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Tara: A play in two acts It was a good enough read I have realised I don t like dramas much because of the dry language The form just doesn t appeal me, and since I ve never seen one professionally enacted on stage, maybe the aversion isWhatever the reason, had to read this for class, so did The plot is good one, and I loved the non linearity of time The plot revolves around two conjoined twins Tara and Chandan who were separated a few months after birth in a very complicated and revolutionary surgery However, there is a secret that the parents have maintained from the children, and the guilt of that drives the actions of the characters of the play The actions of both Tara and Chandan emerge from such emotional places at times that I sat there awed And I have a feeling that Chandan was sort of an antagonistic character here, but I like himthan I do Tara who was a little too insensitive and mean at times Overall, the writing was okay, except for one sentence that was literal translation of a Hindi dialogue and sounded so crass when read in English There was a certain amount of wit and humour that I loved The characters were also drawn brilliantly and the character histories were ample as well. The stage is used well as is lighting The theme of the play is hardly touched by any other playwright The plot construction is really good as is the story Tara is really one of the best and meaningful works of literature. One of the best plays that discuss gender performativity All the characters are highly political It raises too many questions with regard to sexual marginalization, misogyny, power and disability studies Dattani s play is full of life. it s a fascinating tale of perspectives, memories, gender discrimination, patriarchy, familial expectations, domestic relations, and many others in a dense fashion that is jarring and probably the intention of the playwright. sobs Text Tara And Chandan Have Always Been Close They Were, After All, Born As Conjoined Twins But A Horrific Revelation Drives A Wedge Between The Siblings, Plunging Chandan Into A Cycle Of Guilt And Blame From Which He Cannot Escape One Of Mahesh Dattani S Most Popular Works, Tara Was Also One Of The First Indian Plays In English To Highlight The Dangers Of Gender Discrimination, And The Insidious Ways In Which It Operates In Our Society

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