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Galore Sprawling And Intimate, Stark And Fantastical, Galore Is A Novel About The Power Of Stories To Shape And Sustain UsWinner Of The Commonwealth Writers Prize For Best Book, Caribbean Canada And The Canadian Authors Association Literary Award Finalist For The Governor General S Literary Award For Fiction, The Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Book Award, And The Winterset Award When A Whale Beaches Itself On The Shore Of The Remote Coastal Town Of Paradise Deep, The Last Thing Any Of The Townspeople Expect To Find Inside It Is A Man, Silent And Reeking Of Fish, But Remarkably Alive The Discovery Of This Mysterious Person, Soon Christened Judah, Sets The Town Scrambling For Answers As Its Most Prominent Citizens Weigh In On Whether He Is Man Or Beast, Blessing Or Curse, Miracle Or Demon Though Judah Is A Shocking Addition, The Town Of Paradise Deep Is Already Full Of Unusual Characters King Me Sellers, Self Appointed Patriarch, Has It In For An Inscrutable Woman Known Only As Devine S Widow, With Whom He Has A Decades Old Feud Her Granddaughter, Mary Tryphena, Is Just A Child When Judah Washes Ashore, But Finds Herself Tied To Him All Her Life In Ways She Never Expects Galore Is The Story Of The Saga That Develops Between These Families, Full Of Bitterness And Love, Spanning Two Centuries With Paradise Deep, Award Winning Novelist Michael Crummey Imagines A Realm Where The Line Between The Everyday And The Otherworldly Is Impossible To Discern Sprawling And Intimate, Stark And Fantastical, Galore Is A Novel About The Power Of Stories To Shape And Sustain Us

About the Author: Michael Crummey

Born in Buchans, Newfoundland, Crummey grew up there and in Wabush, Labrador, where he moved with his family in the late 1970s He went to university with no idea what to do with his life and, to make matters worse, started writing poems in his first year Just before graduating with a BA in English he won the Gregory Power Poetry Award First prize was three hundred dollars big bucks back in 198

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    Galore is all over the place And I didn t like it.I like epic historical fiction The Far Pavilions But, this one wasn t epic It was a collection of pointless stories strung together than a rich tapestry with unifying threads.I don t necessarily mind plot lines about priests who act in un priestly ways The Thorn Birds But there was nothing redeeming about this

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    100 Years of Solitude in Newfoundland is probably how everyone describes this book, because that s what it is Same magical realism same complex, circling family trees Same mythic feel same epic, frustrating refusal to commit to one story It s a little bit easier to read when it zooms in on one story or another it zooms with a vengeance, gaining a sense of immediacy

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    This is my review There are those who enjoy books with undeveloped characters, major plot threads picked up and dropped, hypocritical religionists with no contrasting genuine heroism and morality, bleak setting, and ultimately pointless story, but I am not one of these people If the book itself doesn t take its own story seriously did Judah really come from a whale Did they real

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    Two parts history and one part fairy tale, Galore takes place on the isolated island of Newfoundland, where the lines between reality and fantasy, and between superstition and happenstance all get a bit blurry While at the beginning, I would find myself questioning how any of this could actually happen, by the end I freely accepted the idea that the reason a girl would be born with web

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    Every so often I finish a book, and can t start another one because I m still thinking about the book I just finished Galore is one of those books.Galore pulled me in from the start Part historical fiction, part magical realism, and part multi generational family saga Witchcraft and modern for its time medicine Two feuding families The haves vs the have nots Religion Ghosts Galore has it all

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    Ho Lee Crap Wow This was amazing And I know everyone won t think so This is the kind of book that has a select audience It spans centuries and generations with families interacting and intermarrying I live for this kind of book and there were times when it was an effort to keep all the characters straight But I loved it I must be a sucker for a novel about a fishing village and life on the sea, be

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    Galore is a swallow you whole kind of novel Speaking of which when the story begins the townspeople of Paradise Deep pull a man out of a whale I have to suspect that even in the great whaling times of the early 19th century you just didn t see that every day The whale has beached itself on the shore of this remote village in Newfoundland When it dies the citizens come together to butcher the whale and g

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    My Maternal Grandmother was born and raised on Bonne Bay in Woody Point This is a very special place, extremely dear to my heart, which should be a testament to this beautiful and wild island s powers since I ve only been privileged enough to visit there twice Hence, my interest in this book, and I hate to say it, but it just wasn t for me.I m very glad to see that so many have enjoyed a Newfie writer Truly H

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    I started reading Galore and I was carried off my own feet in my small apartment in Nepal, carried to a cold and difficult island off the east coast of Canada Carried so effectively that it didn t matter whether or not I previously thought of Newfoundland as such a barren, unwelcoming place, what mattered was that I believed it I believed that a man could be cut from a whale and smell of fish ever after, that he co

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    This novel has a lot of elements that pretty much guarantee an enjoyable read for me a bleak, cold weather island setting embedded superstitions and magical realism religious conflict quirky characters this is my type Readers who enjoyed The Shipping News or Ahab s Wife Or, The Star gazer would probably enjoy this.I did get a bit bogged down in the discussion of the fisherman s union, although surely that was timely in t

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