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Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World Read Dan Koeppel S Posts On The Penguin BlogIn The Vein Of The Bestselling Salt And Cod, A Gripping Chronicle Of The Myth, Mystery, And Uncertain Fate Of The World S Most Popular Fruit In This Fascinating And Surprising Exploration Of The Banana S History, Cultural Significance, And Endangered Future, Award Winning Journalist Dan Koeppel Gives Readers Plenty Of Food For Thought Fast Paced And Highly Entertaining, Banana Takes Us From Jungle To Supermarket, From Corporate Boardrooms To Kitchen Tables Around The World We Begin In The Garden Of Eden Examining Scholars Belief That Eve S Apple Was Actually A Banana And Travel To Early Twentieth Century Central America, Where Aptly Named Banana Republics Rose And Fell Over The Crop, While The Companies Now Known As Chiquita And Dole Conquered The Marketplace Koeppel Then Chronicles The Banana S Path To The Present, Ultimately And Most Alarmingly Taking Us To Banana Plantations Across The Globe That Are Being Destroyed By A Fast Moving Blight, With No Cure In Sight And To The High Tech Labs Where New Bananas Are Literally Being Built In Test Tubes, In A Race To Save The World S Most Beloved Fruit

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    Cruel enemies are stalking the world s bananas and have been for decades Who knew Apparently Dan Koeppel He has tracked not only the diseases that wiped out the eve

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    Rating 3 of five2019 UPDATE Climate change bids fair to deprive us of a childhood icon, says this book.One step closer to reality.This is yet another entry in the single subj

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    Do you ever get to the middle of a book and think to yourself, Why on earth am I reading this I generally manage to avoid this feeling by choosing my reading material wisely, but this

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    Bananas on Bennies I m a big fan of commodity histories books on how everyday objects and products have become interwoven into our daily lives It s odd that while many educated Americans know th

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    Wow This is a Feb 2019 update I just read an article that confirms that the banana is at great risk I thought the author of this book was trying to give a dramatic spin to his work, but apparently it s al

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    A review with digressions for people considering this as a book club choiceAvoiding responsibility, like lying, should be practiced even when not strictly necessary if one really wishes to stay at the top of one s

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    Random Read 23, History A fascinating look at the history of the banana, from its spread as a wild fruit across the globe to its cultivation and sale If you ve never thought about bananas before, this book will be a real eye

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    This is one of the most fascinating books I ve read recently.This book covers the history and future of the humble banana It starts with its beginnings in Asia, its geographic and evolutionary progressing, and the arrival of the banan

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    This is a really disappointing book It got lots of glowing reviews, but I was consistently frustrated by it It is poorly written, sloppily researched, randomly organized, simplistically argued The book s most egregious fault is that it hints at

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    If you liked the book Salt you will probably find this book just as engrossing There s in here about corporate and pan American politics than I expected on first hearing about the book, and I really enjoyed reading it The reasons why bananas are threate

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