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Bloodraven A Son Of A Forest Dwelling People, Yhalen Knows Little Of The World Outside The Ancestral Forest, Until He Is Captured By A Band Of Ogres On A Slave Taking Mission Only Grim Tales Of The Barbaric Giants Had Reached The Forest, But Yhalen Soon Learns That Even The Darkest Fireside Story Only Hinted At The Brutality Of These Northern Warriors He Discovers The Meaning Of True Fear At Their Hands, And Only The Awakening Of Ancient Magic Saves Him From DestructionSurviving Ogre Viciousness, He Finds Himself Given To Bloodraven, The Half Ogre, Half Human War Leader As A Slave Yhalen, Refusing To Bend, Soon Pays The Price For Offending Prickly Ogre PrideBut Bloodraven Is No Mindless, Violent Ogrish Beast Bloodraven Has An Agenda And Yhalen Finds Himself Drawn In The Wake Into Human And Ogre Politics, Into Bloodshed And Cruelty And Into The Forbidden Magic That Is Damnation In The Eyes Of His Own People, But Which Might Mean The Difference Between Death And Salvation Note Lulu S Page Count Of Is For The PB And PDF Versions But , Words Equates To Approx Pages

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    Waaay longer than 280 pages Waaaaaaaaay gruesome than I d thought And waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay sexy than I d like to admit And then I got to chapter 2.

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    MAJOR UPDATE NEWS for Bloodraven fans There will be books after bloodraven journey home Yes, there will be several books Got contact with the author while purchasing books directly from her website And yesssss That s the best new ever for this year And yes, I m shameless and stalker ish when I talk

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    January 2014 6 books on my currently reading shelf and I m rereading dirty Bloodraven sex scenes Sigh So I realized that I actually don t give a damn about this book s flaws and wasted potential The Yhalen Bloodraven highlights hum hum make up for everything For dreary January days For reads gone wrong

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    4 Stars for The Blog Of Sid Love What an epic adventure this turned out to be Was it graphic Yes Horrifying Absolutely Engaging Totally Did I love it Yes I did.Will I read it again Hell No Did I like the green willies Wha No I ll never be able to watch Shrek ever again P.L Nunn ticked all my boxes with this brutal heroi

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    I simply loved this Bloodraven and his human Interracial love at its best.I m team Bloodraven now It reminded me of Counterpoint and Crescendo, it being a Middle Earth style how come they remain several millenniums without discovering the electricity and developing the Human Rights One of MC being a leader of some sorts military

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    Oh.My.Goddess This book was amazing It had incredible world building and complex characters No details were ever left out Every scene was detailed and explicit from the torture scenes to the fight scenes to the sex scenes There were a lot of all three This is not some light and fluffy read It was dark and brutal

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    That was FANTASTIC That story was in the words of other reviewers epic So much adventure and magic and fear and lust It was so engaging and addicting it has consumed my thoughts well after I ve finished reading it.I really enjoyed reading Bloodravens and Yhalen s relationship Yes it s very non con for the majority of the book although it doesn t tak

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    Written October 14, 20134 1 2 Stars A deep dive into the scary fantasy world and it was a very enjoying challengeThis was a great and spellbinding fantasy tale There was a lot of very cruel, tough and terribly nasty parts but also enjoyable and captivating I just couldn t stop to read and in the end I was rewarded.OMG it started as a indescribable nas

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    4.5 StarsAfter careful consideration I ve decided there really is nothing I can say about Bloodraven that hasn t already been said.It is epic in size and scope.It is epic in its sagadom Yes I m making up words now Stop judging me.It tortured me beautifully.I felt all the feels I mean, I ask you who can resist There was no edge of pain to the pleasure t

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    I should not have started this book when I did I had books to read for review with deadlines looming over my head , several reviews to write and another book halfway finished But after being drawn to it by a review here from a Goodreads friend, I bought it and started it immediately Everything else came to a screeching halt until I finished.This book gripped me in a way that ver

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