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Radiant Shadows Alluring Romance, Heart Stopping Danger, And Sinister Intrigue Combine In The Penultimate Volume Of Melissa Marr S New York Times Bestselling Wicked Lovely SeriesHalf Human And Half Faery, Ani Is Driven By Her HungersThose Same Appetites Also Attract Powerful Enemies And Uncertain Allies, Including Devlin He Was Created As An Assassin And Is Brother To The Faeries Coolly Logical High Queen And To Her Chaotic Twin, The Embodiment Of War Devlin Wants To Keep Ani Safe From His Sisters, Knowing That If He Fails, He Will Be The Instrument Of Ani S DeathAni Isn T One To Be Guarded While Others Fight Battles For Her, Though She Has The Courage To Protect Herself And The Ability To Alter Devlin S Plans And His Life The Two Are Drawn Together, Each With Reason To Fear The Other And To Fear For One Another But As They Grow Closer, A Larger Threat Imperils The Whole Of Faerie Will Saving The Faery Realm Mean Losing Each Other

About the Author: Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr is a former university literature instructor who writes fiction for adults, teens, and children She is best known for the Wicked Lovely series for teens, the Graveminder for adults, and her debut picturebook Bunny Roo, I Love You Her books have been translated into twenty eight languages and been bestsellers internationally as well as domestically NY Times, Los Angeles Times, USA

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    Rating Clarification 2.5 StarsRadiant Shadows is my least favorite book of the series, and I m sorry to say I ve been feeling a decline in its allure since Fragile Eternity I plowed through FE in the hopes that it was the catalyst that would shift the storyline and bring the major players to an en

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    So, Radiant Shadows was better than Fragile Eternity Just when I thought all the new elements of this faery world had been revealed, Marr presents a bunch of additional characters with new and interesting abilities It really reinvigorated the story and pulled together some pieces I think are going to be im

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    3 out of 10 review in russianDevlin was out of his character I didn t like Ani I liked Rae, though But all this trio thing and we saw it before in this series makes me sick Also, I think Sorcha is a crazy banana And Bananac see the irony is the only person who acts due to her nature The idea with Keenan s disappear

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    AWESOME book excerpt from fangirl e mail I sent to the author while reading her book Melissa, I must tell you I m REALLY REALLY enjoying RADIANT SHADOWS I m in the middle of it this one and you must know how I loved the others but this one is my favorite It s psychologically fascinating, intellectually interesting, the pro

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    This book centers around Ani, the head Hound Gabriel s daughter and Devlin, Sorcha and Bananach s brother There is almost no mention of Keenan, Aislinn, or Doniya I don t mind getting to know of the characters and the courts, but it is a bit hard for me to keep it all straight I think they said in the book that Keenan was missing,

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    One of the biggest things I noticed about Radiant Shadows, if not the first, was that it was lighter than Ink Exchange You wouldn t think anything surrounding the Dark Court could be taken in such a manner But as I closed the cover of the book, I found myself feelingwellhappy This isn t a feeling I normally associate with the Wicked Lovely s

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    This was the best one since Wicked Lovely Also the first one since Wicked Lovely to have a decent ending I actually considered not reading it because after reading Fragile Eternity I was pretty upset with the series and just wanted to skip to Darkest Mercy and be done with it I am glad I didnt This is the second book in the series not to focus on Ash

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    Seriously, it s ridiculous how much I m enjoying the reread of this series This book in particular I really loved Ani and Devlin are amazing characters and I loved seeing of the world and drama unfold without a focus on Ash and Keenan who were, honestly, starting to annoy me I am obsessed with The Hounds and their Steeds and with Iri Niall and the dark court

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    My thoughtsOnce again Melissa Marr whisks readers off to a magical world where the veil between Moral and Faerie worlds is thin She uses her writing talents to manipulate readers into falling for, even rooting for, the characters in the story, even when its the villain Radiant Shadows shifts focus from Aislinn and Seth to Ani, daughter of Gabriel and Devlin, the high

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    As big of a fan as I am of the other books in this series, I didn t immediately jump on this book when I got it I wasn t particularly intrigued about Ani and I didn t know Devlin so the draw to read their story wasn t there initially However, when I picked up the book yesterday and immersed myself back in Marr s world of Faerie, I was completely entranced The book was made all

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