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Lady Beware For Generations, The Cave Family Has Been Marked By Scandal, Madness, And Violence But After Earning A Reputation For Bravery In The Army, Horatio Cave, The New Viscount Darien, Has Come Home To Charm London Society And Restore The Family Name He Means To Start With The Lovely Lady Thea DebenhamThe Magnetism Between Thea And Lord Darien Is Immediate And Enraptured Thea Knows This Is No Innocent Flirtation But Can She Trust The Dark, Sexy Vile Viscount Even If She Can Convince Herself, She May Not Be Able To Convince Her Family, Particularly Her Brother, Dare The Most Dashing Member Of The Company Of Rogues That Horatio Does Not Deserve The Cursed Cave Reputation

About the Author: Jo Beverley

Mary Josephine Dunn was born 22 September 1947 in Lancashire, England, UK At the age of eleven she went to an all girls boarding school, Layton Hill Convent, Blackpool At sixteen, she wrote her first romance, with a medieval setting, completed in installments in an exercise book From 1966 to 1970, she obtained a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire, where she met her

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    retorita3 ritajoHoratio Cave, nuevo vizconde de Darien, es un h roe de las guerras napole nicas pero un paria para la alta sociedad londinense l y su hermano menor, Frank, son los ltimos descendientes de una familia maldita de hombres libertinos, maltratadores, locos y asesinos Marcus, su hermano mayor, fue un loco sifil tico q

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    Yet another review I let sit too long to have all the details at my fingertips I ll do my best First, though, yes, your experience will be enhanced if you ve read some of the others in the series You can probably do okay without, but I wouldn t recommend it.I had trouble with this in the first part Darien is kind of a jackwagon and rath

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    At the end of To Rescue a Rogue we meet Horatio Cave, Viscount Darien, who has a little part in making society accept Dare When Lady Beware opens, and what a wonderful opening chapter that one is, we discover exactly what Darien was up to that night Darien comes from a very troubled, to say the least, family His only relative is his younger brot

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    The start of this book is intertwined with the previous book, To Rescue A Rogue We begin at the engagement ball for Dare and Lady Mara We follow Dare s sister Thea as she is attempting to change gowns due to an unfortunate incident with a glass of wine Thea meets a most interesting man in the hall a man who blackmails her to announce an engagement or he

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    Not going to try for a silly review of this one Let s just say Dare Debenham s little sister Thea s up to bat, and her drug of choice is Darien Cave, the scion of a long line of murdering madmen and slutty Italian opera singers He offers information that will exonerate Dare of false charges of cowardice in the war, if she will pose as his betrothed for a period o

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    I wanted to like the book and Lady Thea I really did But some parts made me want to scream Thea was so naive, and that didn t match up with her dogooder heart Now, Lord Darien I did like I almost wish it had been done from his point of view He had a better grasp on things around him, and wasn t flight as Lady Thea, who shouldn t have been considering she s Dare s sister H

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    Vikki s MusingsI am having such a delightful time re visiting the rogues I found Jo Beverley s Company of Rogues series many years ago and fell in love Ms Beverley immediately became one of my all time favorite authors, and I devoured her back list This time around, I am listening to the audio versions, and I am enjoying these books as much as I did reading them.Lady Beware tells

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    Otro libro de esta autora que me ha encantado Cave es un personaje muy bueno Al principio es oscuro, vengativo y solo piensa en s mismo, pero a medida que vas leyendo, te encuentras con un personaje que, aunque tiene un punto de oscuridad debido a todo lo que rodea a su familia y su infancia, no es para nada como te esperabas Thea es otro personaje que me ha gustado Ambos son perfectos el

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    Last one in the Company of Rogues just when you wonder how Jo Beverley can think of another interesting storyline she does it again Thea Debenham, sister to a Rogue, met her soon to be hero at a party celebrating her brother Dare s engagement Darien is not a Rogue but attended school at the same time as the Rogues and actually hated them But Ms Beverley pulls the odd storyline together and it mak

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    I loved the way that both characters grew during the book I also really liked how the author allowed some time to pass so that it made the growth believable.

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