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Parrotfish Last Week I Cut My Hair, Bought Some Boys Clothes And Shoes, Wrapped A Large ACE Bandage Around My Chest To Flatten My Fortunately Not Large Breasts, And Began Looking For A New Name Angela Katz McNair Has Never Felt Quite Right As A Girl Her Whole Life Is Leading Up To The Day She Decides To Become Grady, A Guy While Coming Out As Transgendered Feels Right To Grady, He Isn T Prepared For The Reaction He Gets From Everyone Else His Mother Is Upset, His Younger Sister Is Mortified, And His Best Friend, Eve, Won T Acknowledge Him In Public Why Can T People Just Let Grady Be Himself Grady S Life Is Miserable Until He Finds Friends In Some Unexpected Places Like The School Geek, Sebastian, Who Explains That There Is Precedent In The Natural World Parrotfish Change Gender When They Need To, And The Newly Male Fish Are The Alpha Males , And Kita, A Senior Who Might Just Be Grady S First Love From Acclaimed Writer Ellen Wittlinger, This Is The Groundbreaking Story Of One Teen S Search For Self And His Struggle For Acceptance

About the Author: Ellen Wittlinger

Ellen Wittlinger is the critically acclaimed author of 15 young adult novels including Parrotfish, Heart on My Sleeve, Love Lies Marisol s Story, Razzle, What s in a Name, and Hard Love an American Library Association Michael L Printz Honor Book, a Lambda Literary Award winner, and a Booklist Editors Choice She has a bachelor s degree from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, and

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    GRADY And yet, things do change, Father You need only look at me to see the truth of that EVE Yes, this year has seen your Angela become your Grady and exchange her long dresses for his sturdy trousers LAURA And trade her long locks for the haircut of a boy. According to Ms Wittlinger, being a boy means wearing sturdy trousers and having the haircut of a boy ,

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    I really wish people would stop recommending this book to trans kids, to be perfectly honest The author very obviously didn t do extensive research, because her portrayal of a ftm teenager is pretty damn inaccurate She portrays him as binding with ace bandages and no repercussions, a misconception that can actually kill people, as wrapping a large ACE bandage around one

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    This book is Friendly and Educational The author was clearly trying to write a book that encourages trans kids, and because of that it was totally unrealistic, with well informed and sympathetic allies coming out of the woodwork, the school bullies conveniently dispatched and made to look like ignorant fools, an accepting family and even a kiss from the most popular girl

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    Add this to the list of books with trans characters written by well meaning but clueless cis people.Meet Grady, the recently out trans boy who is dealing with the fallout of friends, family, and strangers coming to terms with his social transition His mom and sister are knee deep in the why am I cursed with a trans family member this is clearly all about me quagmire, his ex

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    am i allowed to be critical of a book of such monumental importance if i am, i have to say that i ve read about three hundred books by better writers but i ve never read one about a teenaged ftm who is transitioning with pride and courage.so, i m conflicted issue driven books morals badly written dialogue woefully pedestrian metaphors about christmas, babies, and napoleon dyn

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    I think this book as far as I know is the first YA book that deals with a female to male transperson as its main character Another YA book, named Luna by Julie Ann Peters has a male to female transperson as its main character This book takes place in about a month s time From the weekend after Thanksgiving till Christmas time The week before the book starts, Grady has cut his h

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    Ignoring the constant use of transgendered, the book was still a disappointment in many ways Sexuality was presented as binary gay or hetero , with bisexuality being erased, and gender was binary as well boy or girl Gender identity and gender expression were treated as synonymous It encouraged the harmful stereotype of masculine man and feminine woman It indiscriminately intercha

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    i m tired of coming out books sure, it s necessary to explain to folks through fiction what the life of a tranny can be like, but i d prefer to have tranny people living real lives with other struggles who are totally okay with being tranny same goes for other kinds of queer let s have some good love stories or coming of age stories or fantasy stories where the characters just happ

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    This was the first Transgender related book that I ve read and I personally think it was a very good book Being trans myself it was really easy to relate to everything going on in the book and it helped me mentally prepare to come out to my family I love how it also had that little cute love story involved in there but I was sad to see that Grady didn t end up winning the girls heart

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    So I m on the fence about this book It s great that there is actually a ftm trans book, and it shows some of the struggle people go through, I related to some of the book, which I guess I was looking for But at the same time it was unrealistic The family go from disliking the change to not minding so quickly, the kids at school go from taking the piss to everyone being on his side The

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