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Backwards to Oregon Despite the nice and exciting setting of this story, I was disappointed For two main reasons.1 I wanted to read a lesbian romance novel, and I just cannot define this as one I ll explain why.2 I was not convinced by the love storyOkay Here goes.I really really struggled to see Luke as a woman dressed as a man Luke says it herself, she s living as a man, not only because it makes her life easier, but also because she is most comfortable that way So, yeah she s not Mulan, if you know what I mean Obviously, in the 1850s, it s hard to identify oneself There s nothing but the binary realm of gender Either you re a man, or a woman And homosexuality is a sin I don t know how Luke would identify herself today A butch lesbian I m tempted to say no Everything leads me to believe that Luke would identify as a transgender man At least, that is almost how I saw her in this story Basically, Luke is just a very gentle and sensitive guy So I ll switch to he now, just because, damn, it s even hard to refer to him her using she He is an awesome character Truly, he s loyal, honorable, kind, sweet, and brave He s lovely, really But despite having a vagina and being attracted to women he s just not a lesbian to me Funnily enough, I actually felt like Nora the whole time Nora is equally likable as a character, and feels an instant connection to Luke, who seems trustworthy enough Together they embark on an adventure crossing the country towards Oregon When Nora discovers Luke is a woman, she doesn t really believe it When Luke is dressed, there s just no way to know And she keeps having to remind herself he s actually a woman That says something..Now, I do enjoy other kinds of love stories and I did like the characters, so I kept on reading But the love Nora and Luke share feels like strong friendship and affection than real head over heels, butterflies in the stomach, I will love you forever kind of love.I enjoy long stories usually but this one is very repetitive The love grows at such a slow pace that it s hard to see it as anything but deep affection that comes from mutual respect There s not much chemistry or passion.And unfortunately, there s not enough things happening for this book to be enough as an adventure novel My favorite scenes had to be the ones with Luke and Amy He s wonderful with the kid I did enjoy learning about the characters and putting myself in their shoes Trying to understand why they act the way they act and what s made them who they are. Still keeping it at pure five stars after finishing the re read of the revised and expanded second edition published by Ylva This great book is now even better. Luke Hamilton Has Always Been Sure That She D Never Marry She Accepted That She Would Spend Her Life Alone When She Chose To Live Her Life Disguised As A Man After Working In A Brothel For Three Years, Nora Macauley Has Lost All Illusions About Love She No Longer Hopes For A Man Who Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet And Take Her Away To Begin A New, Respectable Life But Now They Find Themselves Married And On The Way To Oregon In A Covered Wagon, With Two Thousand Miles Ahead Of Them Ok, let s state it from the start I loved this book.It has so many things in it.Somehow, this was for me a real love story, meaning that it explores what love really is or should be and how true love can heal or at least mitigate, transform the psychological wounds we bear within us.It also made me think a lot about family roles.There s a wonderful, entertaining adventure, with its heroes and bad guys And the bad guys are odious, violent, abusive The reader gets to really loathe them Oh I wanted them killed view spoiler and I was satisfied hide spoiler ExcellentThis book has a bit of everything Love, friendship, romance, adventure and excitement Jae s exceptional writing style brings the wild west to life You could actually be there You won t be disappointed. This book challenged me For one, I don t like period pieces, westerns, what have you The description alone had me turning backwards from it see what I did there.1850s No Traveling in covered wagons for 2000 miles Nope Not one mention of coffee Bullshit Horses and weird smells and dung Uh uh Petticoats and rough clothing and blisters and hardships and portaging and macho asshole men and women being treated like crap Hell no And camping Fuck no But a friend highly recommended it and encouraged me to give it a chance so I figured why not, as I when I don t get challenged enough in books I can get frustrated as well So.onwards ho I bet that s what they said to the oxen right Speaking of, why was one named Snow White She wasn t created until 1938.The fact Luke was a woman and hiding it in order to live her true identity was well done, and the author did a good job of creating believable defence mechanisms that helped round out her character I m using a female pronoun just for ease, k I connected with and liked Luke, she was kind, caring, and honourable Nora s very real struggle when she finally finds out the truth was interesting as well, and I admired her for getting herself into a completely unknown and possibly dangerous situation in order to give her daughter a better life And she s a red head, boom The characters who were along with the caravan gave added depth to the story with themes of friendship and loyalty, even if those are greatly tested by the revelations along the way, but there s also a heavy degree of angst in the form of two very despicable male characters they deserve to be on my boat to nowhere along with Nickelback And Drake fuck that guy.The book was well written, no doubt about it, Jae is a good author, though I am not a fan of the excruciating slow burn But I found the endless journey descriptions so tedious I played Oregon Trail on a commodore computer back in the day and boy was that fun And I was great at it But to read about it.I got real bored But I realize this opinion is largely due to what I wrote above.However what would have saved this for me is that I really was hoping for at least some addition of how they started their life once they settled in Oregon, and all we readers get is a short epilogue three years later Ugh After endless toils and struggles and dust and birth and shit weather and fucking camping, I really, really hoped for at least a few chapters of them building a home together as a family, details on how they navigated their new community, and a nice solid roll in the actual sack and not in a crusty tent on the ground would have been awesome Having some of the other parts tightened up and shortened in order to include at least some of this would have been preferable I say this even though I have just learned there are other books in the series, but I don t have much of an urge to pick them up, I just wanted it tied up in one book I guess I realize that the point of the story was the journey, not the destination how cliche of me but that would have increased my rating. I typically don t enjoy Westerns, but wow did I ever love this book Luke and Nora are an amazing couple with an achingly slow build to their relationship I can t recommend this book enough.Full joint review with Brooklyn here can also listen to Brooklyn and I talk about it on our podcast here warning, major spoilers in this episode Backwards To Oregon is one of my top 3 most favourite lesbian fiction It s brilliantly written, the story s told so beautifully, so sensually, so realistically, you can t help but go through the treacherous, unforgettable journey that Luke embarks on along with Nora and her daughter, Amy, whom she took on as her fake wife and child Unbeknownst to Nora that Luke s actually a woman, she carried on with Luke like a married couple because both of them could give each other what they wanted in life freedom So the marriage of convenience worked out both ways But, of course, all good things come to an end as Luke s secret is discovered And the page turner of a drama continues READ IT Luke Nora s relationship, from strangers to friends to ultimately lovers, was structured with such sensibility warmth, in the midst of a brutal, treacherous journey ordeal, that you d feel their friendship and romance simmer through, then burn slowly until it finally burst into flames The chemistry between these 2 wounded souls was incredibly organic, natural and oh so sensual, as they got to know each other better every day Their journey was developed organically so their growing feelings for each other was utterly palpable on the pages So realistic I especially LOVED Nora Luke s respective inner monologue, which I felt was vital to furthering their story Jae letting us into BOTH of their psyche allowed us to understand how they were feeling, all the inner struggles that both of them were going through, so when they eventually accepted their undeniable love and kinship for each other, we, as readers, were right there with them, emotionally And let s not forget Luke Amy s relationship Oh So innocent, so adorable truly heartwarming to read Luke, from not even knowing how to carry a child to becoming a proper parent so naturally, always protecting Amy from harm, playing with her, telling her stories, whereas Amy, on the other hand, started bonding with Luke, imprinting her as her father In essence, Luke, like Amy, is an innocent creature in many ways So it was such a delight to read how they were figuring out each other along the journey Simply adorable This book is truly a classic It s a resounding MUST READ for all romance readers Jae s masterful storytelling rich development of the characters produced a spellbinding love story that needs to be read to experience its beauty Utterly sublime Then, when you re done with this 1st book, you simply MUST continue with Hidden Truths, its sequel But if you ask me, I d highly recommend you read all the related short stories, preferably in chronological order in between the 2 full length novels Backwards Hidden Here s how I d advise you follow with the Oregon Series 1 The Blue Hour about Luke s childhood2 Grasping At Strawsabout how Nora ended up working for Tess3 Backwards To Oregon4 A Rooster s Jobabout the Hamiltons building their home5 The Art Of Pretendingabout Tess someone interesting 6 Hidden Truthsabout Amy as a young adult going thru life, her struggles with Rika, alongside her parents Luke Nora sister my review here 7 Lessons In Love And Lifeabout Amy Rika Beyond the Trail a collection of all the aforementioned shorts BEFORE Hidden Truths Update after listening to the newly released audiobook just as amazing Narrator was fantastic, lending what I though was a super sexy voice, perfect for this wonderful romance 5 stars once again for both the narration and the novel itself I finished all of my pending ARC novels last Friday, so I made the decision to treat myself to some of the great novels that were just sitting on my Kindle in my back catalogue over the weekend I skipped over this one originally since I really just have a hard time with western themes, and BOY was that a mistake This is officially one of my new favorite books, hands down I didn t really realize it at first, but this is really an old school form of a fauxmance I absolutely loved every word Every, single, word.Solid 5 stars.Whatever book I pick up next is most likely going to be screwed for ratings from me They d better be pretty damn good My last two reads were this and Lola Keeley s The Music and the Mirror 4.5 stars I read the 2nd revised edition that went up on Scribd a couple of days ago I was holding off on this book for a long time now mainly because of the western theme which I personally don t enjoy Or at least I didn t enjoy in the past But now, it was a breath of fresh and stands out in the ocean of modern day city based lesfic It was also one of the last books by Jae I hadn t read and since I m a completionist by nature I have to finish all good books by good authors I wasn t disappointed Backward to Oregon is a great story It s not really a romance per se and adventure, drama with romance sprinkled on top of it but that s partly why I enjoyed it so much Can t say I ve read anything similar so far Both leading characters were great, their adventures exciting and their history heartbreaking Let s all be thankful we don t live in those times but it sure does make a good book Overall a really exciting read worth your time Give it a try

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Jae is the author of sixteen award winning lesbian romances She lives in the sunniest city of Germany, near the French and Swiss borders The writing bug bit her at the age of eleven.She used to work as a psychologist but gave up her day job in 2013 to become a full time writer and a part time editor As far as she s concerned, it s the best job in the world.When she s not writing, she is an avid

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