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City of Fallen Angels The Mortal War Is Over, And Sixteen Year Old Clary Fray Is Back Home In New York, Excited About All The Possibilities Before Her She S Training To Become A Shadowhunter And To Use Her Unique Power Her Mother Is Getting Married To The Love Of Her Life Downworlders And Shadowhunters Are At Peace At Last And Most Importantly Of All She Can Finally Call Jace Her BoyfriendBut Nothing Comes Without A PriceSomeone Is Murdering Shadowhunters, Provoking Tensions Between Downworlders And Shadowhunters That Could Lead To A Second, Bloody War Clary S Best Friend, Simon, Can T Help Her His Mother Just Found Out That He S A Vampire, And Now He S Homeless When Jace Begins To Pull Away From Her Without Explaining Why, Clary Is Forced To Delve Into The Heart Of A Mystery Whose Solution Reveals Her Worst Nightmare She Herself Has Set In Motion A Terrible Chain Of Events That Could Lead To Her Losing Everything She Loves Even Jace

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    Right after I finished this book, I had a bit of an accident I was running with a pair of lightsabers when I tripped and fell and accidentally sliced the entire book to shreds Maybe it s not a good idea to run with lightsabersCity of Fallen Angels is amazing Oh wait, that was weird, my keyboard cu

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    full video review discussion can be found here 3.5 I enjoyed this, but it just didn t wow me I also think it struggled finding it s footing after an epic book like city of glass, but I do realize that I should consider this last portion of the series to be it s own trilogy, since that s what Cassandra Clar

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    As human society evolves, so do its methods of tortureLet me start off this review with a small confession I liked The Mortal Instruments Yes, it was cheesy, it was derivative, and it was an embarrassment to good literature everywhere, but it gave me a couple of afternoons worth of guilty pleasure, and I wa

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    I ahh, think that I.I don t know.I literally just finished this book and I m at a loss of words to describe it Was it brilliant Yes Was it fantastic Yes Was it worth the wait Yes, yes, yes.lord yes I feel like I ve been waiting for this book an entire lifetime Yes, that may seem weird, but that s how I feel There hav

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    I realized something, while being completely immersed in this sequel I ve been a bad bad reader, in the past, toward this series Not only because I ve postponed reading this book in my defence, I really had to finish Clockwork Angel first so I can actually know who Camille is but also for another reason entirely.I didn t care I didn

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    Okay, let me level with you Just to put this review into perspective, I d like to make it common knowledge that I gave all three of the books in the Mortal Instruments five feckin stars I loved them I was not blind to their flaws, and they are not literary masterpieces, but they were far too much fun for me to care about what was wron

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    The plot of City of Fallen Angels by pennenickel Official review posted April 14, 2011 An Open Letter to Cassandra Clare Dear Ms Clare,You re not Joss Whedon You ll never be Joss Whedon and or J.K Rowling, so do yourself and everyone else a favor stop trying Yours Truly, Someone Who Deserves Their Money Back A.K.A Everyone Who Bought a Copy of City o

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    The fourth book in the series, City of Fallen Angels was a bit of a disappointment for me That isn t to say it wasn t enjoyable though I liked it, but it wasn t as great as the earlier books, in my opinion It was lukewarm for me, at best.While the third book seemed to leave off on a promising note, this book quickly rained on my parade Just when I thought tha

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    Wow, there s four days of my life spent reading this book that I ll never get back And it normally doesn t take me that long, but I had to self motivate myself with promises of chocolate If you just read one page , just to get through it.I usually don t give too many books only 1 star In fact there is only one book I can think of that angered me this much and that wa

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    1 City of Bones 2 City of Ashes 3 City of Glass 1 Clockwork Angel Why is it, little Shadowhunter, that your angels are so cold and without mercy Why do they break that which will not obey them Okay, I m going to start this review off by saying that I am reading this for the first time in 2018 I know this is almost a decade old And I know so many of my friends hold thi

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