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Gaven rounded up to This was an interesting and well portrayed concept that was, unfortunately too short for true satisfaction so many elements of this story were left undeveloped I know it s a series but I got the distinct impression that this short story had been artificially truncated and should have been marketed as a full length novel rather than a series of short stories.Gaven was a complex character who wasn t fully developed either I spent most of my time whilst reading this book wanting to immerse myself in the world and characters and being unable to because there wasn t enough depth to the story to allow me to fully sink into the fantasy being created I ll continue to the next book in the series but if I m left as dissatisfied by part 2 as I was by part 1, I ll not waste my money I resent being forced to pay for additional books to get the full story each book in a series should operate as a stand alone title, not as a chapter in long book it makes me grumpy when I m forced to pay full price for only a fraction of the story. While the writing is good but I just can t shake the feeling that the romance is not strong enough There are too many questions in Gaven s mind, that I cannot believe that in the end, he will just accept his fate It just doesn t make any sense to me. When The Masarians Attack Gaven S People, They Are Defeated And Gaven Himself Is Taken Captive By A Man Claiming To Be His Father It Turns Out His Entire Life Has Been A Lie, And Now His Father Will Give Him Into The Hands Of Another Man To Indoctrinate And Train Him Gaven Vows He Will Never Shame His People By Giving Into The Masarians Way Of Loving Other MenBut Vlar, The Legendary Warrior To Whom He Has Been Given, Has Other Plans The Blood Drinker Is Determined To Have Gaven And To Make Him Yield Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Dubious Consent, Male Male Sexual Practices, Violence, Voyeurism I didn t like this book, but I feel like it would be unfair to give it less than 3 stars because most of the issues I had with it come from my personal preferences From an objective standard it was very well done in terms of pace and story I don t like fantasy, especially high fantasy, but this was a reading challenge so fantasy it had to be.The book is well written, although sometimes OVER written Yes, I know in fantasy prose has a certain style, but when it gets to the point where the sentences feel like they have been turned inside out to make them sound sophisticated it s too much Plus there are several places where an unnecessarily archaic word is used incorrectly I like old, weird words too man, but a person cannot rise to his feet with alacrity while contempt in every line of his body because alacrity means CHEERFULI suppose my big problem with this book is that I like my M M to be MAN MAN not MAN BOY The childlike and weak personality of the MC creeped me out, but for people who like firm dom sub relationship dynamics I m sure this is not an issue.All and all it was not for me, but if you like high fantasy and mentor student sex dynamics you will probably enjoy this book quite a bit. 2 starsI really expected to like this better because these days I m interested in dub con Alas, I ended up feeling a bit frustrated with it but these are probably based on my own preferences than the book itself I liked the premise, and I thought that the fantasy was setting up to be rather interesting However, the world building was minimal I thought that the society of the Masarians was set up to suit the story, that when looked at from the outside, didn t really hold up Once again, if the world building had been expanded upon, the society might have been believable to me.I liked what I could see if Gaven s confusion and conflicts Almost, just almost, I could taste his low self esteem due to his background of being rather despised by the town he had grown up in I d have loved delving into this with language that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes in sympathy I did not get it here, much to my disappointment, but I liked what I could see of it In particular, I liked seeing how this led to Gaven being inclined to accept the comfort that his enaman offered I liked how the author showed that Gaven was a closeted gay who had in fact loved the best friend who had been killed before the story began This made Gaven s eventually capitulation to gay sex believable Unfortunately, I also had a problem with this because this best friend didn t make sense If Gaven had been that despised, where did this best friend fit in Given that he had been killed off before the story began, this best friend, like the Masarian society, seemed to have been created to fit the story rather than the other way around Aside from these little differences I had with other parts of the book, my main problem had to do with the characterization of Gaven himself To be honest, I ve only been exposed to exactly ONE yaoi anime manga, Okane ga nai, and Gaven was EXACTLY like the submissive boy there More so, he was so emasculated that I had a hard time seeing this as a m m romance, especially in the beginning It seemed so m f, so starkly in the beginning of the book when Gaven is afraid of sitting down on a nice chair because of his war grime That was a WTF moment for me Also, he is, apparently, his very masculine, warlike father s heir as a war leader but because of how the author had so effectively emasculated and weakened Gaven in my mind, I simply could not see Gaven in that light and due to his low self esteem, neither could he Well, that was helpful, I m sure I also disagreed with view spoiler how Gaven acquired the loyalty of some of his father s men It was not very believable and had me rolling my eyes The scene where this happened was weakened by that moment, I felt hide spoiler Reasonably good though slightly pompous writing, poor plotting throughout book 1 and 2 My expectations these days are not that high, so maybe that s why this book was a pleasant surprise The plot followed an all too predictable road, but the promising developments between the MCs were addictive and hit a ton of my guilty pleasure buttons I do think Owens could ve used a better beta or maybe just any beta to chafe some cheese off her writing and pick up on character inconsistencies I hate that urge to drive from the passenger s seat, and here there were so many moments that made me itch to suggest adjustments in the sideline Anyway, what it all boils down to is that I liked the gentle force of the captive captor trope, and Vlar was a hot lover calm, insistent, experienced, strong, and shrouded in danger and mystery Sohere I come, Vlar Book 2, I mean. If I didn t know there was a sequel out there I would be so pissed right now This book is really just an introduction to a world and a crazy convoluted messed up situation It does end at an understandable place in Gaven s journey, but really it s just the start of his story.Gaven s had his world turned upside down and smashed all to pieces in a few minutes of destruction The Masarians have long been the enemy of his people and now they have destroyed everyone that Gaven s ever known in their attack on his lord s castle For some strange reason though they left Gavin alive after their attack after killing every other person in the castle Now they re telling him that his father isn t the unknown soldier who died when he was young but is actually the leader of the Masarian army On top of that his father plans to give him to his right hand man to train and teach him their ways, no matter what it is that Gaven wants.Talk about having everything you know spun on its ear Poor Gaven s essentially been told that everything he s ever believed has been wrong and then just expected to get over it God I felt for the boy as he struggled with everything in his current situation I m glad he fought to bury his friend, to escape, to remain himself even if things didn t go his way at all He stepped up in a situation that was awful no matter which way it was spun I feel like I ve been teased right now I m just starting to get to know Gaven and the book s over I m still not sure I like Vlar, the man Gaven s been given to I certainly don t understand everything about him that makes him different since he isn t Masarian Though I do enjoy the wolves I can see the potential between Vlar and Gaven, but despite the ceremony happening to bond them together I am not with them one hundred percent yet There isn t a lot of romance to this story so much as it s about Gaven starting to adjust to this new world and culture On the flip side I really did enjoy the writer s style There were a lot of really great qualities to it and the world was set up in a really lovely way I got a lot of information in a short period of time, but I never felt like I was being beat over the head with it It blended smoothly into the story and I definitely wanted Oh and Gaven s father is an ass I felt that just needed to be said Pull your head out of your ass dude, your son s kinda awesome He didn t lay down and roll over and become some whiny ass do whatever you say asswipe He s got some backbone You should be proud of that.I definitely will be reading the next book because now I m uber curious about how this is going to all work out I am cheering for Gaven to find his equilibrium and hopefully find some true love in the mix as well. LOVED the universe J.C Owens created for this little book, but overall, the narrative left me cold The entire concept, that a boy man who had been raised in an enemy land, never knowing who his true people were, was wonderful The idea that, in a warrior society, men have lasting, sexual and loving relationships was fabulous The concept of an older wise male training a younger one made for a terrific plot line, as well That said, I had a hard time with this book and its sequel First, the two books really should have been one longer book Given the cost of this book, especially so I d expect installments to be less expensive Gaven was just too short it read like Part I and the sequel, Part II And of course, I did buy the sequel But the main problem I had was the narrative Told in first person from Gaven s POV, it mixed archaic language not quite thee and thou fare, but close, mind you with modern expressions that were just jarring distracting to me I d rather the entire story have been told in modern language than the mishmash of both And I SO wanted to love the books the characters were so wonderfully sexy and the sex scenes were very hot But it just fell shorthence the three star rating instead of a 4 or better. It Wasn t Bad The book centers around Gaven 17, almost 18 , bastard son of the leader of Masarians He didn t know this and only found out when he was taken back to the Masarian, however, Gaven refuses to believe it On the journey to the capital for the people, he learns the he ll be Vlar s the second in command of the Masarians eraman, to be thought to love with another man and to become a warrior worthy of the Masarians This is not what Gaven wants as he hates the man who killed the people he grew up with and he will not bow down easily Overall, the book wasn t actually that bad I like the concept it reminded me of Kristen Ashley s The Golden Dynasty book Which is a good thing I m glad we have another book for the two to read as the story would ve sucked if it had ended with this one I liked Gaven as a character and though we didn t really got to know Vlar on a personal level, I m looking forward to doing so I m glad that I decided to read this one after all, even though I had previously shelved it as acheck won t readbook I m on the road to read tons of J.C Owens books I really like the authors writing and stories On to the next oneYour name is Gaven You are a bastard child, raised in sufferance by the grace of your lord within the fortress itself Your mother was the laundress, who died but two years ago You are almost eighteen, and proud of the fact that the lord actually granted you leave to train to be a guard You have started late to the sword, but show some impressive natural skill which impressed your lord and made him take notice of you I stared in shock at him, at his perfect knowledge of my life, of me We have kept an eye on you, young Gaven You are of importance than you know You are the son of my lord, the High Commander of the Masarian army His grin was tinged with malice You are half Masarian, Gaven, one of us. Quotes From Book view spoilerYour mother was a seeress, Gaven A very well known seeress in our lands Although she was not Masarian, she chose to reside in our lands because there is a great respect for those talents there, a freedom to learn and grow That has never been true of those who took her, Gaven You know that She was reviled, was she not I was stunned into speechlessness His words had the ring of truth about them It was very obvious that he knew full well of my mother s talents and yet seemed not at all afraid of them Nor did he find such talents to be strange or a sign of evil as had everyone in the fortress As her child, I had been reviled by the other children and many adults until it became obvious that I held no such abilities and seemed normal Still, I had been viewed with suspicion Most had made full sure that I understood the lowliness of my position and that I must ever be aware of gratitude that my lord had not seen my mother burned for her visions and for those times when she would just stare into space, as though her mind had left her body Witch, they called her and much worse, and as issue of her body, I was cursed by the same blood.The pain of those long ago times must have shone in my eyes, because Andar s look softened to sympathy A child of a seeress would never have been treated like that in Masaria, Gaven Never And your birthright was much greater than that by your father s blood We are warriors, Gaven We often spend our whole lives amongst other men It is not so strange then that we pick our closest companions, our lovers, from those around us We have not time to court women or spend time being their husbands Often marriages are made for the begetting of children and, once those children are born, the man and woman may well never see each other again Ours is a very military society, and we are surrounded by other very warlike people we are never at peace long enough to raise families Yet we are but people, Gaven We need love, we need caring in our lives, and it is totally accepted that men can love men with great intensity, even onto a lifetime This is not strange to us, and indeed it is encouraged and expected When a boy comes to the army, he is given to an eraman, an older warrior who will introduce the boy into being a man and lover, and also be his trainer and mentor as to the arts of war It is considered an honor, and a ceremony is held when the boy is taken as lover It is the beginning of his new life, a symbolic giving of himself to his mentor in all things He paused then, gave a small smile that made me look at him closely He turned his head and met my eyes squarely I am your father s lover, Gaven Have been for many years We are bonded, which means a true commitment as great as any marriage He is Finnarian My blank look brought a small chuckle from him Finnarians live far to the north They are great mages and powerful warriors He became friends with your father s father and has been part of the family ever since My father s father he is not that old, I said disbelievingly They do not seem to age, Gaven He still looks the same as the day he arrived, apparently He has been a great trainer of men and he is an experienced eraman, which is why your father has given him this task to see you brought to the pinnacle of what you can be Many vie for this honor few are accepted It is no bloody honor, I growled under my breath, then paused His teeth I faltered, fear rising even from the very words Finnarians eat raw meat and blood gives them strength It is not uncommon for men to offer themselves to them for that purpose, to give them blood It is said to be a very sexual experience, a pleasure beyond words My jaw sagged He would not do that to me would he Shuddering at the mere thought, I swallowed hard, feeling sick Only if you wished it, Gaven, Andar s tone was soothing and I slowly got my breathing back under control I cannot do this thing, Andar, I cannot I am not one of you Why can I not just train to fight Why this I could not even finish.He put a comforting hand on my shoulder I did not flinch away, too sunk in despairing thought to move It is not as bad as you think, Gaven You fear what you do not understand It will work out in the end You will seeTeaser spoke up from beside me, his voice deep and strong We bring this candidate to the ceremony of Claiming, that he might be brought into adulthood and learn his place within our ranks Per his family s wishes, he will be given to Vlar, prince of the blood, that he might be shown the way of the sword, and experience the bonding of men, the true strength of the Masarian military May he emerge from this to become part of our brethren The King nodded to him The candidate s name He is Gaven, son of Gareth second son of the royal line of Masaria nephew to you, Sarin, king of Masaria.Sarin smiled at me I acknowledge his blood as mine and stand here to witness this Claiminghide spoiler I really enjoyed reading this short story I have to point out that as others have already mentioned, Gaven 1 is not a complete story and can not stand alone As a separate novel, the story ends abruptly and there is not much development when it comes to romance Gaven 1 is simply a great intense beginning to a great fantasy story Gaven is a kind gentle soul who has been mistreated all his life His life crumbles again and again during this story and he is hurt, confused and lost Add identity crisis to the mess Let s just say that my heart hurt for him I really wanted him to be happy and feel good about himself I really wanted him to find his family What he goes through is intense and heart breaking and there isn t much satisfaction in this first book I want to mention that my most favorite scene was where Gaven walked in on his father and Andar XD Loved it His father really annoyed me He just expects Gaven to get over himself and accept his new life Thank god for book 2 or I would have been extremely pissed Also I couldn t relate much to Vlar He didn t really connect with Gaven and he wasn t really trying to begin with The romance is hardly there and everything actually falls into pieces in the second book Gaven 1 is not a complete story at all The story really picks up in second book and I recommend reading that one as well before judging the entire series I think Gaven 1 and 2 should have been released as one single novel instead of 2 and the result would have been amazing.

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J.C McGuire.J.C Owens lives in small town, rural Alberta and is a self confessed writing a holic In the absence of help for this affliction I do indeed love to write and have over twenty books sitting idle in my computer, waiting I love the genre of male male stories and conflict in what a person thinks they want, versus what they truly need to become themselves I think any writing that shows the beauty of men loving men is worthwhile.I love to hear from my readers and always appreciate suggestions and comments for future books Sharing a love of reading and good, hot sensuality between men is always a cause for celebration

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