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The Beatles Anthology I m nothing if not a Beatles fan, but I find this book mind numbingly boring, as I did the ANTHOLOGY TV special.My problem may arise from the fact that we do not have the interviewer s questions, just the interviewees s answers I think this means reading this book or watching the DVD is comparable to watching a dubbed movie Something crucial is missing The context in which each answer is given has been removed The interviewers clearly have put some words into each Beatle s mouth The Beatles are, in effect, reacting to prodding.A much better picture of the Beatles is provided in Rngo Starr s book POSTCARDS FROM THE BOYS, in which the various postcards George, Paul and John sent him are reproduced There s no middleman. I have read this booktimes than any other book, apart from religious texts, which is only fitting since I cannot even begin to fathom how many hours of my life have been spent listening to the Beatles music Heck, I wouldn t be surprised if by the end of my life it would beappropriate to measure it in years The Beatles possessed a rare and nearly mystical talent which in and of itself is captivating But beyond that, they led fascinating and revolutionary lives that shaped a generation I mean, they deserve a book of this stature just for the fact they were the first recorded to use feedback artistically They are modern mythological beings and would probably have remained as such had they not participated in Anthology.The structure of this book is brilliant Letting each Beatle give their account of their journey together, and responding to each others take on things, makes this not onlyentertaining but gives their history a life, a tangibility, a groundedness that could have easily been lost if this were a mere summary of events.I m listening to The White Album as I write this, and Anthology is comparable to its structure and feel A collaborative effort which preserves each members individuality Anthology could have been a train wreck a mashed up ego driven self worhsiping muddle But luckily, The Beatles gave as much honesty as could be expected to this project and it is a treasure I actually have the hardback version of this, but I couldn t for the life of me find it on Goodreads. This Extraordinary Project Has Been Made Possible Because Paul McCartney, George Harrison And Ringo Starr Have Agreed To Tell Their Combined Story Especially For This Book Together With Yoko Ono Lennon, They Have Also Made Available The Full Transcripts Including All The Outtakes Of The Television And Video Series The Beatles Anthology Through Painstaking Compilation Of Sources Worldwide, John Lennon S Words Are Equally Represented In This Remarkable Volume Further, The Beatles Have Opened Their Personal And Management Archives Specifically For This Project, Allowing The Unprecedented Release Of Photographs Which They Took Along Their Ride To Fame, As Well As Fascinating Documents And Memorabilia From Their Homes And Offices What A Book The Beatles Anthology Is Each Page Is Brimming With Personal Stories And Rare Vintage Images Snapshots From Their Family Collections Take Us Back To The Days When John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison And Richard Starkey Were Just Boys Growing Up In Liverpool They Talk In Turn About Those Early Years And How They Came To Join The Band That Would Make Them Known Around The World As John, Paul, George And Ringo Then, Weaving Back And Forth, They Tell The Astonishing Story Of Life As The Beatles The First Rough Gigs, The Phenomenon Of Their Rise To Fame, The Musical And Social Change Of Their Heyday, All The Way Through To Their Breakup From The Time Ringo Tried To Take This Drum Kit Home On The Bus To Their Much Anticipated Audience With Elvis, From The Making Of The Sgt Pepper Album To Their Last Photo Session Together At John S House, The Beatles Anthology Is A Once In A Lifetime Collection Of The Beatles Own MemoriesInterwoven With These Are The Recollections Of Such Associates As Road Manager Neil Aspinall, Producer George Martin And Spokesman Derek Taylor And Included In The Vast Array Of Photographs Are Materials From Both Apple And EMI, Who Also Opened Their Archives For This Project This, Indeed, Is The Inside Story, Providing A Wealth Of Previously Unpublished Material In Both Word And ImageCreated With Their Full Cooperation, The Beatles Anthology Is, In Effect, The Beatles Autobiography Like Their Music Has Been A Part Of So Many Of Our Lives, It S Warm, Frank, Funny, Poignant And Bold At Last, Here Is The Beatles Own Story When the Beatles came to India,they denounced drugs and took to advanced Transcendental Meditation lessons from a Maharishi,the world was stunned They created there most creative work on the White album Their story, and the way it became a part of the culture and the collective consciousness, seems almost mythical This book is a very good record of the career But like the Anthology show, it s missing John s mature perspective on those years, and therefore does not always give a fair representation of his role Nothing that could have been done about that, unfortunately. A very well put together visual and verbal account of life with, for and by the Beatles text s almost completely comprised of quoted passages an accompanying document to the Anthology CD collection and or the documentary DVD I like this because as a coffee table book, it is one of those that arethan likely to draw the interest of friends just because it is sitting there And if you re bored, it s one of those nice ones to just pick up and jump in anywhere I was an 8 year old kid when I first caught them both on the radio KPOI, Honolulu and the Ed Sullivan show Their first US release Meet The Beatles got dragged along as my inseparable possession during that year s Anchorage Earthquake Big Island tsunami alert on Oahu, on the south shore, we still got the alert, since sizable tsunamis easily become wraparounds And needless to say once I saw their first movie at the theater, I was drawn magnetically.I still think Lennon and McCartney are the songwriters of the 20th C I know there will be successors here in the 21st, but I am also still looking for the new format which will occur once people get on and old of the Beatles 4 5 piece guitar band which has been the paradigm and model for every single rock band that came after them and anyone who denies their band has this impetus is lying Every band that came after has wanted, on one level or another, to be the Next But lightning rarely strikes the same way twice And I am looking for that Next Big Thing, not the Next Beatles, the next step and evolution of the musical world that will have the impact on this century the way the Beatles had one on the last And it won t be guitar bands, I am meaning, something DIFFERENT just as long as it is not mechanized servo pop Because in order to truly be music I think it needs the human element in the process.Nobody wrote better love songs Dylan writes and wrote some gentle ones too, and on a deeper level and also wrote in a fashion which seemed to always consider a timeless perspective of morality, but please remember that two or three generations now have lived with this music, and it s influenced unmistakably, the modern idea and ideal of love And for music to have triumphed in this way is absolutely remarkable, and if there is any group of persons in the field you could say were most responsible for this shift since the 1960 s, it would have to have been the Beatles. Everything Beatles By the Beatles What could be wrong ,Take 4 guys from England that changed the world of music forever and have them tell the story of their meteoric rise to fame and dominance of the music industry for decades and what do you have THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY.John, Paul, George and Ringo made the music that we listen to today what it is Without the British Invasion, we would never have had the development of rock and roll as it is today Elvis and the Beatles, they are the fathers of rock and roll This is half of that story.The Anthology is a great compilation of photos, album covers, artwork, lyrics, personal stories, articles and everything else Beatles If you like the Beatles, then this is the source for every bit of information about the first super group You can probably find other books out there about the Beatles, but this was written by the fab four you really can t go anywhere else to get the information you get in this book.This is a must have for any Beatles fan A must have for anyone that appreciates the history of music and rock roll Well, this is just a must have.Whatcan I say The Beatles were the original Their story is great, their music is great, this book is great Fact, period, end of story. For the diehard Beatles fan, this huge and vast book deserves full stars As a book for the casual Beatles fan it might not be so appealing due to the sheer size and volume of this book However, that being said it is THE perfect coffee table book because let s face it, if you like music then at the very least you will be a casual Beatles fan.The book is packed with photos, images of handwritten song lyrics and notes written by the Beatles, and tons of interviews In terms of Beatles trivia and information, it s absolutely first rate and fascinating If you re the kind of Beatles fan who likes to listen to their live recordings, rare studio outtakes, alternate recordings, etc you probably have to own this book.In summary, any Beatles fan casual or serious would love this, especially as a gift Thecasual you are about the Beatles, though, thelikely you are to skim the book rather than absorb every detail If you do read the whole book, make sure you set a good few years aside. How could I have forgotten to add this book to my library I love, love, love The Beatles I was totally born in the wrong generation because I love all 60 s music Although The Beatles are by the far the most amazing from that generation and any generation sincein my humble opinion.This book has been a reference book for me so far mostly I haven t had a chance to read it front to back yet It is quite large and difficult to curl up with on the couch I do drag it off the bookshelf and go through it in pieces often I read John Lennon s history completely of course because he is my favorite I have also looked up quite a few songs that I just wondered where the ideas for them came from.I love this book because I know everything in it was approved by and actual quotes and interviews given by the british gents themselves John s info from past interviews of course.The storys are great, the photos are terrific As a Beatles fan you cannot be without this book I am proud to have this book in my collection of favorites.I added this book to the also saw the movie shelf because I own The Beatles Anthology dvd set as well I first watched them on tv back in the 90 s. A comprehensive history of the Fab Four, starting off with short biographies of each of the lads, and then following their career together as a band It concludes with an epilogue of each lad, as well, and a tribute to John Lennon.I don t know how objective this account is, but it was certainly LONG Loaded with narratives from those who knew the Beatles, and quotes from the Beatles themselves, and studded with photos, it was a lot to assimilate I mean, really, by the end, I was feeling a bit bloated with Beatles trivia I probably shouldn t have bolted it down like I did.This is waaaay too much for the casual fan this is a coffee table book you could almost use AS the coffee table, it s just that large in size But for Beatles nuts, it s a wonderful book to wallow around in.

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