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The Kings of Clonmel Will Is At The Annual Ranger Gathering But Halt Is Investigating Mysterious Happenings In The West When He Does Finally Return, It S With Bad News Hibernia Is In Turmoil A False Religious Cult Calling Themselves The Outsiders Are Sowing Confusion And Sedition, And Five Of The Six Hibernian Kingdoms Have Been Undermined Now The Sixth, Clonmel, Is In Danger Halt, Will And Horace Set Out To Restore Order Can The Secrets Of Halt S Past Help Them In Their Mission Everytime I read books from this series I come away thinking the same 4 things 1 John Flanagan is really not that great of a writer2 The story line is very predictable with no surprises or unforseen twists3 I have a hard time believing that a character like a ranger in this book could be so smart one moment and then so dumb the next The same thing applies to their abilities Sometimes they seem like superheroes who could take on a whole army by themselves, and other times they seem like they struggle to take down a single character Make up your mind Flanagan Do they have super powers or not 4 For some reason, I really enjoy reading them anyway in spite of numbers 1 3.And so, I continue to read and even to enjoy this series, although I m not really sure why. Not really sure what s going on here I feel like I walked in on a business meeting halfway through I ve missed some important info and the CEO isn t about to stop his speech to fill me in That s okay Quite understandable But there s no sense in me wasting my time finishing this thing out if I m going to remain at sea the rest of the time I m out The Kings of Clonmel seems to be about rangers and bandits and religion and storming castlesI think I don t know.Not realizing it was the eighth book in a long running series, I made the mistake of picking this up at the library on a whim I figured why not I like rangers This sounded like it might be set in Scotland and that would be cool by me, even if it turned out to be fantasy or historical fiction Sure, it looked to be a YA book and generally I ve found that I m getting too old for those, but hey, I thought I could at least bank on this being heavy on the adventure Plus, I liked Harry Potter, so maybe this might fall into that realm Some of my assumptions played out true My other guesses fell flat or were never resolved before I gave up about a fifth of the way in I think giving a book a couple chapters to horse collar you is fair enough John Flanagan spent those chapters leading me nowhere There was a brief flash of action, but mostly it was a slog through details that might later be relevant to getting the plot finally set up I suppose he assumes at this point that all of his readers are well versed in his world It doesn t take much for a writer to make single volumes in a series self contained, but it s his sandbox, he can create whatever he wants in it however he pleases Then again, that approach might turn off potential future fans Personally, this experience hasn t made me want to rush out and read book one On the other hand, it hasn t dissuaded me from ever giving the series another shot. Actually, it s of a 2.5 rating.For the longest time, it felt like nothing was happening I m tiring of the formulaic I m the best at everything except when it really matters In the first few books, the plot was fueled by external actions to which our band of merry men reacted It didn t matter how swift or appropriate their reactions were, things would still get incredibly dangerous Now, instead, the plot is often fueled by the main characters mistakes or chancy failures at the worst time possible For example, Will shoots a thousand arrows, one after the other and hits the mark every time, then when he really needs to take someone out, he fails Or Horace, the sword master, suddenly decides to lean his sword against a wall and stroll several meters away in the middle of a battle this actually happened in The Siege of Macindaw leaving himself wide open to an enemy swordsman Like this there are another myriad stupid actions that just ruin the heroes credibility for me.In this book in particular view spoiler Will s IQ seems to have dropped to Forrest Gump s level He s told Tennyson plan which is a very simple plan several times Then, when he s eavesdropping on the bad guys and they say something like we ll fake an attack in the village where Tennyson is and then, we ll execute a real attack in another village without his protection cue evil laugh So we ll take 30 guys to the first attack and 80 to the second, Will is confused by this revelation What He doesn t understand why would they take 30 to attack a big village and 80 for the smaller one It s like he never heard of Tennyson s plan at all.Then we have the Genovesans Will and Horace asked Halt about them and he told them who and what they were It wasn t a long description Mostly a few strong, clear adjectives that leave no room for doubt Mercenaries, assassins, poisoners That s right, poisoners So when Will sees someone that might have been a Genovesan walking away from the pavilion, what s the first thing he should think but doesn t I really hope that you thought poison or Forrest Gump and Will may call you to form a trio That part was actually painful to read I had to force myself to forge through Yes, the battle that followed was pretty neat, but I ask again Why should the plot be advanced by a main character s so obvious blunder hide spoiler The Kings of Clonmel wasn t my favourite book of the series, but I still, obviously, really enjoyed it It certainly had me engaged, but I ll admit that the second half lacked the urgency and addictive quality the first half had The first half just threw mind blowing plot twists at me again and again, and I was a little overwhelmed in a good way with all the new information, especially about Halt s history.I also really loved seeing of Halt and Horace together They have such an adorable and hilarious relationship, and I loved seeing that blossom Also Horace just really grew as a character in this book He has matured so much Overall,this was another fantastic sequel but I don t expect any less of John Flanagan now I look forward to Halt s Peril and seeing of Clonmel. That was such a good start to the next arc in the overall series Definitely loved learning about Halt s background I think the ending was a bit rushed, but I m pretty pumped to continue the series again now. I m generally pretty stingy with 5 stars and, if I m prefectly honest, it s probably of a 4.5 stars but, ya know what, eff it Reading this book just made me happy.It picks up after Will s been a Ranger for a few years, and he s actually helping some wide eyed apprentices at the Gathering, while Halt is off investigating rumors of a cult The first 100 pages or so sets up the general story line and brings our characters all together and I had a huge grin on my face for most of the time because of the joy of slipping back into this world with these characters and their easy camaraderie Once everything gets set up we find Will, Halt, and Horace together again for an adventure and finding out about Halt s past I was spoiled about one part view spoiler Halt being the true King of Clonmel thing hide spoiler . Somehow I d lost momentum on this series once Will became a full Ranger, and had pretty much decided not to continue Then on a whim after taking a break for a few years, I decided to give it one chance, and was rewarded with an adventurous tale full of quiet humor and deeds of both intelligence and valor I don t know if it was me or the last couple of books before this one, but I now remember what I found endearing about this series in the first place Will and Halt are back as a team, and Horace too I have definite plans to pick up the next book, and I don t think I ll wait so long. This one and book 9 are two of my favorites of the series The cult aspect of the book might make some people uncomfortable because it plays with truth, but it doesn t bother me because it clearly shows it is a cult and that s how cults work Distorting truth for their own ends Things I love about this book Halt, Horace, and Will all traveling and working together These books are best when that happens The major plot twists Like Horace, everyone assumes Halt s claim in the Icebound Land not going to say what that is due to spoilers is a lie BUT that s not exactly the case.

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