managed to sing his praises in other places already, so I won t repeat them again here look for my review of Dandelion Wine I think that Bradbury was an immensely talented a

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    A Sound of Thunder. and Other Stories but let s pretend they re not there I was skimming through the bookshelf at my local independent book store, and I came across this one Ray Bradbury s A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories, formerly called The Golden Apples of the Sun , jumped out at me with its excellent cover art The basic placement of the Monarch in the center of the bent hand, and the wha

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    Ray Bradbury What a lovely, humane, emotional writer I read a ton of these back in Junior High, but I liked them even better now.

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    1944 Retro Hugo Award Finalist for Best Short Story King of the Gray Spaces R is for Rocket , by Ray Bradbury Famous Fantastic Mysteries, December 1943 Read 4 8 2019 3.5 4 stars a nice coming of age for boys story involving rockets every kid wants to grow up to be an astronaut.

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    I borrowed this book from my nephew who believes that Ray Bradbury is a poet hiding in the world of fantasy and science fiction I absolutely agree with his assessment Having read Ray Bradbury s stories since the 1970 s, I was familiar with most of the stories in this collection It was wonderful to fall back into these worlds Many people today prefer stories that get right to the point, the action, so

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    I must admit that I have read many of these stories in other Bradbury anthologies That s not to say that I don t still love some of these stories I sort of cherry picked through this collection to read stories I hadn t read before, or stories I wasn t as familiar with I d already read the entirety of Golden Apples of the Sun, so my selections really came from R is for Rocket.I d have to say my favorite,

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