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S is for Space Ray Bradbury is a master of atmosphere, and this book of short stories is no exception to his evocative, provocative style.This collection is not as thematic as most of his books that I have read, as he says in the introduction, expressing every side of his enthusiastic, empathic nature I especially like his Martian stories and his treatment of children and the other Bradbury is far than a yarn spinner, and his exploration of space includes inner as well as outer There was a story I was surprised and dismayed to read,however,Pillar of Fire, the 2nd and longest one in this collection If it weren t for the fact that Bradbury me go way back, and I trust him, I would have put the book away when I realized I was reading a vampire story, my first Or maybe he wasnt a vampire, he was a dead man disturbed in his grave by the gravediggers of the future who incininerated their dead Hate sustained him, yet implausably we are asked to believe that he just wants to be friends.Of course, a condition of being friends is that the cantidate be dead, and there is a grotesque scene when he realizes that the dead are not interested in being friends with him.It a sign of Bradburys genius that he actually manages to arouse a slight sympathy for this poor, shunned creature For me, not much, for I despise a false front unless it has a feather boa I do not care to linger in a diseased mind, and those who betray trust and spoil all they discover are not characters I want to know Yet I did find myself laughing at this bit of dialogue p62 Is there anything wrong with me being dead said L, Is it a crime You must admit it s highly unusual But still now, is it a crime I think some of the concepts in this story are interesting, but the dead hero detracted from rather than illustrated the issues under consideration.Other stories were successfull Dark They Were and Golden Eyed and the Million Year Picnic stood out for me giving a whole new dimension to the process of metamorphis. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK I repeat do not read it Just because Bradbury wrote it, doesn t mean that it will be as great as Fahrenheit 451 It is only my opinion after all, but I suffered through every short story and I really dreaded having to read another one A little bit of a disappointment, Ray. This collection of short stories was a companion piece to R is for Rocket which I read last year and adored I found this cheap on Ebay and was really looking forward to reading it Unfortunately, I came away somewhat disappointed This is almost the antithesis of Rocket in that where that book looked to the future joyously and used the rocket as a symbol of exploration and freedom, this book feels dystopian, and almost bitter and anti scientific in a way I wondered if it was because of when the stories were written, in the 40s and 50s and the influence of the War, but looking back at Rocket the stories there were from about the same time.Technically these stories are great, perhaps not all Bradbury at his best but stories like Time in Thy Flight about a school trip in a time machine , The Million Year Picnic a family escape Earth for Mars just before the atomic war breaks out and The Smile a boy is touched by art in a post apocalyptic future show Bradbury s talent in full swing but are also all, in their own way, somewhat dystopian.Overall, these are cautionary tales and backward looking fables than the exciting, forward looking Rocket I preferred the former the former, but depending on your temperament you may prefer this one. Some stories were gripping, some eerie, some poetic tales of death and life, rockets and time machines, witches who had lost powers and vampires who walked in the sun, Mars and Earth, walking for pleasure and flying for fun, Jesus on others planets and a woman hidden in the ground Not Bradbury at his best, but authentic Bradbury. Ray Bradbury ist einer der gro en Autoren der SF, der mit Fahrenheit 451 und Die Mars Chroniken zwei Klassiker des Genres geschrieben hat Nun bringt der Knaur Verlag seine, im Jahre 1966 zusammengestellte, Kurzgeschichtensammlung, zum ersten Mal in der deutschen Orginalzusammenstellung heraus.Er bedient mit seinen 16 Geschichten ein breites Spektrum abwechslungsreicher Phantastik Stories, die auch handwerklich herausragend geschrieben wurden Mir f llt es schwer, einen Favoriten zu nennen Auf jeden Fall f llt auf, dass diese Ikone der amerikanischen Literatur gro en Spa an der spekulativen Thematik hatte und zusammen, mit seinem feinen, subtilen Humor gute und nachdenkenswerte Geschichten der kurzen Form in diesem Band zuwege brachte.Auf alle F lle absolut empfehlenswert Another excellent anthology from the master of the short SF story Honestly I don t think Ray Bradbury has written a bad story The only reason this doesn t get 5 is that I didn t feel that all the stories included here were Space SF enough to warrant being in a book entitled S is for Space stories such as Invisible Boy, Hail and Farewell, The Screaming Woman, The Flying Machine and the Trolley aren t particularly SF.Highlights are the metamorphic tale The Chrysalis which if you like, definitely check out the 2008 film.Zero hour and Come into my cellar where alien invasion begins by targeting children.The dystopian future tales in the vein of Fahrenheit 451 Pillar of Fire, the pedestrian, the smile And of course the Martian chronicles such as the million year picnic and dark they were and golden eyed.Overall this is an excellent anthology, showing off Bradbury s skill and versatility as a storyteller, it s just not as tightly themed as some of his other anthologies. second read 5 May 2003 I knew that I read this book once before a long long time ago, because all of the stories in it were just slightly familiar during my re read this past week A few of the stories are actually taken from of The Martian Chronicles or Dandelion Wine, and so those were very familiar All in all though, this is an enjoyable collection of some favorite Bradbury stories first read June 1971 estimated date A mixed bag, where the best stories soar, but some fall flat under the weight of the author s idees fixes The collection starts with the perfectly fine Chrysalis, followed by the brilliant and flawed Pillar of Fire It introduces a theme repeated throughout the book Bradbury writes disturbing stories set in utopian futures and hopeful ones set in post apocalyptic futures.Interestingly, Zero Hour presages Betty Friedan I find this funny as some of the other stories have pontificating heroes and wives that seem like cardboard decorations The ninth story, Come into my Cellar, deals with similar issues from a father s perspective Lastly, the eleventh story, The Screaming Woman also deals with an alienated but seemingly nice and functional family, but from a child s perspective The Screaming Woman was by far the best of the three, and still feels fresh today The Man and Dark They Were, With Golden Eyes both deal with men who have launched into space, only to feel terror when they find everything they were looking for The second of these is far superior, and may be the best story in the collection Time in Their Flight has a certain treacly nostalgia Bradbury is known for Next comes The Pedestrian, which has a certain faded type of paranoia Bradbury is known for It is odd that The Pedestrian feels so dated, when the problem it describes is current.Thank goodness they are followed by Hail and Farewell, which shows Bradbury knows we cannot live in an eternal, innocent childhood and by Invisible Boy, which reveals the dark side of parental longing Bradbury shows how Old Lady s behavior comes from extreme loneliness, but that does not make it any less abusive The Million Year Picnic has a pontificating, pompous father and feels straight from the 50s or earlier Again, I preferred Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed The Smile is a post apocalyptic story that feels cliched because so many Hollywood writers have tried stealing the premise I loved The Trolley Here, Bradbury s nostalgia matches my own I am a DC native and I have always mourned the loss of DC s trolley lines I have traveled so many places where I have seen abandoned tracks, where it would be magical for the trains to return For instance, it would be lovely if train or trolley service returned to Wolfville, NS This story only has one fantastical detail, and it is killer The story s trolley s seats prickle with cool green moss Magical The Flying Machine is a great meditation on power The last story is Icarus Montgolfier Wright, poetry than prose Not my favorite It is interesting to note that reality came true before the dates in his fantasy.If someone wants to read just the highlights, I recommend Pillar of Fire with some reservations , The Screaming Woman , Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed, The Trolley, and The Flying Machine These five stories are first rate. I first heard about S is for Space from Lianne at The Towering Pile I ve been wanting to read sci fi I mean, I love watching sci fi, and obviously I love reading but when it comes to sci fi books, I m so picky Reading Lianne s review, as well as having read and liked Fahrenheit 451, I was pretty sure this would be a good match for me.It s important to remember that this collection of short stories was published in 1966 The role of women in these stories continues to portray a 1950 s ideal, which kind of surprised me since most of the stories take place so far in the future, even for we readers of 2013 Plus, space exploration was still very new in the 60 s So in many of the stories, we read of a Mars that is a short journey away, a planet with breathable air, flowing rivers, and fertile soil for flower beds and crops There is evidence of past civilization, such as mosaic paths, fountains that still run, abandoned highways and small cities Even though we now have photos of the surface of Mars showing a much different picture, it was still fun to imagine it otherwise.There s a great variety among the stories in this collection People undergoing metamorphosis, time travel, alien invasions, dystopian future Earth, life on Mars, travel to distant planets, children privy to something major but ignored by adults, nostalgia, and even a bit of faith And I have to say, Zero Hour terrified me to the core peekaboo.Overall, this collection was a fast read which I thoroughly enjoyed. S Is For Science Fiction, Spine Tingling, Supernatural And Sublime S Is For Stories From A Star Wilderness That Stretched As Far As Eye And Mind Could See And ImagineChrysalisPillar Of FireZero HourThe ManTime In Thy FlightThe PedestrianHall And FarewellInvisible BoyCome Into My CellarThe Million Year PicnicThe Screaming WomanThe SmileDark They Were, And Golden EyedThe TrolleyThe Flying MachineIcarus Montgolfier Wright

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Ray Douglas Bradbury, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet, was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there, he became a student of life, selling newspapers on L.A street corners from 1938 to 1942, spending his nights in the public library and his days at

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