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The Whispering Knights I Don T Know That You Have Done Anything Wrong, Miss Hepplewhite Said But It Is Possible That You Have Done Something Rather Dangerous William And Susie Thought They Were Just Playing A Game When They Cooked A Witch S Brew In The Old Barn And Said A Spell Over It, But Martha Was Not So Sure And Indeed, The Three Friends Soon Learn That They Have Called Up Something Dark And Evil Out Of The Distant Past We read this aloud to our 9 year old, who enjoyed it a taste of British countryside and some English mythology thrown in With so much new juvenile fiction available these days, the Whispering Knights moved kind of slowly for her She s definitely a kid of her time, wanting everything fast, fast, FAST. This had a strong premise three children unwittingly revive an ancient witch s spirit, who then invades the children s lives via whatever means she can inhabiting human form, invading TV sets, sending out poison laced cakes The result is a cracking good read The children are easily identifiable sensitive Martha, pragmatic Susie, scornful William There is an enigmatic old lady Mrs Hepplewhite, who speaks in riddles and acts as a sort of consultant against Morgana.The writing is often eerie and nightmarish particularly when describing Martha s dreams, and a long relentless pursuit by Morgana in a church, in a crowded village, and out in the fields The ending is somewhat vague as the children huddle and shield their eyes you get fleeting glimpses of what s actually going on in the penultimate battle between the stones and Morgana. Lively steps definitely into the realm of fantasy here, with good success, although I find it fascinating how much her modern incarnation of Morgan shares with villains of other contemporary British children s books clearly there was something going on in Britain at this time about the virtuous middle classes hard working, not too much money, shabby houses filled with solid old things and the evil newly wealthy, with their cars and makeup and designer clothes. When on an early afternoon in the small village of steeple hampden 3 kids by the name of Martha,Susie and William decide to make an old witches brew something goes terribly wrong and they accidentally summon morgan le fay.morgan is a witch who hasn t been seen for years,when the children see her for the first time they go to miss hepplewhite for some advice.and that s where their battle agains t morgan starts.I won t spoil the end for those who would like to read the book.I think it s a really good book,it reads quiet fast and it only has 73 pages so if you re in a hurry or you don t like to read,then it s a great book.Like I myself don t like to read,at all and I had no problem reading it all in 1 go.I have read a lot of books for school but this is a book I actually enjoyed raeding other than that I really don t have anything negative to say about the book.For my conclusion,I would definitely say it s worth reading I have nothing bad to say about this book.but,If you have a little bit off time to spare I would definitely read it. Belongs to the tradition of rural fantasy, typified by Alan Garner and Susan Cooper The Whispering Kights is set in the Cotswolds, in and around Long Compton and the Rollright stones these have been renamed, but it s pretty obvious There is a touch of Arthuriana and old magic, and wonderful characterisation of the three children, especially Martha, who is highly sensitive and imaginative Lively excels at concise and evocative descriptions of the natural world and weather, without distracting from a thrilling story Definitely plan to re read this, possibly during my next visit to Oxfordshire The Whispering Knights by Penelope Lively has the old premise of children s literature of wickedness Innocently brew some witches stew in a cauldron and inadvertently raise the spirit of a wicked witch evil in the form of Morgan from the dark past The three friends Martha, Susie and William who just wanted a little excitement over the school holidays are now have to battle a witch Younger students seemed to enjoy it, I not so much That said, it does provide lots of contextual opportunities for lookig at folklore and mythology of the British countryside. A lovely little book with a lovely story and lovely characters I m planning to read several books about the king Arthur legends and this children s story was the perfect thing to get me in the mood Penelope Lively is fab. Pre read for my son Enjoyable ghost story for kids, written by one of my favorite authors, Penelope Lively Might be a bit too creepy for my son just now, but I think soon he ll be ready for it Lively based the stones in the book on the Rollright stones, some of which are called The Whispering Knights Yet another stop to add to my fantasy itinerary of a literary tour of Britain with my son. I bought this from a local bookshop the same day I did The Marrow of the World What are the chances of getting two books about Morgan le Fey, on the same day I bought this earlier this year never got around to reading it, but I thought it fit the halloween season now Plump Susie, so well insulated by her own fat that she rarely wore a sweater even in winter Wow That could have worded a littlesensitively.Where is this going with William That he s bothered by the fact that he doesn t wanna hang out with the guys, and instead hangs with the two girls Is he gay Are you bothering me said Mrs Hepplewhite, a little sharply Perhaps I am the best judge of that That was rude William was being nice The most important thing is never to meet her on her own ground One must surprise her You must never play the game according to her rules The one weapon we have against her, apart from disbelief, is reason she knows very little about science She has a strong dislike for the laws of nature she is always trying to go against them Our strength is to use them against her WHAT There s something to be said for the time honoured methods She respects them What in the world This makes no sense Love the British words Barmy Posh Nosh up nvr heard that one Mrs Hepplewhite called the poisoned cake elementary They could have died So long as she goes on like this I really do not think we have much to worry about I can t believe she reacted like that If it is anything to do with her, said Miss Hepplewhite, then it is definitely cause for concern It means she is moving onto our ground, into our time Then she works out that Morgan is coming through the tv because she thinks it s like a god, because people sit in front of it and worship it so Hepplewhite says we can disregard this particular move of hers It cannot harm us O level exams that was mentioned in Andrew Morton s bk about Princess Diana Love this british talk Rooks are mentioned quite a bit too Are those birds I thought it was so funny, I was thinking that sign in front of the stones, saying it s free to go in didn t make sense, and the kids go say the same thing Haha Wondered what the Whispering Knights would mean in this story, didn t think it would be the stones I knew the second they said Mr Steel s new wife was responsible for the road, it was Morgan So that surprise was ruined We d better tell her Morgan has actually been here, in Steeple Hampden How blas How could they have known that We ll be needing them, you might say It s time the Knights was coming back to look after their own, eh They say as how the Stones were Knights in the old days, and they fought a great battle with a bad queen,they won, and now they sits there to protect the valley, like That s the moment I was like this is cool Haven t had that yet Love that idea But William didn t connect the bad queen to Morgan I m surprised But they connected the lady in the car to Morgan.Pg 81 and rooks have been mentioned like 4 times They were mentioned throughout the book.What are lorries Some type of car The green marble trick, that s an old favourite of hers Everything is so blas Mrs Hepplewhite isn t shocked by anything And the green marble It s just random Her tricks are random When do they end what s the point of it Susie was feeling like she hadn t contributed, cuz the others had actually fought Morgan, or tried to William says jolly good thing she saw you coming up behind, or I dunno what would have happened Think that s what did it Sure, must ve been Oh Oh, I see Which made her feel better, but I wondered if William did it on purpose, but it didn t sound like he did He crossed back over the bridge plunged into the tangle of willow herb and teazles that crowned the bank, Here, at the point where the stream began to narrow again before the corner Should have been a period before here Mrs Hepplewhite didn t go with them to get Martha back I couldn t believe it She sent two kids off on their own to confront a witch Morgan kidnapped Martha, and then went for a horse ride Why would she do that It made it real convenient to just get into the house grab Martha The children shot down the other side of the stairs, slithering on the stone, pulling Martha between them They were so quick that they had reached the bottom where Morgan had time to turn and start to come down after them She never said Morgan even saw them All of a sudden she just follows them The part where the car road into the creek was an example of when things weren t written very well, which made it hard to picture At first I thought the car went nose first into the creek, with the back straight up in the air Then all of a sudden it was sinking I didn t know the creek was that big or that deep that the car had gone in the creek all the way to even sink Some things in here you can t picture well, or are described well They had the feeling that heavy bodies passed within inches of them, avoiding crushing them only by a miracle, and sometimes the crashes and shrieks were only a yard or two above their heads Because they felt it was got good to watch WE didn t get to see the battle I felt like I had been robbed of a scene I ve been waiting the whole book to see Not in your time, my dear She is never routed for ever, for of course she exists at different levels of time to you to us I don t think we need fear her anyat present And her powers are growing less That is why she clings to the things she is familiar with Of course it is always the larger things she is after What larger things It s a long story Far too long to go into now some other time, perhaps And of course she was rampant in the 17th century I must tell you about that some time What You re seriously not telling us the story Any story We been through worse today than being told off, haven t we You can say that again, said William warmly Warmly didn t really fit there There was one other time, the author used an adjective to describe the way Martha or Susie said something, it didn t fit Must be because of your campaign really, Dad, he said I think the author meant rally frogmen dragging the river yesterday afternoon and this morning could find no trace of a body Frogmen Like Navy seals The book ended too suddenly, with not enough wrap up And ended with that trace of the road which was something else confusing How was it only seen once a year There was a mention of a Harvest Festival earlier in the book That would have been nice in here Show a little local culture, and maybe have something with Morgan happen that night The book needed something else to happen, to break it up Also, I didn t like how short the time frame was Took place over only a few days.It was cool reading a book from England I liked the terms and language Something new and nice to read The drawings were the scratchy kind Hard to make out And I wish they were colored Also, the drawings should have been after what was being said, because they spoiled what we haven t even read yet Before they had spotted Martha sitting at a desk in Morgan s house, I saw the drawing, which ruined the surprise More drawings, and clearer ones, would have maybe brought the book to life and made the town and everything clearer to me What ruined this book was the lack of description We needed a backstory of who exactly Morgan Le Fey was If you ve never heard of her , this book won t enlighten you in any way Also, she never really talked The kids had no dialogue with her All she did was make hissing noises shrieks, like a snake or some other animal The battle at the end was a huge letdown I wanted to hear of the stones How were they knights Did they turn into men Or stone men We ll never know.It seemed many times that the author avoided things just to make it convenient Like skipping talking of Morgan how old she is, why she s after children, what her goal is, anything really Why can t she be killed What happened between her Hepplewhite we didn t get to hear what the knights looked like during the battle It was literally only noises It s like the author didn t tackle anything that would be difficult that s why there wasn t much of a story or descriptions Morgan was a weak, sort of one dimensional evil character in the end, when Susie says they won t find any body in the river, and her mom knows she was somehow involved, we don t get to hear how Susie explained her way out of it I did like the humor in here It kept it lively, and I liked the children However, sometimes the voices personalities of Susie and Martha overlapped to where I couldn t separate them in the beginning they haddistinct personalities as the book went on, particularly after Martha was hypnotized I couldn t really picture things all that clearly For some reason, I kept picturing a dirt road through their village, so any time asphalt was mentioned, it threw me a bit out of the story I know it s a modern book, but for some reason I pictured it as a country, dirt road type village I don t know that anything felt really scary to me Some moments could be described as threatening, others just weren t Maybe it would bescary if I read this when I was a kid Also, Morgan was a typical witch pale, black hair, mean eyes She was just flat I might keep this book, because of the humor, and it s cool that it was originally published in England, and I liked the language This book would have been much improved withbackstory, adimensional and threatening evil witch better world building,descriptions, an actual battle scene, wrap up with Mrs Hepplewhite where we learn her dealings with Morgan It wasn t a terrible book, but it could have been a lot better.

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Penelope Lively is the author of many prize winning novels and short story collections for both adults and children She has twice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize once in 1977 for her first novel, The Road to Lichfield, and again in 1984 for According to Mark She later won the 1987 Booker Prize for her highly acclaimed novel Moon Tiger.Her other books include Going Back Judgement Day Nex

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