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His Convenient Husband (Innamorati, Book 1) A Temporary Arrangement Don T Bet The Ranch On ItInnamorati, Book At The Tender Age Of Seven, Newly Orphaned Micah Jiminez Lost Everything And Got Lucky The Delany Family Opened Their Hearts And Their Home, Treated Him Like One Of Their Own One Delany In Particular, Though, Became Than A Brother To Micah The Handsome And Protective Tucker Is The Man To Whom He Wants To Give His LoveBut After A Single Passionate Night Together, Tucker Rebuffs Him And Hightails It To Dallas To Pursue His Dreams Leaving Micah To Pick Up The Pieces Of His Broken Heart And Feeling Like A FoolThe Impending Death Of The Delany Patriarch Brings An Unsavory Relative Out Of The Woodwork, Threatening Micah S Beloved Adopted Family They Re Going To Need All Hands In The Fight To Keep The Bar D From Being Pulled Out From Under Them All Including Tucker Micah Steels Himself To Convince The Man He Can T Forget To Come HomeTo His Everlasting Surprise, It S Tucker Who Comes Up With The Perfect Solution A Marriage Of Convenience To Micah His Gut Tells Him Tucker S Motivation Involves Nothing Than Saving The Ranch Now He Just Has To Convince His Fragile HeartThis Title Has Been Revised And Expanded By Than , Words From Its Original Published Version

About the Author: J.L. Langley

JL has been talking since she was about seven months old To those who know her it comes as no surprise, in fact, most will tell you she hasn t shut up since At eighteen months, she was speaking in full sentences Imagine if you will the surprise of her admirers when they complimented her mother on what a cute little boy she had and received a fierce glare from said little boy and a very loud c

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    I ve read several mixed reviews on the book, His Convenient Husband by J.L Langley I m not going to get into the storyline because I would be repeating what other friends and reviewers have already said To be honest,

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    Micah Jiminez is at the end of his rope, with this adopted grandfather seriously ill and looking worst for wear, the ranch that has gently seeped into his blood to become apart of him is on the verge of going bust and to top

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    I m a big JL Langley fan so I don t really understand her choice with this story The premise is classic romance and reads very much like Harlequin novels I d read many years ago The idea is that two people must quickly marry to avoid

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    How many times have we all read about the brave, spunky heroine who s forced to marry the hero in order to save her family s farm ranch estate from the evil villain Well, here we go again The fact that, this time, the heroine has a Y chromosom

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    CONVENIENTLY ALRIGHT 3.5 His Convenient Husband was a light quick read, not the best by Langley when it came to plot and overall story telling, but it was sweet I gather I read the revised version of this story, and this moves fairly quickly and ties u

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    A Harlequin romance plot two people get into a marriage of convenience to save a ranch To be completely honest, I actually like the theme in general male male, male female because it gives that possibility of exploration to fall in love with someone that is for

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    1.5 StarsThis one was a dud I didn t care for it I think the problem was that I was not enad with any of the characters Not a one Tucker was a cold hearted prick even the way view spoiler he treated that guy in the beginning of the book hide spoiler

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    With an overdone premise and a protagonist I truly disliked, this one was tough to like, so I stopped trying Micah s pride was incorrectly applied, and Tucker was an ass Removed from Kindle

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    Wasn t what I expected or hoped Underwhelmed Rats.

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    What do you get when you addsecret lovers,a surprise case of image error

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