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Falling Angels Set In London At The Turn Of The Last Century, Falling Angels Is A Masterful, Moving, And Beautifully Written Novel From The Author The Orlando Sentinel Called As Attentive To The Details Of Daily Living As Jane Austen And Edith Wharton Ever Were A Fashionable London Cemetery, January Two Graves Stand Side By Side, One Decorated With An Oversize Classical Urn, The Other With A Sentimental Marble Angel Two Families, Visiting Their Respective Graves On The Day After Queen Victoria S Death, Teeter On The Brink Of A New Era The Colemans And The Waterhouses Are Divided By Social Class As Well As Taste They Would Certainly Not Have Become Acquainted Had Not Their Two Girls, Meeting Behind The Tombstones, Become Best Friends And, Even Unsuitably, Become Involved With The Gravedigger S Muddy SonAs The Girls Grow Up, As The New King Changes Social Customs, As A New, Forward Thinking Era Takes Wing, The Lives And Fortunes Of The Two Families Become And Closely Intertwined Neighbors In Life As Well As DeathAgainst A Gas Lit Backdrop Of Social And Political History, Tracy Chevalier Explores The Prejudices And Flaws Of A Changing Time A Novel That Is At Once Elegant, Daring, Original, And Compelling, Falling Angeles Is A Splendid Follow Up To The Book The New York Times Called Marvelously Evocative And The Wall Street Journal Deemed Triumphant

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    Gaslit England during the turn of the century The story starts during the funeral of Queen Victoria 1837 1901 and ends during the funeral of King Edward VII 1901 1910 On their visit to the cemetery to pay respect to their beloved queen, two families meet the Colemans and the Waterhouses and their relationships are started by the friendship between their two 5 y o daughters, Maude Coleman and Lavinia Waterhouse T

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    This book grabbed me from the very first page Set at the turn of the century, the story takes place amidst the women s suffrage movement Gender issues are also noted, whereas the man was the head of the household and handled the wife.Each character speaks individually, allowing the reader to listen and decide for themselves where to put the importance of each character The voice of the youngest children is included, as is

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    Once again Tracy Chevalier weaves a tale of everyday life in a different time takes us gently through the customs and s that define a particular point in hostory She also allows her characters to unfold, not from one single point of view or from an omnipotent observer, but each from their own perspective Through her words, they each grow and evolve even the most shallow of characters shows surprising depth The descriptive quality,

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    Chevalier s second novel shifts from 17th century Delft to London between the deaths of Queen Victoria and Edward VII A lot of the action takes place in a cemetery, much like Highgate, populated by some 30 angel monuments, one of which eventually topples The title presumably also refers to some of the female characters, who are in the process of abandoning the Victorian pedestals that have kept them somewhat set in stone The narrative unfold

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    Victorians were obsessed with death and sex This book opens with the death of Queen Victoria, and ends with the death of King Edward, placing it squarely in Edwardian times, but the Victorian obsessions of death and sex are the two themes of this novel, pushing and pulling each other forward to modern times or back towards the Victorian age.The book follows two rival families sharing adjacent cemetery plots and who eventually become next door neighbor

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    The second book of Tracy Chevalier I read in a short time and what I can say is that it offered me another special reading experience I can t explain it exactly based on logic but this quiet way writing and these simple but special stories that are written with attention to detail create an effect that is particularly enjoyable to me Of course in the case of this book I confess that in the beginning I struggled a bit, this strange structure with the very small

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    When I picked the book I was intrigued by the time period and the vehicle of using several characters and their point of view to narrate the story I read Girl with the Pearl Earring which I liked very much and thought the author did a marvelous job researching the period and bringing the time period and the characters were well developed Based on my past experience with this author I thought I d give it a try Unfortunately I was deeply disappointed with this book Various

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    I found this book to be initially better than the infuriating Girl with a Pearl Earring , maybe because it tried to present the story from different points of view, but then I got angry because the promise was totally unfulfilled The characters were unbelievable and flat, as if written with some sort of manual in hand There were two girls who became friends despite the differences between their families and personalities, but nothing came out of it, because simply labeling one gir

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    This takes place in Edwardian London, beginning the day after Victoria s death in 1901 and ending with the death of Edward VII in 1910 It concerns how the turn of the 20th Century affects two neighboring families, one of which hearkens back to the Victorian Era and one of which looks ahead to a new time It especially concerns the incredibly stifling lives of women at the time The mother in the forward family becomes a suffragette, pushing them forward perhaps a bit faster than they would wi

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    Hmpf.Hmpf,hmpf.This book was a bad try at writing dark.Well all the books from this author are that,but still I had a real problem whit the destiny of the main character and her mother.At least she was the main character to me.All the others were so horrible you wanted to beat them whit a stick So,the mother dies.And the girl does not get the boy she wants because of her winy bratty friend that indirectly messed up her and her mothers life.Go figure.I just have enough of injustice to look at in real

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