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Jekel Loves Hyde Perhaps I would have enjoyed this story had I liked the work this book was based upon, Dr Jekel and Mr Hyde But alas, I thought it was boring, and as such, passed the same judgment upon this book The characters of both Jill and Tristan are mind numbingly lackluster Jill dresses and acts as though she is a long lost cast member of Little House on the Prairie and Tristan attempts and fails terribly at being enticing Note to the author Your leading men have to be one of three things really hot and troubled, really hot and bad, but with a hidden heart of gold, or just made of so much awesome that you don t notice he isn t hot If you are contemplating this book because you loved Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Darkside, as I did, spare yourself. Jill Jekel Has Always Obeyed Her Parents Rules Especially The One About Never Opening The Mysterious, Old Box In Her Father S Office But When Her Dad Is Murdered, And Her College Savings Disappear, She S Tempted To Peek Inside, As The Contents Might Be Key To A Lucrative Chemistry ScholarshipTo Better Her Odds, Jill Enlists The Help Of Gorgeous, Brooding Tristen Hyde, Who Has His Own Dark Secrets Locked Away As The Team Of Jekel And Hyde, They Recreate Experiments Based On The Classic Novel, Hoping Not Only To Win A Prize, But To Save Tristen S Sanity Maybe His Life But Jill S Accidental Taste Of A Formula Unleashes Her Darkest Nature And Compels Her To Risk Everything Even Tristen S Love Just For The Thrill Of Being Bad I d read some mixed reviews on Jekel Loves Hyde but I d really enjoyed Beth Fantaskey s book Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side so I decided I d give this one a try.Jekel Loves Hyde was very different from Jessica Rules If you are looking for of the snarky, arrogant, irresistible Lucius found in Jessica Rules you ll be disappointed Tristen is a completely different type of guy If you don t expect him to be like Lucius and give him a chance you ll probably end up pleased with him.I think Beth is a great writer Her stories keep my attention and are enjoyable to read There were twists and turns that I didn t see coming and I flew through this book in a couple of sittings It contains a good mix of romance, adventure and mystery.Rating 3.5 Stars Good Book Content Some language including a half dozen uses of the F word, talk of sex, some crude comments.Source Library JEKEL LOVES HYDE is a stunning, dark, dangerous and sinfully romantic tale of good girl meets bad boy becomes bad girl to save bad boy Intrigued You should be Those who are fans of Beth Fantaskey s writing JESSICA S GUIDE TO DATING ON THE DARK SIDE will simply devour her newest book Jill Jekel is a good girl, always has been She follows the rules and works hard to be the best Unfortunately, all the hard work in the world couldn t stop her life from falling apart Tragedy struck her family when her father, a chemist, was brutally murdered Not only is Jill dealing with her father s death, but now she must face his betrayal He was not the man she thought he was She found out that he stole her college fund and lead a secret life that neither she, nor her mother knew about He was a criminal and whatever he was up to was dangerous enough to get himself killed and put Jill in danger herself The police couldn t solve her fathers murder, in fact they were no help at all Even they had no idea what kind of dark secrets he was hiding, but soon enough, Jill will find out.Jill s life must go on, and she suddenly finds herself in a terrible position She no longer has money for college, but luckily a chance comes for her to get a chemistry scholarship Unfortunately, it involves asking the gorgeous and mysterious Tristen Hyde for help Together, they are Jekel and Hyde, and Jill has an idea to recreate the experiments from the classic novel Not only is it clever, but she s heard tales that connect her own family with the origins of the legend Little does she know that there may be truth to the story than fiction Tristen also believes he is connected to the original story, but this relation terrifies rather than excites him Tristen agrees to help, but he has ulterior motives He knows that what Jill thinks is a simple experiment could be his last hope at recovering his own sanity As these two chemistry partners turn up the heat in the lab, they also head into a dangerous downward spiral when Jill has an accidental taste of the potion they are working on A moment on the lips lets loose her inner bad girl The effects are temporary but addictive, and the problem for Jill is that it feels so good to be bad Now they both know the true nature of being the beast, but can love tame it They may have other things to worry about as they discover about the murder of Jill s father and who may have done it Time is running low as a menacing evil draws near and nothing is safe for Jill and Tristen They must risk it all to stay alive and to stop the madness from consuming, well, everyone Your pulse will race, your heart will pound and your jaw will drop Don t miss out on this fantastic book. This was so good The whole story was twisted and exciting and I really enjoyed my time with this book. I picked up this book because I enjoyed Beth Fantaskey s Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side I was expecting another character like Lucius and perhaps yet another Ode to a Lentil Alas, this was not the case.Jekyl Loves Hide has a very cute premise Jill Jekyl and Tristen Hyde are descendants of THE Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde Jill s father has recently died under mysterious circumstances Jill and her mother are struggling for money when it is discovered that Jill s father stole her college fund An opportunity to win a 30,000 scholarship presents itself and Jill and Tristen partner up to recreate Dr Jekyl s experiments and to capitalize on their family legacy This family legacy manifests itself in Tristen s dreams Tristen suffers from nightmares and he fears the monster within him His motivations for recreating the experiments are personal and he is driven to find a cure for his curse Along the way, our hero and heroine find love The writing style is a little choppy There are constant shifts between Jill and Tristen s points of view Personally, I find that style of writing annoying The chapters are short, making this a quick read I found the character development a little lacking Both Jill and Tristen felt flat and one dimensional to me The ending of the book was unexpected I didn t see that coming, but it was too late to save the book for me The book had potential, it just didn t work for me. Dang it I really wanted to like this book But the heroine went back and forth between love and hate so often she made me nuts Her friends were all terrible and for a smart girl trope she kept doing stupid stuff. Jekel Loves Hyde was a cool twist to the classic novel Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde I liked the storyline and thought it was unique and interesting, however, while I adored Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, I think this one lost a little spark in comparison It s not exactly flat, but I couldn t connect with the characters and didn t like how Jill and Tristen so Tristen felt to formal for there role, at one point I almost thought I was hearing Lucius Jessica s Guide while reading It was lacking that flare that would have made this really really great.Still, I did enjoyed this book The concept was neat, the writing good and it was smart, intriguing and entertaining. I don t know if there s ever been a flatter character in YA lit than Jill Jekel Fantaskey takes the good girl trope to its very limits, and keeps pushing It would be one thing if she was set up as being absurdly good in order to really contrast with slipping into her bad side, but we only see her embrace her bad side twice, despite the emphasis the jacket copy puts on that particular story element.Most of the characters felt just as flat as Jill The two other girl characters, best friend Becca and scholastic rival Darcy, are cartoonish and demonstrate inexplicable behavior, especially on Becca s part The only character with an ounce of depth is Tristen, but that s really not saying much, considering the competition.The duel natures of Jill and Tristen were somewhat disconcerting to me as well Tristen wants to kill and maim while Jillshoplifts and feels horny Tristen describes a vaguely sexual thrill attached to his violence, but he makes it pretty clear that death is the release he s searching for There could have been textual support for these different responses maybe the definition of bad is defined by the primary personality s morals So goody goody Jill is shocked by theft but hardscrabble Tristen has to go further , but instead it comes off as mildly moralizing only a bad girl would want to have sex in the science lab.The overall writing style was stilted and unwieldly, and no one ever sounded like an actual teenager Jill actually refers to the possibility of having sex for the first time as losing her virtue I know the plot is taken from a Victorian novel, but that sort of attitude is way out of place in a contemporary story that isn t about promise rings Also, everyone seemed way too credulous of the idea that these kids could be descended from a fictional character Tristen has grown up with stories from his grandfather about being a descendent of Hyde, so that makes sense, but everyone else going along with it including the science teacher seems suspicious. I really wish I could give this one stars, but it didn t take off like I hoped it would I was confused when the book was over, felt like I d missed something and that s never a good thing Maybe it would have helped had I read the classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde before this one since it is referenced quite a bit and not knowing that one could have affected my enjoyment of this story I ll leave that as a possibility.I liked Jill Jekel as a character, but her constant putting herself down, got to be irritating after awhile I did not care at all for her hystrionics when Tristan finally was brave enough to tell her his secrets She was too easily willing to toss him aside the moment things got difficult so that made their love story a bit tough to hold onto She was willing to believe her friend without even asking him if what she said was true I did like that she did finally find her voice and her inner strength, but I d have liked to see that develop , rather than just, ta da, here it is I didn t understand what made her take the formula after the first time when she was accidentally exposed to it I don t get how this super smart girl, knowing the effects, having actually seen them for herself, why she would then choose to take the chemicals, made so sense to me.Tristan Hyde was a sympathetic character and his struggle was well written His anguish over his situation was easy to understand and I hoped he d be able to find the solution He was brave and caring of Jill and the scenes where he is battling his own inner monster was well done, clearly hearing the conversation argument between himself and the monster insied him.I was confused about why Jill didn t become a total monster while Tristan was born with and inherited that trait This really didn t make sense to me Why taking the formula cured him while the formual made her a monster This really needed to be made much clear as I d have to stop reading to think Wait What The best parts of the story were the second half, I d have liked that part to be played out quite a bit and the research part which I didn t really understand needed to either be clarified or pared down so it wasn t so much the focus of the story.The mean girl stuff with Darcy could have been left out, didn t add to the story The stuff with Becca as well, provided added drama which detracted from the plot and was unneccessary, in my opinion.Good ending, but left an awful lot of questions.This was an okay story, but could have used a lot clarity I ll still read Fantaskey s next book, hopefully it will be an improvement over this one.

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