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The Road A Searing, Postapocalyptic Novel Destined To Become Cormac McCarthy S MasterpieceA Father And His Son Walk Alone Through Burned America Nothing Moves In The Ravaged Landscape Save The Ash On The Wind It Is Cold Enough To Crack Stones, And When The Snow Falls It Is Gray The Sky Is Dark Their Destination Is The Coast, Although They Don T Know What, If Anything, Awaits Them There They Have Nothing Just A Pistol To Defend Themselves Against The Lawless Bands That Stalk The Road, The Clothes They Are Wearing, A Cart Of Scavenged Food And Each OtherThe Road Is The Profoundly Moving Story Of A Journey It Boldly Imagines A Future In Which No Hope Remains, But In Which The Father And His Son, Each The Other S World Entire, Are Sustained By Love Awesome In The Totality Of Its Vision, It Is An Unflinching Meditation On The Worst And The Best That We Are Capable Of Ultimate Destructiveness, Desperate Tenacity, And The Tenderness That Keeps Two People Alive In The Face Of Total Devastation Front Flap

About the Author: Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy is an American novelist and playwright He has written ten novels in the Southern Gothic, western, and post apocalyptic genres and has also written plays and screenplays He received the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for The Road, and his 2005 novel No Country for Old Men was adapted as a 2007 film of the same name, which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.His earlier Blood M

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    The Road is unsteady and repetitive now aping Melville, now Hemingway but it is less a seamless blend than a reanimated corpse sewn together from dead parts into a lumbering, incongruous whole, then jolted to ignoble half life by McCarthy s grand reputation with Hollywood Filmmakers and incestuous award committees.In 96, NYU Professor Alan Sokal submitted a paper for publication to several scientific journals He made it so complex

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    This wasn t nearly as funny as everybody says it is.

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    I really feel compelled to write up a review of McCarthy s The Road as this book really worked for me for those of you who haven t read it, there are no real spoilers below, only random quotes and thematic commentary I read it last night in one sitting Hours of almost nonstop reading I found it to be an excellent book on so many levels that I am at a loss as to where to begin It was at once gripping, terrifying, utterly heart wrenchin

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    He palmed the spartan book with black cover and set out in the gray morning Grayness, ashen Ashen in face Ashen in the sky.He set out for the road, the book in hand Bleakness, grayness Nothing but gray, always.He was tired and hungry Coughing The coughing had gotten worse He felt like he might die But he couldn t die Not yet.The boy depended on him.He walked down the road, awaiting the creaking bus It trundled from somewhere, through th

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    I m a terrible person because I didn t really like The Road and I m not sure how I feel about Cormac McCarthy Honestly, I think there s something wrong with me I just finished reading The Road today it only took a couple of hours to get through, because it s not that long a book, and I think it was a good way to read it because I felt really immersed in the story, which is told like one long run on nightmare of poetic import The character

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    The Road is a truly disturbing book it is absorbing, mystifying and completely harrowing Simply because it shows us how man could act given the right circumstances it s a terrifying concept because it could also be a true one.It isn t a book that gives you any answers, you have to put the pieces together and presume For whatever reason, be it nuclear war or environmental collapse, the world has gone to hell It is a wasteland of perpetual

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    The view that there are two independent, primal forces in the universe, one good and one evil, is called dualism According to dualism, the good God does the best he can to promote good and combat evil but he can only do so much since evil is a powerful counterforce in its own right The ancient Gnostics were dualists with their scriptures emphasizing the mythic rather than the historic and positing our evil world of matter created not by an al

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    How to Write Like Cormac McCarthy1 Make sure the first sentence contains a verb.2 But neither the second.3 Nor the third.4 Repeat until finished 5 Or sooner deterred.We ll Become Well EventuallyThe Boy Papa Papa Yes The Boy What s this Papa It s an apostrophe.The Boy What does it do Papa It takes two words and turns them into a contraction.The Boy Is that good Papa Years ago people used to think it was good.The Boy What about now Papa Not many

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    A 84% Very Good Notes Dreamlike and deeply moving, it s thin on plot, with dialogue that s often genius, but also inauthentic and repetitive.

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    So I generally don t hate books Recently when joining a face2face club they asked which book I disliked the most and had no answer Well I want to thank Cormac McCarthy for giving me something to be able to put there.Having heard the buzz about this book and having seen the plethora of positive reviews, I felt compelled to write my own if only to be that voice of reason in a wilderness of pretentious insanity Cormac s McCarthy s The Road, I can hone

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