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Taming the Wolff I bought Taming the Wolff for Kindle because I wanted a trashy lesbian pirate novel That s pretty much what I got.The characters were engaging, but their on again off again relationship started to feel unhealthy after a while, relying on heteronormative romance tropes that are just not my thing This book also suffers from what I deem to be poor pacing I felt like the narrative arc had already run its course halfway through the book Was it a decent beach read Yes Did I find myself wishing it was either substantial or way, way over the top trashy Definitely. The premise of this story seemed exciting, and to be fair, parts of it were, but it dragged in a lot of other places I found the writing somewhat stilted and the dialogue felt unnatural in places Some of the action seemed a little too good to be true, and the sensual scenes too mechanical As much as I wanted to become emotionally involved with these characters, I couldn t help but feel the heart of it all was missing The ending, while rather dramatic, was abrupt I finished reading and said, Is that it out loud to the page This would have been a much better read had there been emotion written into it and I don t mean things like, my heart beat wildly in my chest , or I felt as if a darkness was upon me I guess it s the classic show don t tell scenario. ONLY ONE WOMAN As Devastatingly Beautiful As She Is Headstrong, Noble Born Alexis DeVale Abruptly Finds Her Preordained Life In Upheaval Abducted At Swordpoint, Held For Ransom, Thrust Into A Maelstrom Of Lawlessness And Piracy HAS THE POWER The Strength Of Her Passion, The Depth Of Her Love TO TAME THE WOLFF Mayhem Brutality Murder These Are The Tools Of The Trade And Kris Wolff Is The Master Of Her Profession Captain Of The High Seas, A Roguish Pirate, Her Heart Hardened By Life, Her Passion Tightly Controlled By The Secret She S Forced To Keep Faced With A New Danger, The Wolff Finds Herself Unable To Guard Her Heart From The Tumultuous Desires That Alexis DeVale Has Awakened I m still hungover from the first season of the pirate TV series I finished last week and I had a good time reading this.That love hate thing between Cap n Kristen and Lady Alexis Teeth gritting angst Vincent reminded me a bit of one of the characters and in the TV show who, incidentally, was also the quartermaster for most of the season , his genuine love and concern for Kris was endearing. Taming the Wolff Del RobertsonIt s very unfortunate when I am looking forward to a story, only to have it seem similar to another book I read, and start with a very slow, plodding pace, only to have the hostage turn smitten by the captain all within the first few pages It didn t make sense then, and the story didn t become smoother at telling.I love pirate stories, especially of the lesbian variety, but this has got to be one of the most unbelievable bad stories of this genre I have ever read.Maybe this is why it just didn t draw me in There was no immediate excitement I kept asking myself Why are these characters acting this way or that Alexis, the hostage didn t react the way a hostage should Even if she was immediately intrigued by the pirate captain, she still should have shown tepidity about the pirate But she seemed to shake off those feelings faster than she ought to have.This should have made me interested in her story, but it did not.And the captain there is no way she would have been able to keep her gender a secret No way And I don t mean that in a snidy way the author wrote her this way Making her blush, her voice squeak, and other female infractions A gender bending pirate who s been on the seas as long as she supposedly had would either have overcome those issues, or her crew would have figured out her true gender by then, which according to Wolff, they did not I guess what I m saying is that the captain and her crew wasn t written realistically That can be OK, but it didn t work in this story I had a hard time buying into them being fooled Also what s the deal with Alexis calling the captain my captain, like, immediately in the book There is just no build up to this relationship.I did keep reading it, hoping my excitement level would pick up, but it wasn t until what I considered the climax but was only 40% in, that the story started to get interesting The author would have been wiser to start the story there, and deleted all the earlier pages out.Also, it should have been a quick read, but it wasn t It only became a quick read for me as I started skimming the story, until I got to that 40% part I m sure this story is fine for most lesbian or open minded readers however, since I consume a lot of books, this one fall short If the author was to trim the fat, start in the middle and trim other useless info after that part, it would make it a much rewarding read.As it stands, it was an OK read, just not unique or earth shattering.Two stars. not a bad book It wasnt that interesting or addictive but not bad overall Pirates, noblewomen, British sea captains, Spanish nobility and military folk populate this intriguing and sensual story primarily on the high seas The last third of the book has a few too many repeat turnabouts for my personal taste, but I was not swayed from finding out how our heroines might prevail or be lost for all eternity Stay the course and, hopefully, you will not be disappointed either.Captain Kris Wolff is a notorious pirate who has eluded capture and containment for years She has also kept her secret the fact she is a woman from her crew, as they too would have hung her from the yardarm as quickly as the British who have hunted Wolff She is a consummate seaman, pirate, and lover Lady Alexis DeVale is complicated, quietly determined powerhouse, yet accepting of her place in society and her country s welfare She handles falling in love with a bit less aplomb as she learns the truth of the captain she has fallen for Traitors lurk behind every door and Captain Jackson of Her Majesty s Royal Navy has set his heart and soul upon capturing The Wolff Couple this with the vagaries of the sea, the weather, and the unknowns lurking above and beneath the ocean, and I was rarely off the edge of my seat This story is worth reading to the bitter end, which is less bitter than one might imagine.NOTE This book was provided by Affinity EBook Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. I wasn t sure what to expect from this seeing as how it is the author s first book, I was unfamiliar with the publisher and it is being sold for only 5, but the reviews piqued my interest and I m a fan of action and pirates mixed in with my lesbian romance Well it delivered in every way I loved the leads, the world they inhabited and everything else about the story Kris and Alexis are charismatic and strong and their chemistry together is wonderful I love Patrick O Brian s naval stories and while this didn t have the depth of those but why would it need to it was still transporting and invigorating to read about life on the ship The dangers our lovers faced were dire and I was extremely nervous for their safety through most of the book My only complaint would be that I wish it lasted a bit longer so their stories could wrap up a bit.I can t believe it s being sold for only 5 on and i don t think anyone should hesitate to pick it up I greatly look forward to from Del Robertson and I would especially love a sequel to this I m dismayed to see that she hasn t written anything in the last few years, but I hope she ll come back to us soon. This is one awesome pirate book Adventure on the high seas, angst boat loads of it , and twists and turns till the very end Totally unpredictable Its not a new book but I can t believe i missed it In fact, I had no idea Del Robertson was even published All she ever writes that i m aware of is xena fanfiction, and she still does that even nowalways turning up in the various contests and invitationals that the xena fansites sponsor I m surprised she doesn t put time and energy in original work. If I wasn t so far behind my yearly book count, there s no way I d be admitting that I read this.

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