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Flight of the Goose Flight of the Goose by Lesley Thomas is about a meeting of cultures the good and the bad The story is told from two points of view Kayuqtuq Ugungoraseok aka Gretchen and Leif Trygvesen aka Birdman.Leif, an ornithologist, goes from being someone to be feared, to being an amusing oddity, to finally a respected member of the community The process isn t easy for him or for Kayuqtuq who does most of the novel s narration.Flight of the Goose takes its time The story unfolds at its own pace and it is one to be read slowly and pondered over Often times scenes will be played from both characters points of view first one and the other Other times both characters will sweep over huge chunks of time that were for one reason or another unimportant to them.The novel is peppered with a number of Inupiaq words There is a very useful glossary at the back of the novel I liked having this resource on hand.Overall I enjoyed the book My only complaint is for the font chosen for Leif s diaries It is a narrow sans serif that is hard on the eyes compared to lovely font used for Kayuqtuq s parts. Best book about Alaska Although it is fiction it is well researched, gives you great insight intolife in a small Alaskan Village G is a young Alaskan woman, she was without a family when very young and she was taken into a family, who did not treat her right, and later she became a member of a good family Birdman is a Norwegian biologist who comes to the village to study the birds for a summer This is a beautiful story about what these 2 taught each other Loved this book. Flight Of The Goose Is An Award Winning Novel About An Indigenous Woman Shaman, A Draft Dodging Bird Scientist, And A Young Inupiaq Hunter Caught Between Traditions Their Tale, Woven From Threads Of Psychological Thriller, Love Story, Eco Fiction, Science And The Metaphysical, Is Set In A Remote Village And The Wilds Of The Alaskan Arctic In A Time Of Great Cultural And Ecological Upheaval The Story Took My Breath Away I Wept My Way Through It, Identifying Profoundly With Both Protagonists Thomas Has A Fine Grasp Of The Complexity Of Human Relations And Culture In Such A Village She Also Writes Beautifully A Remarkable Book Altogether Jean L Briggs, Professor Emeritus, Department Of Anthropology, Memorial University Of Newfoundland And Author Of Never In Anger MemorableOne Of The Best Novels Of Alaska That I Have Read With The Author S Unerring Knowledge Of Anthropology And Social And Environmental Issues, It Could Fit Any Rural Alaskan Village Dorothy Jean Ray, Author Of A Legacy Of Arctic Art , And The Eskimos Of Bering Strait , The Alaskan Arctic It Was A Time When Much Was Hidden, Before Outsiders Came On Bended Knee To Learn From The Elders Outsiders Came, But It Was Not To Learn From Us It Was To Change Us There Was A War And A University, An Oil Company And A Small Village, All Run By Men There Was A Young Man Who Hunted Geese To Feed His Family And Another Who Studied Geese To Save Them And There Was A Young Woman Who Flew Into The World Of Spirits To Save Herself So Relates Kayuqtuq Ugungoraseok, The Red Fox An Orphan Traumatized By Her Past, She Seeks Respect In Her Traditional Inupiat Village Through The Outlawed Path Of Shamanism Her Plan Leads To Tragedy When She Interferes With Scientist Leif Trygvesen, Who Has Come To Research The Effects Of Oil Spills On Salt Marshes And Evade The Draft Told From Both Kayuqtuq S And Leif S Perspectives, Flight Of The Goose Is A Tale Of Cultural Conflict, Spiritual Awakening, Redemption And Love In A Time When Things Were To Use The Phrase Of An Old Arctic Shaman No Longer Familiar Flight Of The Goose Is Recommended In Cultural Survival Quarterly, Shaman S Drum Journal, First Alaskans Magazine, Tundra Drums, Seattle Post Intelligencer And Sacred Hoop Magazine It Has Been Studied At North Slope School District, University Of Washington, University Of Alaska, Boston University, Sterling College, By Sandra Ingerman At Medicine For The Earth And Is Read By Book Clubs Worldwide Flight Of The Goose Won First Place In Several Literary Contests See At Flightofthegooserikingly Lesley Thomas has done what would seem to be the impossible taken us deep inside the Inupiat world, in the voice and mind of an extraordinary young woman with still extraordinary powers I know of no book like this Smilla s Sense of Snow is a distant second But two movies come to mind Fast Runner, and Dersu Uzala If you love either of these movies, you ll be stunned by the depth and scope of this novel and the unique and unmistakably true voice of its heroine And if you ve never seen them, read Flight of the Goose first Truly one of the most unique books I ve read in a long time Fascinating but not a quick read.Set in the northern most stretches of the Alaskan Arctic among the villages of the natives The conflict between ancient customs and cultures as the modern white man comes to do scientific exploration in 1971 The connections and disconnections as two very different cultures try to survive and thrive Extremely thought provoking. FINALLY Took me a month but I finished it It s not a boring book by any means, but it s not an easy read There are a lot of references to Inuit Canadian Indian language, customs culture, so I think that made it such a slow go for me I really had to pay attention to take it all in Very interesting stuff, plus a unique love story in the midst of it all This was one of the best free books I ve gotten through Prime. really captivating read, once i got into it and got a handle on what was going on i did end up staying up at night to see what would happen a few times i fell in love with gretchen and birdman a little tho this is fiction, it is probably close to what reality was like in alaska in the late 60 s a meeting of old and new. A beautifully told tale of love that grows between two very different people from two very different cultures Gretchen her Inupiat name is Kayuqtuq, red fox , an indigenous Alaskan orphan who is an outsider in her own community and who aspires to be a shaman, and Leif, a mixed race Norwegian father, Native American mother doctoral candidate in science from Seattle who is using his graduate student status to avoid being drafted into military service during the Vietnam War 1971 and has come to study the potential effects of oil drilling on wildlife near the remote village where Gretchen lives She is initially interested in him, but wary he is curious, kind, and often baffled by her behavior towards him Their relationship unfolds through her first person narrative, which unselfconsciously overflows with her sensitivity, her intensity, and her spirit and informs everything she sees, understands, and does not understand Pages from Leif s journal provide his perspective and his very different voice The writing throughout is exceptionally fine, and the evocation of the culture Gretchen inhabits is detailed and subtle The story s emotional impact is deep, and its spiritual insights are profound. This book was for me somewhere between 2 and 3 stars, but perhaps I m mixed up about this because I still think people should read it I was completely uninterested during the first quarter of the book, but something about its description made me want to push through Probably because there hasn t been a book yet about people of the far north all cultures from very northern,cold places that hasn t fascinated me.The book did get a lot better, if not less confusing The story is narrated in alternating chapters by Kayuqtuq Gretchen and Leif, who narrates through journal entries I got lost a lot,frustrated and confused, and had to skip through a few sections The best part of the book was to see the clash of Gretchen Inupiat Indian and Leif s Norwegian French cultures, even though it was painful to follow Do you know when you read a chick flick romance where there are a lot of funny misunderstandings Well, these were not really funny misunderstandings at all These two had a very hard time understanding each other That s true love and dedication thereI personally would die of frustration with somebody who I can t connect with at all.Gretchen is adopted, and she has a strange relationship with her adoptive family too Do they love her Don t they How about the rest of the town Gretchen makes it sound like everybody dislikes her but that doesn t seem to be the case.I still have mixed feelings about this book, and it left me devastated, because after all the book is about tragediessome which I won t discuss so I don t ruin the book for somebody else, but also environmental tragedies, the effect of alcohol on native americans, the lack of tolerance between different cultures and religions At its core, this is a love story, and much, much A Seattle scientist from Norway studying the effects of an oil spill on bird nesting areas north of Nome, Alaska meets and falls in love with an Native American orphan adopted by the Inupiat And the life and cultural differences between these two lovers forms the background for an amazing anthropological study This is neither a quick nor an easy read, but it is an excellent read, written well, with well developed characters and plenty of unexpected and surprising twists.

About the Author: Lesley Thomas

www.flightofthegoose.strikingly.com Flight of the Goose is an award winning novel about culture clash, science, deep ecology, shamanism and love set in the wilds of the Alaskan Arctic.Thomas grew up there in a multicultural family blending ancient and new traditions Her circumpolar themed stories have appeared in The Northern Review journal, and in Cold Flashes an anthology of flash fiction set in Alaska She also has published poetry and nonfiction and taught at colleges and Katchemak Bay Writers conference in Alaska As an ecologist, her study of the effects of oil spills on arctic salt marsh came into play in Flight of the Goose She also wove in her substantial knowledge of mythology, indigenous societies, subsistence skills and cross cultural relations, and the novel is endorsed by Native Alaskan elders, top arctic anthropologists, scientists and literary critics Flight of the Goose is FIRST PLACE WINNER of the National Federation of Press Women Communications AwardFIRST PLACE WINNER of the Washington Press Association Communicator of Excellence in Fiction Award FIRST PLACE WINNER of Alaska Press Women Communications AwardFinalist for the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award Flight of the Goose has been studied at Boston University, University of Alaska, University of Washington, North Slope School District, Sterling College in Vermont, and by students of Sandra Ingerman and book clubs the world over Thomas is at work on a speculative novel The Otter s Ransom Her website is

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