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Rituals of Blood: Consequences of Slavery in Two American Centuries (Frontiers of Science) In The First Essay, Patterson Analyzes The Very Latest Survey Data To Delineate The Different Attitudes, Behaviors, And Circumstances Of Afro American Men And Women, Dissecting Both The External And Internal Causes For The Great Disparities He FindsIn The Second Essay, Patterson Focuses On The Lynching Of Afro American Boys And Men During The Decades After Reconstruction, Particularly On The Substantial Number Of Cases That Constituted Apparent Ritual Human Sacrifice As No One Has Done Before, Patterson Reveals How The Complex Interplay Between Christian Sacrificial Symbolism And The Deep Recesses Of Post Bellum Southern Culture Resulted In Some Of The Most Shameful, Barbaric Events In American HistoryThe Third Essay Brings Us Into The Late Twentieth Century, With An Investigation Of The Various Images Of Afro American Men Portrayed By The Media From The Demigod Michael Jordan To The Demon Colin Ferguson To The Demigod Turned Demon O J Simpson And The Crossers Of Racial And Gender Boundaries Michael Jackson And Dennis Rodman All Contribute To The Cultural Complications Of Our Contemporary Society Rituals Of Blood Advances Patterson S New Model Of Ethnic Relations That Opens American Society To A New And Freer Dialogue

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    Rating this book is difficult the second essay which is a searing, unflinching analysis of the ritualistic aspects of lynching definitely deserves four stars, but Patterson s methods of analysis in the first and third troubled me I m still planning to read On Slavery and Social Death, but I need to spend some time pondering Patterson s subject positio

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    Excellent examination of the effect of slavery on African Americans I appreciate Orlando Patterson s objective evaluation using statistics and studies He is straightforward with his analysis, even when it is painful to expose At the same time, he is optimistic and solution oriented.

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    Great stats, decent organization, some good insights and a few that seem speculative

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