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The Near Witch Is Only An Old Story Told To Frighten ChildrenIf The Wind Calls At Night, You Must Not Listen The Wind Is Lonely, And Always Looking For CompanyAnd There Are No Strangers In The Town Of NearThese Are The Truths That Lexi Has Heard All Her Life But When An Actual Stranger A Boy Who Seems To Fade Like Smoke Appears Outside Her Home On The Moor At Night, She Knows That At Least One Of These Sayings Is No Longer TrueThe Next Night, The Children Of Near Start Disappearing From Their Beds, And The Mysterious Boy Falls Under Suspicion Still, He Insists On Helping Lexi Search For Them Something Tells Her She Can Trust HimAs The Hunt For The Children Intensifies, So Does Lexi S Need To Know About The Witch That Just Might Be Than A Bedtime Story, About The Wind That Seems To Speak Through The Walls At Night, And About The History Of This Nameless BoyPart Fairy Tale, Part Love Story, Victoria Schwab S Debut Novel Is Entirely Original Yet Achingly Familiar A Song You Heard Long Ago, A Whisper Carried By The Wind, And A Dream You Won T Soon Forget The Near Witch

About the Author: Victoria Schwab

Victoria is the product of a British mother, a Beverly Hills father, and a southern upbringing Because of this, she has been known to say tom ah toes, like, and y all She also tells stories.She loves fairy tales, and folklore, and stories that make her wonder if the world is really as it seems.

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    Funny how when we start to tell a secret, we can t stop Something falls open in us, and the sheer momentum of letting go pushes us on A dark and magical tale, that reminded me of The Woman in Black.I m a huge fan of Victoria Schwab because her writing and her stories are amazing and unique An expert in world building, character depth and originality, all set in a thrilling and mysterious m

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    when i saw this in my local library, i thought VS secretly released a new book that was somehow kept quiet so i was very interested when i found out that its actually a rerelease of her debut novel reading an authors debut novel, especially after having read their other books first, can be tricky all authors have to start somewhere, so if the writing or story isnt as great as a reader might be used to, it ca

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    This book is so so atmospherically CHILLING Also super slow and like, woah hello to the instalove, mate, but this is also by one of my favourite ever authors so I m a bit biased to love it despite it being the forgotten middle child who only gets given socks for christmas Also how weird is to read older books by famous authors Schwab s stye has improved 100 x and like WOW.Anyway So the setting, OK THE SETTING.I

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    Little did I know that all of my works would center on those who felt lost inside their own worlds, or found in someone else s. the new cover of this is. so stunning

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    There are no strangers in the town of Near Lexi s heard this all of her life, so her home becomes an unusual place when a very odd stranger appears and events turn darker still when his new presence coincides with the nightly disappearances of young children. Long, long ago, the Near Witch lived in a small house on the farthest edge of the village, and she used to sing the hills to sleep.It s probably pretty

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    Of every aspect of the moor, the earth and stone and rain and fire, the wind is the strongest one in Near Here on the outskirts of the village, the wind is always pressing close, making windows groan It whispers and it howls and it sings It can bend its voice and cast into any shape, long and thin enough to slide beneath the door, stout enough to seem a thing of weight and breath and bone There are books I lik

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    IT S TIME FOR MY VICTORIA SCHWAB BINGE Remember when I said I d read all her books Well, I m finally doing it Fingers crossed it s good MY STATUS 1 The Archived Read2 This Savage Song Read3 The Unbound Read4 Leave the Window Open Read5 A Darker Shade of Magic Read6 A Gathering of Shadows Read7 A Conjuring of Light Read8 Vicious Read9 The Near Witch Currently Reading10 New Beginnings To Read11 Second Chances To Read1

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    It s really easy to see how much time and thought debut author Victoria Schwab has successfully invested into the wording of her witchy kidnapping tale Each sentence has been set carefully into the mosaic of legends, winds that have a soul and everyday life inside of the small town of Near, which is located within an endless stretch of moor and forest, far away from the rest of the pre industrial civilization Although the des

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    This is so underrated I want to punch someone.The Near Witch was Victoria Schwab s debut novel, yes, the same author of Shades of Magic series It s actually one of the first yafs I ve ever read and loved I had the pleasure of reading this right after it was released 5 years ago and I still read it from time to time I read it whenever I feel a slump looming in the background I reach for it whenever I want something ya but

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    Read the full review and at Blame Chocolate A big thank you to Titan Books for the review copy This has not influenced my opinion in any way. Unfortunately, this wasn t the book I was hoping for Maybe my expectations and all the hype surrounding everything the author puts forth ended up interfering with my enjoyment Either way, I just didn t feel the grip and excitement I was expecting.I did enjoy parts of it, don t get me

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