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Pomegranate soup rek otu Love in a mist Amor en una niebla Benim i in kitap,zaman t c g nlerin zerine serpilmi rek otlu sayfalar oldu bir nevi..Dip not Hikaye nas ld diye sordu bir arkada m Paketi a kta b rak lm petib r bisk vi gibi diye cevaplad m Bayat ve fakat yine de leziz, lezzetli Sen sen ol rek otlar n cebinde ta yan okuyucu ol Jos kaipaat lukukokemukseltasi mausteita, herkullisia ruokia ja jopa reseptej , iranilaisen Marsha Mehranin Lumoavien mausteiden kahvila Pomegranade Soup 2005, suom 2006 sopii sinulle Suomalainen nimi on mielest ni paljon sopivampi kirjan sis ll lle, vaikka kyll kirjassa keitet n my s granaattiomenakeittoa ja keittoon on my s resepti.Kirja kertoo kolmesta sisaruksesta Marjanista, Baharista ja Laylasta, jotka pakenivat Iranin vallankumousta vuonna 1979 aluksi Lontooseen He pakenivat, koska Baharin mies oli v kivaltainen ja Teheranissa asuminen ei ollut en turvallista nuorille naisille Baharin mies l ysi heid t Lontoosta, mutta tyt t pakenivat j lleen ja nyt Irlantiin syrj iseen pieneen kyl n, jota hallitsi rautaisella otteella Thomas McGuire.Tyt t perustivat kahvilan, mutta alkuun paikkakuntalaiset vierastivat outoja hajuja ja keitoksia Juorut vahvistivat kyl l isten luulotteluja ja pahansuopaisuutta tytt jen kahvilaa ja itse tytt j kohtaan, jota lietsoi olutparoni Thomas McGuire McGuire olisi halunnut itse tytt jen kahvilapaikan, jotta olisi perustanut siihen diskon, sill salaisissa ajatuksissaan, h n oli dj ja diskotanssin kuningas.T lle ihanalle ja lempe lle sisarus kirjalle on jatko osa Ruusuvett ja lammaspataa. Beneath The Holy Mountain Croagh Patrick, In Damp And Lovely County Mayo, Sits The Small, Sheltered Village Of Ballinacroagh To The Exotic Aminpour Sisters, Ireland Looks Like A Much Needed Safe Haven It Has Been Seven Years Since Marjan Aminpour Fled Iran With Her Younger Sisters, Bahar And Layla, And She Hopes That In Ballinacroagh, A Land Of Crazed Sheep And Dizzying Roads, They Might Finally Find A HomeFrom The Kitchen Of An Old Pastry Shop On Main Mall, The Sisters Set About Creating A Persian Oasis Soon Sensuous Wafts Of Cardamom, Cinnamon, And Saffron Float Through The Streets An Exotic Aroma That Announces The Opening Of The Babylon Caf , And A Shock To A Town That Generally Subsists On Boiled Cabbage And Guinness Served At The Local Tavern And It Is An Affront To The Senses Of Ballinacroagh S Uncrowned King, Thomas McGuire After Trying To Buy The Old Pastry Shop For Years And Failing, Thomas Is Enraged To Find It Occupied And By Foreigners, No Less But The Mysterious, Spicy Fragrances Work Their Magic On The Townsfolk, And Soon, Business Is Booming Marjan Is Thrilled With The Demand For Her Red Lentil Soup, Abgusht Stew, And Rosewater Baklava And With The Transformation In Her Sisters Young Layla Finds First Love, And Even Tense, Haunted Bahar Seems To Be Less Nervous And In The Stand Up Comedian Turned Priest Father Fergal Mahoney, The Gentle, Lonely Widow Estelle Delmonico, And The Headstrong Hairdresser Fiona Athey, The Sisters Find A Merry Band Of Supporters Against The Close Minded Opposition Of Less Welcoming Villagers Stuck In Their Ways But The Idyll Is Soon Broken When The Past Rushes Back To Threaten The Amnipours Once , And The Lives They Left Behind In Revolution Era Iran Bleed Into The Present Infused With The Textures And Scents, Trials And Triumph,s Of Two Distinct Cultures, Pomegranate Soup Is An Infectious Novel Of Magical Realism This Richly Detailed Story, Highlighted With Delicious Recipes, Is A Delectable Journey Into The Heart Of Persian Cooking And Irish Living Sometimes it is good to suspend belief and surrender your imagination to a form of magical realism which can transcend cultural barriers.Three orphaned sisters, who fled Iran seven years earlier, have found their way to a small town in Ireland where they hope to make a home They bring with them their heritage, their demons and their hopes for a better future Marjan, Bahar and Layla open the Babylon Cafe in the heart of Ballinacroagh s Main Mall The smell of traditional Persian cooking wafting through the Mall works its own magic on many of the townsfolk business is growing as is acceptance But the past is not yet finished with the sisters, and their future is threatened In part this novel is about the clash of cultures and inherent suspicion about what is different It is equally about the power of hope and the unifying role of food and the role of senses in life In many ways, both the characters and the setting are irrelevant to these unifying points The setting could be small town anywhere, the sisters could have any different cultural heritage At the same time as each sister confronts her demons, many of the townspeople find the courage to question their own assumptions and values.The novel contains some delicious recipes which some readers will wish to try, while others of us will simply enjoy the possibility While many of the characters are lightly drawn stereotypes this doesn t really detract from the power of the novel A comparatively light read to be sure, but one with a powerful underlying message for those who want to accept it. Ca kiem sympatyczna ksi ka, bardzo podoba mi si pomys z przepisami, koniecznie b d musia a co wypr bowa. This was a delicious summer read Part Journey from the Land of No , part The Taste of Chocolate , Marsha Mehran tells a magical tale of 3 sisters who change the village of Ballinacroagh, Ireland when they move to town after fleeing the Iranian revolution In the process of becoming part of the community and influencing the people who live there, they begin to come to terms with their own painful past Each chapter starts with a recipe for a Persian delicacy which is incorporated into the story At times I really wanted to go out and find a Persian restaurant or to go to a grocery store to find the unusual ingredients required to cook some of these dishes myself . My dear friend Cathy sent me this book, and I imagine that she bought it because of its title Pomegranate Soup, which is the best soup that I have ever eaten She and I had it as a small Persian caf , Soltan Banno, in San Diego, CA just before I moved to Oklahoma.I had met Cathy in an encounter group while in college We both lived in Berkeley, and at one time we both dated Iranians I moved to San Diego just before moving to Oklahoma She and I remain close friends to this very day.In the book, three Persian sisters who had escaped Iran, came to Ireland to open up a Persian caf where they served this wonderful soup and other Iranian delights At the end of each chapter there is a recipe, which reminds of the book, Like Water for Chocolate The Iranian, Mehran, that I dated while living in Berkeley, like the woman in this story, had also escaped Iran in the time of the uprising Mehran once made me a Persian dish, Chelo Kabab with Masto Khiar It too was very good But nothing is better than that soup, which recipe I wish I had Both recipes may have been in the book, but I no longer own it so I don t recall. This book was very wonderful for what it was a delicious mixture of food and the personal journeys of three sisters who escape Iran on the eve of the revolution and eventually make their way to Ireland This book pleasantly reminded me of another book about the magic of food from another culture The Mistress of Spices We learn of the sisters experiences in Iran through flashbacks throughout the book, and I really appreciated Mehran s light touch in her descriptions of the sisters painful memories In my opinion, too many books are heavy handed and overwhelming with sadness when they flashback to such events Mehran had just the right combination of sadness and facts that made me want to learnabout this terrible time in Iran, but did not frighten me away from the violent history In Ireland, the sumptuous exotic spices of the sisters cooking reinvigorate the aspirations of the townsfolk in Ballinacroagh and bring them together I of course was hungry the entire time reading the book and would love to try some of the recipes that Mehran includes before every chapter A yummy light read that delivered all it promised I am looking forward to discussing it at my book club on Monday and will post any other revelations our discussion brings On a happy note, this might be my most successful book club pick ever thanks Holyn for joining GoodReads so I could read your review , ,,, , , , ,, , ,, , , ,, 7

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