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Broken Boundaries Chaz Is The Youngest Recruit The Academy Has Ever Seen Godlike Reflexes And Hawk Eyes Make Him A Natural Gunner Assigned To Fly The Futuristic Ship With Technology So Advanced It S Still Classified But It Takes A Two Man Crew And Chaz, The Lone Wolf, Must Have A PartnerOn His First Day He Meets Ferron, The Most Dangerous Man At The Academy The Ice Blue Eyes And Scarred Face Of The Older Cadet Aren T Enough To Scare Chaz Nor Are The Rumors That Ferron Killed His Last Partner But When He Finds Out They Are To Be A Team, His Anxiety Starts To MountTension Climbs To A Breaking Point When Ferron Informs Him That In Order To Fly The Needle He And Chaz Must Have Their Bodies Pressed Together In A Dance Of Sensual Intimacy That Makes The Sexually Straight Chaz Angry And UncomfortableFerron Must Master Chaz Completely And Break Down His Physical And Emotional Boundaries The Only Thing That Will Keep Them Alive Is Their Partnership Any Space Between Them Means Certain Death

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    dnf at 20 percent.silly, and juvenile, and shouty lots of emo douchebaggery and magic peen syndrome.i really liked the premise, and hated everything else i likened it to degrassi junior high IN SPAAAACE.there s, like, a roving gang of shouty homophobes in it and everything.it was like grease but with killer space lobsters and less sophistic

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    I just upped this review by a star Why The I talk about it the I realize that I actually DO like it in a Spaceballs vs Star Wars kind of way It actually has very good entertainment and conversation value Added to my guilty pleasures shelf Okay this is the third book I ve read by Evangeline Anderson and I ve figured out her M.O. For some reason, she

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    I keep waiting for this to happen the whole book The whole God nope, just me joke is getting old, stale, and downright moldy But that s not all that s getting old with E.A s books.I will write a review on all three arcs of the story.1 The STRAIGHT MANI am not gay I am not gay I am not gay And then go on and repeat it for something like 200 pages because you re

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    Wow This book was really hot The scifi plot was interesting and unique but had a few plot issues that distracted me as I questioned them The futuristic space fighter is very advanced and requires a two man team to be extremely close in order to fly it at maximum efficiency The government has found a way to find the people best suited to not only fly the machine but to e

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    Are you a big fan of sci fi Do you love to read about gadgets and technologically advanced machinery Are you interested in books which contain aliens and their impact on our society in the future If you are can I gently suggest that you stay right away from this book because it may make you a tad annoyed Broken Boundaries is Evangeline Anderson at her finest It s a gloriously ove

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    3.5Upped by 1 2 point upon re read And the award for the most inventive use of a spacecraft goes to.Kind of like a cross between Independence Day for brainless fun , Top Gun same with the two macho enemy studs and the very good sci fi novel Ender s Game for scenario Add the fuck to live aspect and it is really is kind of irresistible

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    This is a science fiction based story about training young men to be excellent fighter pilots against the possible threat of the return of space aliens called Lobsters that threaten the Earth s existence Sound familiar Well it should, the plot is incredibly similar Ender s Game except the pilots are forced to be gay Considering this author is well known for her gay for you stereotypes, she certainly

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    Second time round for this quirky sexy sci fi story by Evangeline Anderson and however far fetched and WTF this book gets at times I couldn t give a flying you know what Its got sizzling, palpable sexual tension, which always ticks my boxes, fantastic chemistry, its hot as hell and I adore brooding Ferron and skittish Chaz with a passion At first glance this is just another chunk of space erotica with a kinky

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    Review later, I m conflictedLater I am still conflicted Ironically when I performed a search for the book, I found there s a book with the same title that talks about betrayed relationships and that s the core of what Chaz, the young protagonist of the book, feels for some time This is not the first dubious consent story I ve read here I think it s really non consensual The problem is that I hated both Ferron and Chaz

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    This book is just plain ridiculous Having sex while piloting a spacecraft and shooting aliens in a life or death situation The fact that having sex while you re doing these things is supposed to make you a better pilot gunner And don t forget the I m only raping you so we can save the world which is made even ridiculous by the fact that the character being raped actually improves his marksmanship while he s being violated Readi

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