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Nikolski Spring Three Young People Leave Their Far Flung Birthplaces To Follow Their Own Songs Of Migration Each Ends Up In Montreal, Each On A Voyage Of Self Discovery, Dealing With The Mishaps Of Heartbreak And The Twisted Branches Of Their Shared Family TreeFilled With Humor, Charm, And Good Storytelling, This Novel Shows The Surprising Links Between Cartography, Garbage Obsessed Archeologists, Pirates Past And Present, A Mysterious Book With No Cover, And A Broken Compass Whose Needle Obstinately Points To The Aleutian Village Of Nikolski A Minuscule Village Inhabited By Thirty Six People, Five Thousand Sheep, And An Indeterminate Number Of Dogs

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    I ve never enjoyed being so frustrated with a book as much as I enjoyed the twists and turns of this one I truly enjoyed reading Nikolski, but it took a lot of effort to keep the details straight.The first few chapters jump characters and settings quite dramatically, so much so that I thought I was readin

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    Une belle histoire Tr s bien crite d ailleurs, mais qui m a laiss un peu sur mon app tit en raison de sa longueur trop courte Je crois que les personnages auraient pu te approfondis afin des les d couvrir et de les appr cier encore plus, car ils sont tr s attachants On traverse plusieurs poques galement, ce qui est bien,

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    This book was such a pleasant surprise for me I loved the writing style and hope to check out works by this author.

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    I loved this quirky little book, admittedly in part because of my lately thing about Canada and Montreal But still, it s a 3 storyline book that should drive me bonkers but I dragged out the reading of it so I wouldn t be finished yet Reading it, you suspect, hope, wonder, doubt if these unrelated plots and their characters will ev

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    Some books make you feel and others make you think.Nicolas Dickner s clever debut, Nikolski, definitely falls largely into the latter category As a matter of fact, it still has me turning over its intricacies in my head months after I ve finished it This tightly woven tale is packed with ideas that challenge customary thinking ab

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    Nikolski teases three unconnected, yet absolutely connected lives together in a complex tapestry of eccentric themes which include piracy, bibliomania, fish, archaeology and cartography Weirdly, and with than a whiff of magic realism, Dickner manages to pull off a story that is brilliantly implausible but perhaps is not The translation is s

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    This book is about three lonely, lost souls trying to find their place in the world Noah, Joyce and an unnamed bookstore owner are all misfits who are connected in ways they do not realize and whose lives have a lot of parallels to each other, even if they are not conscious of each other All three of them were raised by a single parent and they all ha

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