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The Innocent's Dark Seduction Roark Navarre Is Ruthless And Relentless He Wants Beautiful Lia, And He Will Have Her When He Discovers That She Is A Virgin, Taking His Prize Becomes Even Sweeter But The Innocent S Dark Seduction Has Only Just Begun Many Years Ago, Lia Was The Innocent Victim Of Roark S Merciless Financial Ruin Of Her Father But It S Too Late For Regrets Soon She Finds She S Carrying His Child She Doesn T Want Roark, Her Bitter Enemy, To Know Because Surely He Will Do What He S Always Done Exact His Price

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    This book is full of Harlequin Presents most tried and true tropes, and I wanted to punch the hero Roark s lights out in the first page, and that only changed on a few of the pages in this book But somehow, I ended up liking this book This book is not for a hardened cynic who cannot appreciate some of the silly aspects of Harlequin Presents novels whe

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    Wackadoodle fest with a mean hero and a virginal, take it on the chin, heroine.The H shows up at a fancy schmancy party to persuade the hostess, a newly widowed h, to sell the parcel she says she wants to put a 26 acre park in NYC to honor her dead sister He s sure he can convince her as she must be a gold digger to marry an old guy Eye roll.H bids

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    Review of a book read years ago.I think this was my favourite Jennie Lucas romance The one thing that stands out for me is the fact that the author gave this couple their own couples love song It was so romantic The hero and heroine danced to Etta James super romantic, timeless treasure of a song called At Last I think that was a first for a harlequin author Be

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    Jennie Lucas really knows how to keep the love hate ambivalence at a full roaring boil until the story ends That s why I had to give this one a three star even though the hero was pathological in both his love sexual obsession for the heroine at the beginning and then his about face when he discovers she has kept his child a secret from him His cruelty at the end wa

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    I have no problem with a heroine who starts out as a doormat Who hasn t been a fool for love Especially if it s your first time around, you re going to give your all I also have no problem with a hero who acts like a real SOB It definitely adds tension and I love it when they have to face the error of their ways but he didn t, not really She left him and he pretty much i

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    The Innocent s Dark Seduction is the story of Lia and Roark A virgin countess..A ruthless billionaire..A night of passion and discoveries..A revelation of ruthless agenda..A realization of betrayal..A secret baby..A heartbreaking discovery..A vengeful marriage..A heartfelt pleading..A freak accident..A groveling plead..A sweet HEA..I enjoyed parts of it very very angsty yet o

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    The hero had no right to be pissed at her after he said he hate to have a child with her Where does he get the nerve to mad about her keeping it from him when he was such a little asshole about it She was the one who was inexperienced If he did not want kids used an condom dumb ass Wtf and she just takes it He did not deserve her at all Even then end he needs to be grateful that

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    I m a HUGE Jennie Lucas fan and this was not her best work The sex scenes were BEYOND STEAMY, I m talking smoking hot I don t know how much of an emotional connection I felt between the hero and heroine but their mutual physical attraction was obvious to the reader I really didn t enjoy the first half of the book and it only got interesting to me once the hero found out about his daugh

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    Why, Jennie Lucas, why And why do the editors think it is a good idea to publish stories like these in 2009, for the love of all things holy

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    I really disliked this one The hero was terrible and I never warmed to him I don t mind a lot of HP hero cruelty in general, but there have to be some redeeming qualities in the hero while he s doing it either you can tell he loves her or at least you can tell that he has a core of morality ethics even if he s behaving badly I didn t think this guy had either I also thought that the heroine s to

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