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No One Here Gets Out Alive Here Is Jim Morrison In All His Complexity Singer, Philosopher, Poet, Delinquent The Brilliant, Charismatic, And Obsessed Seeker Who Rejected Authority In Any Form, The Explorer Who Probed The Bounds Of Reality To See What Would Happen Seven Years In The Writing, This Definitive Biography Is The Work Of Two Men Whose Empathy And Experience With Jim Morrison Uniquely Prepared Them To Recount This Modern Tragedy Jerry Hopkins, Whose Famous Presley Biography, Elvis, Was Inspired By Morrison S Suggestion, And Danny Sugerman, Confidant Of And Aide To The Doors With An Afterword By Michael McClure

About the Author: Danny Sugerman

Daniel Stephen Sugerman aka Danny was the second manager of the Los Angeles based rock band The Doors, and wrote several books about Jim Morrison and The Doors.

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    In the age of flower power, the Summer of Love and an era in which a generation sought peace not war, The Doors came out of the darker corners of man s desire.Harbingers of evil No This is about the conduits of humanity in all its beauty and horror The Doors embodied yin and yang I found an island in your arms Country in your eyes Arms that chain Eyes that lie In No One Her

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    I am a long time Doors fan I own all their music and still include it in my music rotation nearly 40 years after my first exposure to them Morrison was a very bright man cursed with uncommonly good looks and a ferocious thirst for large quantities of whiskey The latter led him to an early grave This book colorfully accounts for his genius and outrageous appetites that led to his ear

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    To say that many of his fans are morons that get grandiose and delusional about him is an understatement However I still find that The Doors music stands the test of time and think Morrison was a talented and interesting guy This book, while good, could have been a lot better The authors, one of whom knew Morrison personally, interviewed multiple people that were close to him and The Doors,

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    Is everybody in Is everybody in Is everybody in The ceremony is about to begin

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    For about a two month period of time in 11th grade I thought that The Doors were a really good band, and that Jim Morrison was not a douche bag It was one of the dark times of my life I read this book then and really liked it Thinking back on it I know it s not a very good book, nor do I think The Doors are a very good band.

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    The most popular Doors memoir, and also the shittiest This book reeks of Sugarman s tunnel vision obsession with Jim Morrison It s not that the events described aren t factually correct, but you really get the sense that this book was written by a 14 year old poser who understood Jim or the Doors as well as a typical super fan, and no better than that I still recall my high school English teacher refused to let me wri

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    This is the book that is responsible for making the three surviving members of The Doors rich beyond their dreams When this came out way back in 1980, The Doors were a band many people had heard of but in general readers please note i said in general were not one mentioned in the same breath as The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles, probably the four biggest, most famous, and ultimately most respected and

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    I read this book in 1987 when a huge Doors fan in my high school science class loaned me a cassette tape of music that would forever change what I thought about fire, and pretty much everything else It became a part of my permanent collection of books and I read it a second time in August 1998 shortly after a news bite in Time magazine made note that the 30 year lease on his grave at P re Lachaise cemetery in Paris would expire on July

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    This is the first book I m putting in my books that changed everything shelf I first saw a girl reading this on the bus from school in the early 80s She must ve been in high school and I had the vague sense that it was something illicit, part of the drug culture I also remember a newspaper article that said Morrison called himself the lizard king, which I associated with satanism Somehow I got over these childhood prejudices and embraced the Do

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    This book to me was an obsessive take from the opinion of Danny Sugerman on Jim Morrison I found some of the words to be quite hypocritical and at times a little demeaning The Doors popularity was gained from their uniqueness as a band, that includes the voice of Jim Morrison To say the man couldn t sing was an absolute lie He stood out not only for his reckless ways, but also for his ability to sing in a way no other person could.

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