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A Book of Witches The Old Witch England Rapunzel Germany Lazy Hans Germany The Twins And The Snarling Witch Russia Esben And The Witch Denmark Prunella Italy The Donkey Lettuce Germany Hansel And Gretel Germany Tatterhood Norway The White Dove Denmark Johnny And The Witch Maidens Bohemia The Blackstairs Mountains Ireland Grew up on a fair number of Ruth Manning Sanders fairy tale collections Nicely told for children with good illustrations.A variety of tales, with only one with a good witch and that one, Tatterhood , has a number of evil witches too I noticed it tends toward the idiomatic in translation Includes Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel but a number of others kind and unkind girls are hired by a witch a woman and her granddaughter mess up their protections a girl is abducted over plums and meets the witch s son, and Includes the country sources but no. Kids book, but full of old stories about witches rewritten in a clear manner for children Bought the same time as the Penguin Grimm s Fairy Tales and, obviously, this was the quicker and satisfying read. Another lovely anthology.A shame the witches are generally depicted as grizzled, ugly, stupid creatures Nothing like the ones I ve met These are stories for children, but re reading them as an adult I love the comforting rhythms within each story.

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