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American Homicide In American Homicide, Randolph Roth Charts Changes In The Character And Incidence Of Homicide In The US From Colonial Times To The Present Roth Argues That The United States Is Distinctive In Its Level Of Violence Among Unrelated Adults Friends, Acquaintances, And Strangers America Was Extraordinarily Homicidal In The Mid Seventeenth Century, But It Became Relatively Non Homicidal By The Mid Eighteenth Century, Even In The Slave South And By The Early Nineteenth Century, Rates In The North And The Mountain South Were Extremely Low But The Homicide Rate Rose Substantially Among Unrelated Adults In The Slave South After The American Revolution And It Skyrocketed Across The United States From The Late S Through The Mid S, While Rates In Most Other Western Nations Held Steady Or Fell That Surge And All Subsequent Increases In The Homicide Rate Correlated Closely With Four Distinct Phenomena Political Instability A Loss Of Government Legitimacy A Loss Of Fellow Feeling Among Members Of Society Caused By Racial, Religious, Or Political Antagonism And A Loss Of Faith In The Social Hierarchy Those Four Factors, Roth Argues, Best Explain Why Homicide Rates Have Gone Up And Down In The United States And In Other Western Nations Over The Past Four Centuries, And Why The United States Is Today The Most Homicidal Affluent Nation Thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of the trends and causes of the homicide rate in America from colonial times to the present A scholarly work, but if you are not an academic, read the introduction and the conclusion and skip the rest of it, because the facts and figures can become quite boring.

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