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Trout Fishing in America Richard Brautigan Was A Literary Idol Of The S And S Whose Comic Genius And Iconoclastic Vision Of American Life Caught The Imagination Of Young People Everywhere He Came Of Age During The Haight Ashbury Period And Has Been Called The Last Of The Beats His Early Books Became Required Reading For The Hip Generation, And On Its Publication Trout Fishing In America Became An International Bestseller An Indescribable Romp, The Novel Is Best Summed Up In One Word Mayonnaise This New Edition Includes An Introduction By The Poet Billy Collins, Who First Encountered Brautigan S Work As A Student In California

About the Author: Richard Brautigan

Richard Brautigan was an American novelist, poet, and short story writer Born in Tacoma, Washington, he moved to San Francisco in the 1950s and began publishing poetry in 1957 He started writing novels in 1961 and is probably best known for his early work

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    I went up to Portland for the weekend to see my friend Trout Fishing in America get married Portland is a great town and my friend is a great guy Unfortunately I got the stomach flu or food poisoning or something and so I missed out on all but 45 minutes of his wedding, and on seeing old friends and all the drinking and the strip clubs and the

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    Trout Fishing in America, Richard Brautigan Trout Fishing in America is a novella written by Richard Brautigan and published in 1967 It is technically Brautigan s first novel he wrote it in 1961 before A Confederate General From Big Sur, which was published first 2005 1384 196 1385 9643622150 1386 9789643622152 1389 1390 20 1385 207 9643138008 1385 138

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    RICKY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS Pesca alla Trota in America una novella scritta da Richard Brautigan pubblicata nel 1967 Si tratta di un libro astratto senza una trama precisa, formato da una serie di aneddoti ognuno dei quali costituisce un capitolo con gli stessi personaggi che ricompaiono pi volte all interno delle diverse storie.La foto di copertina

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    OK, well, first of all, it s not about trout fishing in America.Well, mostly not, sort of, well, see here s the thing Richard Brautigan s very unique 1964 publication blurs the line between prose and poetry, and in the same way that blue sounds a lot like jazz.Yes, the similes.Let s visit some of Mr Brautigan s bizarre and outlandish similes, and it is here that his

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    This book is an experience like few else I could spend pages discussing this book but the following passage contains all the joy of the novel and is a well enough jumping off point for the imagination and intellect to decipher the nature and importance of this novel that has been linked to the late Beat generation A little ways up from the shack was an outhouse with its do

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    Trout Fishing in AustraliaA Richard Brautigan craze started in Australia when I was in secondary school The focus was Trout Fishing in America , even if I had already read and preferred Confederate General from Big Sur. I loved the zany, almost hallucinogenic brevity of his novels They were as short and stimulating as a good high, and they were funny They didn t neces

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    tAKE mE fIVE

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    Published in 1967 but written in 1961 and with a Best Before Date of June 1972 , here we have a loopy, silly, zonked and floaty novel if that s what it is that most surprisingly is actually in a bumbly zagzig manner all about trout fishing Well, you know, kind of The bizarro world version of trout fishing This is so much like a rural version of Donald Barthelme who was beginning to crank out his bri

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    Penned at the tail end of the Beat movement, Brautigan s Trout Fishing in America is his surreal novel on the battle for humanity s soul waged between the high stakes, ever expanding industrialism of the expiring 20th century and the salad days of nature worshiping 19th century The opening chapter of the book is fantastic and worth the investment in the novel just for those few pages alone Even when

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