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Journals The Lyrics Notebook And Personal Journals Of Kurt Cobain, Iconic Singer Of The Band NirvanaKurt Cobain Filled Dozens Of Notebooks With Lyrics, Drawings, And Writings About His Plans For Nirvana And His Thoughts About Fame, The State Of Music, And The People Who Bought And Sold Him And His Music His Journals Reveal An Artist Who Loved Music, Who Knew The History Of Rock, And Who Was Determined To Define His Place In That History Here Is A Mesmerizing, Incomparable Portrait Of The Most Influential Musician Of His Time

About the Author: Kurt Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain, was an American musician who served as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the Seattle based rock band Nirvana.Cobain formed Nirvana in 1987 with Krist Novoselic Within two years, the band became a fixture of the burgeoning Seattle grunge scene In 1991, the arrival of Nirvana s Smells Like Teen Spirit marked the beginning of a dramatic shift of popular rock music awa

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    I bought this for my daughter for her birthday as she s a huge fan I got it for a pretty good deal off of eBay It is used but in great shape There s all kinds of things in it drawings, lyrics, letters even recipes and grocery lists My daughter and I both tho

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    The fact that this book exists 1 makes me never want to trust anyone ever ever EVER again 2 leaves me with even less faith in love than I had before I flipped through it Don t worry I watched Imagine afterward and felt much better 3 makes me want to throw up in my mo

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    I ve been a Nirvana fan since 1993, and after 1994 I collected all the unfortunate articles, magazines, books, and everything you could think of I was sad, confused, and most of all lost I still remember 1994 like it was yesterday and it has stayed with me but life moved on a

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    Very personal notes.

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    I found this at my local library sale this past summer, read it through, and in the process thought I would give it to Jessie Ann Foley, author of Carnival at Bray, which features a concert with Nirvana, and for which Cobain s spirit seems central Nineties grunge rock This volume is a facsimil

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    give me leonard cohen s after world, i have very bad posturesif there s no such things as those beautiful corpses, then how can we witness the magnificent lights of Rock n Roll without stepping on them

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    It s hard to decipter the difference between a sincere entertainer and a honest swindler Kurt Cobain, the one who change a generation and transcended the deadwas a really complex man He saw his live in a really dark and sad way, but at the same time, somehow, he was positive about the future, but the world tu

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    0 5 I just don t understand this Cobain guy He slams his Mead The Spiral notebook on a scanner bed, collects a check, and calls it a day Not even inviting a pompous rock journalist to write an introduction How am I supposed to know what he means by THE OLD SCHOOL IS GOING DOWN FAST, FUCK FACE without Kurt Loder voice ov

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    Well, as I expected I felt pretty dirty reading these diaries Not as bad as watching the Montage of Heck garbage though the hand writing at least connects you to a form of reality Cause let s not forget that Cobain was a master at jerking your chain.In any case, this book is for die hard fans only it s a non book with a young ma

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    Have you ever seen a serial killer movie when they find the secret hideout of the bad guy, and inevitibly there are newspaper clippings tacked to the walls, drawings, quotes, pictures, etc Well, cross that with your High School Underground Notebook and you have Kurt Cobain s Journals It s full of doodles, sketches, and lyric work on Nirv

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