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Dragon Slippers (Dragon Slippers, #1) Poor Creel She Can T Believe Her Aunt Wants To Sacrifice Her To The Local Dragon It S A Ploy To Lure A Heroic Knight So That He Will Fight The Dragon, Marry Creel Out Of Chivalrous Obligation, And Lift The Entire Family Out Of Poverty Creel Isn T Worried After All, Nobody Has Seen A Dragon In CenturiesBut When The Beast Actually Appears, Creel Not Only Bargains With Him For Her Life, She Also Ends Up With A Rare Bit Of Treasure From His Hoard, Not Gold Or Jewels, But A Pair Of Simple Blue Slippers Or So She Thinks It S Not Until Later That Creel Learns A Shocking Truth She Possesses Not Just Any Pair Of Shoes, But Ones That Could Be Used To Save Her Kingdom, Which Is On The Verge Of War, Or Destroy It

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    My first published novel, and I have to say I am pretty DARN impressed with myself I read it aloud to my son 6 years old because he wanted to know what was in Mommy s books He liked it as well

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    This book is one of those books which may put you off by its beginning Not that it s too slow It s because it s too..uneventful to enjoy I remember how I suffered at least 40% of it I was inexplicably annoyed But I wanted to get through this book at least once

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    This was one of those books that completely surprised me I thought I had an idea of what the book was going to be about because the initial premise is Girl s family is poor, aunt decides giving her to a dragon to be rescued will improve their life immensely, and that pr

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    This book reminded me of when I had my fantasy phase All I would read was fantasy I know better now but I would have gobble this up then just like I did now.Creel is a poor girl from Carlieff, she has lost her mother and father and is now living with her aunt Her aunt has the

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    This is the British edition of Dragon Slippers I love it, it s a fun cover, and they ve changed the spellings color to colour, etc Also, they made me take out the word bloody , which is in the American version

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    reads original review groans inwardly 15 year old Amy strikes againThis was a wonderful re read I m surprised I haven t re read it before Creative, well paced, and fundefinitely a treasure I definitely disagree with my original assessment of religion in this book I think it adds a nice flavor

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    Bravo I have to confess, as much as I try to keep my tastes liberal I read classics, memoirs, fiction and non fiction , this is really my favorite kind of book I m proud to be your goodreads friend, Jessica this book was pure fun I especially liked the subtle reference to Goose Girl, another of my favorite re

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    Creel doesn t particularly care for her aunt and Creel s aunt doesn t particularly care for her, either, considering that she tries to sell Creel to a dragon After Creel s parents passed away she had no choice but to reside with her aunt But when her extended family runs into financial problems, Creel is sent to face a

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    This was an impulse read and while I did enjoy it, I won t say that I loved it Don t get me wrong, it is a cute story, it just wasn t for me I guess I have grown too old and too jaded to be awed by a simple tale Creel s adventures, right from the time she is sacrificed to a dragon, by her aunt in the hope that a local prince wil

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    I read this book 4 years ago and I re read it recently so some of my views have changed 4.5 stars I distinctly remember why I chose to read this book It wasn t because of the cover if that is Shardas on the cover, it s a bit disappointing Ms George s writing just sucks you in from the very first page Though this is clearly fantasy, the st

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