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Let s face it For a woman, a story about traveling back in time is equivalent to a horror story On one hand, I m always wary of time travel stories because, often the horror aspect is completely neglected On the other hand, I really kind of like the mental gymnastics that a time travel book can conjure I was worried that the book was going to go the campy route The heroine certainly has her share of luck as she brazenly tries to go 21st century in the 11th Luckily, the author does dip into the horror of the situation as the heroine is swept from harem to dungeon, as she is bought and sold and traded and cursed.In the end, I quite liked this story I ll likely move on to the next in the series, but I ll have to save my pennies for a little while first This is a tough one for me to rate On the one hand, the quality of writing was very high, the period details added wonderful texture to the setting, and the characters were well drawn with consistent voices On the other hand, the book blurb advertised it as an adventure romance, and there was very little of either Mostly, it was the story of a perpetual victim with questionable judgement who was imprisoned in a single place, stuck in a world filled with nothing but rapey misogynists I was looking for a little escapism, but this world was a living nightmare for women from start to finish There are some light moments here and there, the occasional bit of humor, a little bit of a love story that blossoms late, but there s far ugliness, hopelessness and helplessness than there is anything else All in all, The Spanish Pearl was a good read, but very rarely a fun read. This book was so uncomfortable, I couldn t keep going First of all, it s marketed as a lesbian book but really, i have my doubts As the synopsis says the main character is transported to 1085 spain where she meets Luis and falls in love with him, not knowing he is, at least biologically female She keeps saying how wrong it is for her to love Luis despite being a lesbian and when she finally learns the truth she is relieved and claims she must have somehow sensed it It so ridiculous, why would a lesbian be interested in someone who she thinks of as male The obvious answer is that she is bi but neither the book nor the character acknowledges that Luis being a woman in itself is also questionable It s difficult to ascribe gender identity to people who lived 10 years ago much less 1000 Perhaps Luis if living in the 21st century would happily live as a woman and perhaps not In the context of the time he lives in however he seems to consider himself a man, and is uncomfortable when the main character keeps referring to him differently Which she does Repeatedly As said, very uncomfortable On top of all of this the cheating aspect bothered me somehow understandable as her girlfriend lives 1000 years in the future and she doesn t even know if they ll meet again but she still seemed to be over it too easily , and also it was simply boring. Every time I start this I can t get past the first few pages I can t seem to like any of the people in the book nor care about what might happen to them. Lesbian Adventure Romance When Kate Vincent And Her Partner Travel To Spain, Kate Is Accidentally Transported Back In Time Way Back In Time To What Does A Woman Like Kate Do In A World Of No Antibiotics, No Feminism, No Diet Coke She Denies It As Long As Possible, Then Sets Her Mind To Getting Home Tricky With Her Now Useless Twenty First Century Skills Things Don T Go Well Kate Is Captured By A Band Of Mercenary Soldiers And Becomes An Unwitting Pawn In The Violent Conflict Between The Catholic Kings And The Islamic Moors In Her Struggle To Stay Alive And Return To The Future, Kate Must Flee Exotic Harems, Filthy Dungeons, And Treacherous Moorish Courts But When A Sword Brandishing Woman With An Astonishing Secret Sweeps Into Kate S Life, Kate Is Suddenly Torn Between Two Women, And Between Two Centuries The Spanish Pearl Is An Epic Adventure Spiced With Humor, Lust, And Danger A Story With Surprising Twists That Will Capture Your Imagination Just As Kate S Dilemma Captures Your Heart Very arresting time travel adventure romance novel I fell for Kate in the past than the Kate of the future I have read some reviews disliking this book for its lack or absence of transgender and bisexual acceptance Well I d like to disagree on that view One of the main character in question was obligated by circumstance to live like a man and doing so saw the role as an identity for empowerment If she had chosen the gender identity voluntarily then I d accept the critics views On Katie s attraction to Luis as a man, I am of the opinion we are all gender fluid until we find our anchor so that was very understandable On Kate s attraction to Gudesto, that was involuntary even though it was made to look voluntary Such mind games pleasure versus pain plays off consciously or subconsciously all around us The book should really just be taken as a good lesbian novel Look forward to reading the sequel. Kate Vincent and her lover travel to Spain, where Kate is sent back in time to 1085 when Moors and Christians are fighting in a complicated series of political and legal maneuvers Kate, a lesbian and feminist, finds her 21st century skills useless, and must try to survive in a world without Diet Coke and antibiotics Using her wits to stay alive, she is greatly aided by the Christian warrior Luis Navarro Her growing attraction to Navarro causes her to question her own lesbian identity At the same time, she uses her beauty to entice Walladah, the daughter of the ruler of Zaragoza to aid her Kate s every effort is bent towards finding her way to Altamira where another cave will bring her back to her own century Along the way she is torn between her lover in the future and the people she meets in the 11th century, and must make a choice between the past and the future, and who she and her new lover really are A long novel, it started slowly, with overly meticulous setup up of the time travel gimmick Although slow, it was well written, and there were flashes of humor as Kate, imprisoned in the harem at Zaragoza, starts teaching two black eunuchs about Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman She teaches them to greet her in English by saying, Free Malcolm X Eventually the real action starts, and sadly, Kate is pretty useless Although she is an assertive lesbian and a feminist, and so stands up to the male chauvinism around her, several times narrowly escaping rape, she lives a pampered life in the harem, and aside from her ability as an artist, never truly learns to make herself useful Although I didn t expect her to become a sword wielding warrior woman, I was hoping that she would eventually become than a damsel in distress At the end, after Kate rescues her lesbian lover, she is intent on helping her become a real woman, but I didn t buy it, for either character Firstly, I didn t think the lover who had been so strong and a competent up to that point would have broken down so completely, and second, the rescue and recovery were way too pat However, in spite of the flawed beginning and ending, the majority of the book was a satisfying read with a variety of characters and situations that kept me interested The historical research was good with regard to Muslim life, the politics of the era The details of Zaragoza and the Spanish countryside gave it a lived in feeling The errors were not so much in the details as in the attitudes the people around Kate accommodated her much too readily, as when she and another woman of the harem were allowed to set up a shop outside the palace Our modern era can t understand the strictness of the caste system in which the elite separated themselves from the commoners On the other hand, it is possible to chalk it up to an eccentric ruler who permits things others would not Authenticity mavens will cavil, but the reader who just wants a good story will be happy. I finished reading this a while ago, so my review is not going to be very detailed or precise But no matter how long it s been, this book and the one after it are incredibly important to me The Spanish Pearl in particular made an impression on me.Kate Vincent is an extremely relatable character with plenty of flaws and plenty of endearing qualities When being transported into eleventh century Spain, it is easy to feel exactly what she is feeling, despite the impossible nature of the situation.I also adored the originality Though time travel romance has nearly become cliche, this one has a brilliant balance between plot and character development that makes sure it s not too predictable It has its own flavor, and the lesbian twist definitely doesn t hurt.Not to mention that Friend has done such extensive research about the people and events of this time period in Spain s history that the reader is completely convinced throughout the story She took this obscure part of history and spun a captivating thriller out of it The emotion and mood is effortlessly conveyed through realistic character interaction, and the facts are laid out accurately without taking away from the richness of the story.Finally, unlike other romance novels which I generally steer clear of like the Black Plague s grandbaby, this story takes on the tone of its surroundings As the reader is drawn into the novel, they never forget the setting Still, Friend doesn t force the setting on us like an info dump Rather, she lets the natural elements of war, darkness, uncertainty, and an undertone of dispair seap into the plot with little to no obvious effort on her part The romance is not sweet, but quite real It is clear that Friend understands genuine human interaction enough to portray it well whenever two characters are brought together, particularly Kate Vincent and her handsome cross dressing soldier.And so to conclude, I am fascinated and in love with this book It s hard for me to find books, especially romance novels, which can make me declare love for them, so I d have to call this one a true masterpiece I wish I could find like this, because I truly do enjoy suspense, sci fi fantasy, lesbian fiction, and romance in a blend that works Unfortunately, such a blend is tricky to pull off successfully. Another rip roaring ride from Catherine Friend Filled with history, women in disguise, trials and tribulations on foreign grounds, time travel, and of course romance, Catherine Friend s first lesbian adventure has something for everyone.Though I have to admit that I was not as taken with this novel as I was with Friend s other adventure, A Pirate s Heart, I can still heartily say that this did not disappoint Following along as 21st century born Kate Vincent stumbles through 11th century Spain without any idea as to how she got there or how to return home was a fun experience Watching Kate adjust, as well as begin to welcome life in such a place, was a great development in my eyes You could witness her going through the various stages of change including denial, anger, depression, acceptance, embrace to her predictable, yet without confirmation of occurrence until the very end of the novel, happy ending The camaraderie between Kate and Luis was something that started off slow, in my opinion, but came to a well rounded fruition of a relationship in the end, including an entire scene that legitimately made me shed real, unbridled tears something that has not occurred in a novel for me since last year reading Just Three Words by Melissa Brayden.Overall, I am always happy with Catherine Friend novels as they promise adventure, intrigue, romance, and and always deliver I am looking forward to reading the next novel in the series, The Crown of Valencia. The Spanish Pearl

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Catherine Friend had what she calls a boring childhood, but she says that boring was just fine because it gave her time to read She read so much her parents had to set a no reading at the dinner table rule She was slightly shy as a child, but enjoyed playing Beauty Parlor with her sister, taking family trips, and watching STAR TREK and TIME TUNNEL She studied Economics, but because

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