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Bookends Opposites Attract Maybe Not Emilie Getz And Jonas Fielding Are As Different As Two People Of The Same Age, With The Same Faith, Living In The Same Charming Pennsylvania Town Could Be She Loves History He Loves New Ideas She Sticks To The Rules He Likes To Break Them She S Into Saving Relics He S Into Saving Souls The One Trait They Share Is A Penchant For Controlling Every Aspect Of Their Lives, Including Their Stubborn Hearts When Emilie S Search For An Archaeological Treasure Leads Her To The One Piece Of Land She Can T Have Thanks To Jonas , They Choose Opposing Sides In An Engaging Battle Of Wits Emilie, A No Nonsense Sort Of Woman, Is Determined To Have Her Way But Jonas Is On A Mission As Well He Wants To Hear Emilie Laugh Often

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    So, I m in the bookstore the week before Christmas There s a few bucks of my shopping allowance left and Jeannie likes to read, so let s see what s available I scan the shelves and my eye stops on a really classy cover design It s got old books on it which I m a sucker for so it s at least worth p

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    It s been so many years since the last time I d read this one that I d forgotten how much Ms Higgs makes me laugh She is so good at putting her characters in hilarious situations and then sitting back and letting them find their way out Plus she knows how to write a hero to make you swoon Jonas and Emily fi

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    My Ratings Translation Dropped it hated it Forced myself to finish found difficult Interesting, but not likely to be cracked open again Liked very much, and will be has been re read Loved, and has been worn to piecesPlease understand that this review reflects ONLY my opinion I may have bad taste in books, but you are

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    Bookends by Liz Curtis HigginsDr Emily Goetz and she is back home after 18 years of research She has now a job there to find out the truth of the land for the Meridian congregation in a small German town in Lititz PA We traveled there one year and was able to take a pretzel tour where they make and sell them.Jonus Fielding is

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    Liz writes in a way you feel like she is a dear friend who has come over for fellowship, tea, and a laughter filled time and this book didn t disappoint Liz sums up the title and book well when she said the 2 main characters Emilie Jonas begin like bookends facing life in opposite directions on every point, but oh how our God turns them

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    I hate this book The main female character Emilie I think I ve subconsciously suppressed everything about her is sooo hard to swallow Her character is disgusting and I can t get past it I couldn t finish this book even though I so badly wanted to The reviews were phenomenal and I expected a much better read.

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    Cute light romance I liked it

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    Great contemporary romance Funny, heartwarming.

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    Two different people meet under unusual circumstances, and along with preconceived opinions about each other, they don t click Many other issues arise in the plot under the disguise of a love story of an unusual couple, which make it interesting.

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    Enjoyable read.

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