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The Maze Runner There Are Alternate Cover Editions For This ASIN Here And HereIf You Ain T Scared, You Ain T HumanWhen Thomas Wakes Up In The Lift, The Only Thing He Can Remember Is His Name He S Surrounded By Strangers Boys Whose Memories Are Also GoneNice To Meet Ya, Shank Welcome To The GladeOutside The Towering Stone Walls That Surround The Glade Is A Limitless, Ever Changing Maze It S The Only Way Out And No One S Ever Made It Through AliveEverything Is Going To ChangeThen A Girl Arrives The First Girl Ever And The Message She Delivers Is TerrifyingRemember Survive Run

About the Author: James Dashner

James is the author of THE MAZE RUNNER trilogy and THE 13TH REALITY series He also published a series beginning with A DOOR IN THE WOODS with a small publisher several years ago He lives and writes in the Rocky Mountains.

10 thoughts on “The Maze Runner

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    This book was recommended for fans of the Hunger Games series, a series that has become one of my favorites I began The Maze Runner excitedly, hoping for an equally enjoyable, dystopian adventure I didn t find it.The plot was intriguing and kept me reading in fact, it was probably the only reason why I kept re

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    This book would have been great IF 1 the characters had some personality2 the main character Thomas weren t such a Gary Stu and showed some character development and growth instead of conveniently remembering important information to advance the plot3 the book weren t filled with atrocious made up slang shuck face, re

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    You know how sometimes you re running really fast from a horrible creature and, in a moment of panic, you turn around to see how close it is only to run straight into a brick wall No I don t know what that s like either But that inattention to detail would probably totally screw you over because a now you re knocked unconscio

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    Q if you could edit this book, what would you take out A the words. Have you ever had an eight year old kid try to describe to you winning a level of a video game Have you ever had a middle aged man try to describe to you completing the games section of the New York Times Did those experiences involve multiple conversations like this

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    Okay so before I start I want to say something.I personally hesitated to read this book because I heard too many bad reviews and things about this book.But let me tell you something.Yeah it has it s problems like the written style but this book has one of the best story plots I have ever read about.And believe,once you get into the book,you

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    You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world 2 1 2 stars It s funny how just a few years can change everything your reading tastes, your expectations, your standards because when I read The Maze Runner in early 2011, I enjoyed it a lot It seemed fast paced, exciting and a little scary Plus, I thought the slang was a nice touch Three years

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    To Summarize Wellllllthat was convenientThomas wakes up in the middle of a glen in the center a enormous maze He along with all of the other guys in there have no memory of life outside of the maze.Absolutely blank slates the lot of themwellll.mostly.Their entire lives were conveniently erased just enough so they d have language, motor skills and just enoug

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    Sweat drenched his hair, his hands, his clothes, everything A fear he had never known filled him to the point of insanity Truth be told, I ve been waiting to read this book for ages I don t even know when the first movie came out, but I think it must have been around 2014 or something like that Anyway, because I didn t know better back then I just went to the mov

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    The last page is turned and all I have to say is this What for the love of all that s good and pure was this foolishness Aaaaand rant When I m sick the snotty phlegmy febrile kind of sick and my brain feels sizzlingly fried, I sometimes turn to easy reading fluff to give my neurons a break Sometimes this strategy backfires and the fluffy book actually tries to break my l

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    EDIT 09 05 2013 Holy crap, that looks perfect I am way better at writing reviews for books I hated, but I m gonna give it a go anyway Okay Breathe, Inge, breathe. Oh, this is gooooood.The Maze Runner was like a breath of fresh air to me I needed a nice, clean cut from the typical YA books filled with whiny protagonists, insta love and love triangles, and I got exactly what I asked

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