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Practice Makes Perfect Behind Closed Doors, They Re Laying Down The LawWhen It Comes To The Laws Of AttractionPayton Kendall And JD Jameson Are Lawyers Who Know The Meaning Of Objection A Feminist To The Bone, Payton Has Fought Hard To Succeed In A Profession Dominated By Men Born Wealthy, Privileged, And Cocky, JD Has Fought Hard To Ignore Her Face To Face, They Re Perfectly Civil They Have To Be For Eight Years They Have Kept A Safe Distance And Tolerated Each Other As Coworkers For One Reason To Make Partner At The FirmThere Are No RulesBut All Bets Are Off When They Re Asked To Join Forces On A Major Case Though Apprehensive At First, They Begin To Appreciate Each Other S Dedication To The Law And The Sparks Between Them Quickly Turn Into Attraction But The Increasingly Hot Connection Does Not Last Long When They Discover That Only One Of Them Will Be Named Partner Now It S An All Out War And The Battle Between The Sexes Is Bound To Make These Lawyers Hot Under The Collar

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    EDIT 14 06 11 In a good mood so I m going to up my rating It deserves it if I m being honest.I needed to read a book exactly like this I wanted funny, easy going and sexy I got it I find there are times when I just want to escape all the classics, all the vampires, werewolves, fairies and whatever else we re trending with now in the supernatural world,

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    I feel like I read a completely different book than everyone else I was promised a lighthearted, entertaining romance with lots of laughs So why am I so annoyed right now I got nearly 80 pages in, and J.D., the male lead, has acted like a hardcore meninist style misogynist the entire time He is the definition of uber entitled white male privilege who, in his own

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    Reread 2015This is one of those book that I read when I need something quick to munch on Something that I already know is going to make me smile and sigh Except when I was her age, I still thought boys looked like Ken dolls down there, so I m sure she s smiling about puppies or somethingBut that s beside the point Little Rapunzel looks like I felt after reading thi

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    4.5 stars After eight years of near hostility, Payton Kendall and J.D Jameson find themselves in a head to head battle for the partnership position in their law firm They both excel in their fields J.D in class action practice, and Payton in employment law, specifically single plaintiff race and gender discrimination There s also an unspoken rule in the firm that the person who doe

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    I can t get into this I can t.

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    5 stars Contemporary RomanceWOW I loved it, loved it, loved it Something About You and A Lot Like Love are two of my favorite contemporary romances and overall reads so far this year and made me an avid Julie James fan This turned me into an outright rabid, crazed groupie who wants to follow Ms James around like a puppy, fetch her lattes, shine her Jimmy Choos, and bond with her over martinis S

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    What I wanted to tell you, he began deliberately, was that you were wrong Now there was a friggin surprise Payton glared.J.D continued, calm now, his voice steadier I mean, about what you told Tyler His eyes met hers and held them I would ve done it for you in a heartbeat Ahhhh sooooooo I LOOOVEEEDDDD THISSSSSSSS I know I can say this for almost every book I read shut up but, when your iPad glows lik

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    When combining humor with romance, a good writer leaves you with a smile on your face A great writer leaves you with a smile on your face AND a grin in your heart That s just what Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James did for me The characters are memorable, their interaction spicy yet still G rated, and their happily ever after left me with a t eating grin on my face.They couldn t be different He comes from money, her

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    4.5 stars Loved this one If only all romance authors wrote dialogue as great as Julie James does It kind of followed her typical formula, and was light on the smexy times, but it was entertaining and funny.

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    This is my most fave of Julie James s books so far.For being the partner of the firm.Two lawyers fight each other..Only one will be chosenThen the War begin.I truly loved, loved, loved this It is my second Julie James book I read, but being my first fave of hers The plot is sooo enjoyable and never get me bored maybe because I love the plot about competition, playing game and revenge in general..Yesss, the two main characters

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