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Shark Bait 1 a book about survival.2 I decided to read this book because the cover took in my interest and because i completely adore sharks and read most books that come across me involving sharks.3 I liked how it involved other animals, and gave me an picture into my head on been ini the water and feeling all the things that the characters felt and were going through in the book.4 The guys names got muddled up with different characters.5 Not Ms Mulcahy because she doesn t like books about sharks But anyone else who enjoys a good book about adventure should read this it lovely. it was a good book no it was not a good book it was a awesome book I love the story When i saw this book i though of it as another one in the series, that didn t draw much attention to me I figured why not, as i read deeper and deeper it drew me in I couldn t stop reading, as the images of the boys floating in the ocean with what menace is below them Each page was a adventure with twists and turns It was a great book if you are into the suspense of what happens next books. A page turner, but not much else Shark Bait is another very exciting book in the Extreme Adventures series starring Sam Fox, an Austrian boy Sam never looks for trouble trouble just seems to find him This time, Sam must survive the night floating in the warm ocean waters with a young Japanese boy that doesn t speak or understand English They survive sharks, sea snakes, nearly drowning, and then end up battling animal poachers There is no way that I would want to spend the night suspended in the water with predators swimming all around me That would scare the bejeezus out of me Both of these boys are brave, very brave indeed.Once again, Justin D Ath has put pen to paper and created another fun filled, action packed, wet adventure for us to read As with all the books in the series, the quick paced of the story keeps the reader highly involved, biting their nails and they witness Sam escape from each harrowing situation This is the kind of books that boys absolutely love, and possibly girls too This is action to the maximum I realize that these books are meant for Young Readers ages 9 and older, but I really love reading them also They are a very quick read for me, but I find that the books always satisfy my need for action and suspense, just like the series Conspiracy 365 I have become an action junkie because of these two wonderful series and I find myself wanting and All I can say is, Bring it on, Kane Miller I ll be ready for of these types of books anytime.Overall, Shark Bait is a great story that will keep Young Readers glued to the pages The action is plenty and I found myself floating in the open water with the boys sharing the danger with them I look forward to seeing what kind of sticky situations Sam Fox finds himself in during his next adventure in Scorpion Sting That sure sounds dangerous.I rated this book an 8 out of 10. One of my favourites in the very enjoyable Extreme Adventures series Crisp writing, constant cliffhangers, funny moments, and satisfying endings What could you ask for in a kid s book This book is about a boy named sam fox, he is about 12 years old and he has a broken leg with plaster wrapped tightly around his leg.He is at the great barrier reef for a holiday He is on a reef with another kid named michi they are wading out in the shallows looking at sea life and creaturs When a freak wave comes and washes them both out off the reef sam fox is a good swimmmer but with his cast on he can barly swim, michi can t swim but luckily she has floaties to keep him afloat Before they new it they were already a few hundred meters off shore, sam linked up with michi and together they were staying afloat soon after they were swept off they were attacked by sharks sam fended them off with his plaster cast Eventually there swept up onto an island they both were exhausted from about 24 hours out at sea, they find a boat on this island but it s not good guys it s some ilegal smugglers They were smuggling ostriches and animals out of Australia They captured sam, but he escaped because Michi is actually a karate master and she is very famous television star They escape by boat and there reunited with their parents.Sam Fox Is an average boy who is on a holiday at the great barrier reef He has an older brother who loves animals and his also very smart.Michi Michi is a 10 year old girl who has japanese backrounds she is an only child, shes a karate master and is famous on tv.I would rate this book for 10 13 year olds. The book I read was Extreme Adventures Shark Bait by Justin D Ath the genre is adventure The main character is Sam Fox Sam is a 14 year old boy he had a broken foot he is tall and has brown hair Other people treat him nice and like a hero.Sam is on Utopia Island on vacation during his summer break Sam is mostly in the water the surrounds Utopia Island.In the begging Sam is looking at a coral reef when a big wave sweeps him and Michi his Japanese friend in to the water.In the middle of the book Sam and Michi are in the water and cant get out because sharks keep coming neither of them get bit In the end of the book the get on an island that is on the total opposite side of Utopia island and they meet up with scammers that are selling birds illegally and they lock Sam in a bird cage with a deadly bird P.S.I DON T WANT TO SAY ANY MORE TO BECAUSE I DON T WANT TO SPOIL IT FOR ANYONE.I liked the book because its adventurous but i disliked it because it wasn t as action packed like Bushfire Rescue.I think the author did a great job writing this book and I don t think he should change it If I had to give this book a rating from 1 5 stars i would give it a 3 because it wasn t action packed You should read this book if you like the other Extreme Adventure books and if you like adventure books you will like this one. I would have to say Shark Bait by Justin D ath Sam Fox is an average boy in so many ways except one way, adventure Sam is always getting into strife throughout the whole Extreme Adventure series and this book, Shark Bait, it is nothing short of his biggest adventure yet He is having a wonderful day at the beach when a freak tsunami occurs sending him kilometres out to sea After being in shock he comes back to his senses and strategizes on how he plans to get back Enduring many harsh obstacles such as a giant great white shark and and sea snakes he finally makes it back to the shore with a little helping hand This thriller is guarenteed to have you on the edge of your seat. Sam Fox Is On Vacation At The Great Barrier Reef, When He And A Young Japanese Tourist Are Swept Off A Coral Shelf By A Freak Wave Before They Know It, A Strong Current Has Pushed Them Out Into Open Water First, Sam Must Fight To Keep Himself And His New Friend From Drowning Then, As Night Falls Over The Inky Black Ocean, The Underwater Predators Start Moving In

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One of twelve children, Justin grew up on a farm in Otaki, New Zealand He wrote his first book, a ten page cartoon about his pet turtle, Bubble, when he was nine years old His next cartoon was about Moriarty, his guinea pig, and filled a complete exercise book When he was eleven, Justin began writing his first novel, but conked out after 35 pages.Justin D Ath is the author of over 30 books for

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