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Death is a Lonely Business Every Bradbury novel out there is worth your time. A dark mystery detective story kind of in typical Bradbury style Marvelous writing and good, memorable characters.What I learned Not to read this book while home alone on a stormy night with family away in the LA area of California At least I wasn t listening to Tosca. Ray Bradbury, The Undisputed Dean Of American Storytelling, Dips His Accomplished Pen Into The Cryptic Inkwell Of Noir And Creates A Stylish And Slightly Fantastical Tale Of Mayhem And Murder Set Among The Shadows And The Murky Canals Of Venice, California, In The Early SToiling Away Amid The Looming Palm Trees And Decaying Bungalows, A Struggling Young Writer Who Bears A Resemblance To The Author Spins Fantastic Stories From His Fertile Imagination Upon His Clacking Typewriter Trying Not To Miss His Girlfriend Away Studying In Mexico , The Nameless Writer Steadily Crafts His Literary Effort Until Strange Things Begin Happening Around HimStarting With A Series Of Peculiar Phone Calls, The Writer Then Finds Clumps Of Seaweed On His Doorstep But As The Incidents Escalate, His Friends Fall Victim To A Series Of Mysterious Accidents Some Of Them Fatal Aided By Elmo Crumley, A Savvy, Street Smart Detective, And A Reclusive Actress Of Yesteryear With An Intense Hunger For Life, The Wordsmith Sets Out To Find The Connection Between The Bizarre Events, And In Doing So, Uncovers The Truth About His Own Creative Abilities I love Ray Bradbury I love his books, I love his short stories, I love how his cover picture has been the same one the one of him holding his cat for as long as I can remember, and I love that people always ask if he s still alive or not The man is a mystery to me, and some of his books and stories touch me in ways that other books and stories have not No, that s not meant to be dirty For once Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked This Way Comes are the two Most Important Bradbury Books to Me I read them at the right age, they made an impression, they will always be near and dear to me Most of his short stories are fantastic as well, but since you re not asking, the story that has stayed with me the most over the years is All Summer in a Day, the title of which I can never remember and I usually have to ask my brother This time I did an Interwebz search and found it Yay me What those books and that story have in common are their sense of the fantastic That s what I love about Bradbury they re coming of age stories and Bradbury writes children better than most adult writers can, and then he throws in some crazy unimaginable stuff and the whole story goes supernova Death Is a Lonely Business isn t quite like that This is different than his usual writing this is his attempt at a noir, his homage to Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler Bradbury uses himself in the story as a younger man It all seems like something I would probably dig a lot Unfortunately it didn t quite work for me.I don t blame Bradbury for this my head is totally elsewhere But maybe this isn t the genre for Bradbury The fact that I don t believe but could be wrong he did any other books like this indicates maybe he felt the same way Still, considering I will read anything Bradbury put on paper, this wasn t a complete disappointment I think I ll just be sticking with his fantastical stories in the future. A great mystery from the master wordsmith A noir thriller that plays out like a classic black and white movie while being a bit surreal at times and uniquely clever A very Goodread. The type of book only Ray Bradbury could ve come up with A bit of a noir murder mystery With supernatural undercurrents, some Bradbury weirdness and brilliant writing , actually it reminded me a bit of Big Lebowski, and the setting of 1940 s California kinda made me think it was a little nod to his early struggling pulp writer days, cos that s what the narrator is A brilliant, neglected novel. I love Ray Bradbury, but this book just doesn t have that much appeal at all Uninteresting characters and a story that falls flat. While not Bradbury s all time best, this is a nice change of pace Written relatively recently 1999 the book is a postmodern mystery with a young version of the writer himself cast in the role of the detective The killer is particularly creepy, an unseen presence waiting outside the homes of lonely failures, waiting for a chance to end their lives without ever doing than gently touching them Old women scared to death, drunks turned over in bathtubs, blind men tripped on staircases and an old man drowned in a lion s cage.The climax didn t quite satisfy, but it s a good read There are a lot of references to Bradbury s science fiction stories You can see the ostensible roots of The Veldt here, of fragments from Something Wicked this Way Comes, and The Foghorn, which looms larger than life throughout the story As a Bradbury fan, those moments of recognition added a fun element to the book.For on comics, humanity, morality and the world check out The Stupid Philosopher, aka a place where I put my words. I ve read this book twice It is written in a noire style, but with a feel of the fantastical running through it The main character is a struggling writer Bradbury himself who is trying keep his art flowing but is lonely His girlfriend is an ocean away and he seems so detached from everyone around him But then a murder mystery unfolds and the writer must solve it As the novel moves forward you find that Bradbury has many friends, some existing, some new, the relationships brought about through the events in the novel He also loves each one s uniqueness The weirder they are the they are loved because they are themselves The old, the discarded, the friendless are especially dear to him They mystery is just the method for us to learn about Bradbury s heart. Writerly, well written, and about writing Also about murder, loneliness, social change, urban decay, old movies, and poetry.

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