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Haley Cork and the Blue Door: The Doors of Veselago When A War Ending Blast Incinerates Haley Cork S Father Half A World Away, She Becomes The Only One Who Can Get Justice For The Billions Of Dead, And Must Use The Powers Of The Mysterious Blue Door To Find And Imprison Those Responsible Most Of The World S Fighting Men Are Gone And Their Widows Left Behind As Prey To Corrupt Noblemen The Blue Door Called Haley To Do Than Avenge Their Deaths It Selected Her To Become The Latest Member Of A Race Of Immortals Called Keepers Her Dark Red Hair And Amber Eyes Set Her Apart From Her Own Community, But The Door Intends To Take Away Her Humanity As It Pursues Its Own Hidden Agenda Every Answer Leads To Questions Who Detonated The Bomb What Exactly Is The Blue Door Why Must Haley Combat An Enemy Who Devours Entire Worlds Who Are These Mysterious Keepers Most Girls Are Ill Equipped To Investigate The Mystery Behind The Terrible Bombing Not Many Girls Are Like Haley Cork, Who Changes On Her Path To Destiny I loved this book I had just finished reading the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows to my granddaughter and I needed something quick Sprong s writing is crisp and strong yet kept my granddaughter interested and excited all of the way through You ll love the ending done up in a way I didn t expect I can t wait for this author to write Haley Cork and the Blue Door is not the type of book I d normally pick up but I m glad that I did It is the story of a very smart, tough little girl who sets to right some wrongs With a orante language that you miss when you close the book, Andrew Sprong has brought to life a different world. If you like cats, dragons, and girls who can step between worlds then this book is for you If you like weak, prissy girls then it isn t Haley is strong, determined, and full of a desire to bring justice straight into the enemy s camp She is fearless but not foolish By the end of the book, Haley s universe will have you begging for.

About the Author: M. Andrew Sprong

I have been writing for a number of years, but only recently I ve decided to publish under my own name My latest book Haley Cork and the Blue Door which is available in Kindle and Book format on .com, is the culmination of twenty years of thought about what an allegory should be I am working on a number of projects, and hopefully will have something out this spring.I am available for boo

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