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The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend Seventeen Year Old Bianca Piper Is Cynical And Loyal, And She Doesn T Think She S The Prettiest Of Her Friends By A Long Shot She S Also Way Too Smart To Fall For The Charms Of Man Slut And Slimy School Hottie Wesley Rush In Fact, Bianca Hates Him And When He Nicknames Her The Duff, She Throws Her Coke In His Face But Things Aren T So Great At Home Right Now, And Bianca Is Desperate For A Distraction She Ends Up Kissing Wesley Worse, She Likes It Eager For Escape, Bianca Throws Herself Into A Closeted Enemies With Benefits Relationship With Him Until It All Goes Horribly Awry It Turns Out Wesley Isn T Such A Bad Listener, And His Life Is Pretty Screwed Up, Too Suddenly Bianca Realizes With Absolute Horror That She S Falling For The Guy She Thought She Hated Than Anyone

About the Author: Kody Keplinger

I m a 19 year old college student and young adult author My first book, THE DUFF, debuted on September 7, 2010 I write books for teenagers and strive to be honest and true to life For info, check out my website.

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    They re making this book into a movie So, naturally, I had to read it.The word that first comes to mind when thinking back over this book is messy That s how I would describe it It s entertaining in parts, annoying in others, and sends out a confusing mix of messages I actually need your help You see, your friends are hot And you, darling, are the Duff Is that even a word Designa

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    A note to anyone who chooses to read the following I am critiquing this book solely based on the first 80 pages or so as I simply didn t have the will to continue any further.There are some spoilers, but only for the first 80 pages.Have you ever been sitting with a group of friends and one of them tells a joke and immediately everyone but you starts laughing And then you sit th

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    2.5 3 Over hyped.

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    What a bummer.I decided to read this novel for four distinct reasons 1 The unmistakable hype2 The movie was exactly what I hoped to watch a Friday night3 Many reviewers qualified this book as fun and absolutely entertaining 4 I wanted to see how the DUFF thing was dealt with in the written story and recognize the changes they made to the cinematographic version because there always are But the thing is hype

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    I think one of the worst things that could ever happen to a book is an unsympathetic protagonist A person would be willing to forgive a lot of things loopholes in the plot, slow moving story, clich d endings if they fell in love with the hero heroine Unfortunately, this did not happen to me with The DUFF.I read a blog post by Kody Keplinger today where she remarked that a lot of the people who criticised The DUFF d

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    4 stars I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book Initially, I picked it up because I saw a preview for the film After reading it, I m not sure if I ll go watch the movie With the way the few clips I ve seen show, it s not much like the book at all And some of the things I really loved about the book seem to be missing from the film but back to the book The Duff is a laugh out loud, sweet, sexy, a

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    Wesley Rush doesn t chase girls, but I m chasing you Oh boy, you don t know how I just swooned at that line sigh Anyway, Gahd, I love love luuurve this book I had this on my TBR pile for quite a long time but I keep on passing through it Seriously, I should have read this a long time ago But yeah, I guess it s better late than never, right And I am really glad that I finally read this This is just so freaking awesome I m surprise

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    Bianca is out with her two best friends when Wesley Rush comes up to her and lets her know her standing You see, your friends are hot And you, darling, are the Duff Is that even a word Designated Ugly Fat Friend, he clarified No offence, but that would be you So Bianca throws her drink in his face.Then, she goes and kisses him I didn t like these characters very much at first I thought she had lost her ever loving mind Kiss that asshole t

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    Find all of my reviews at ALL GO TO NETGALLEY AND PICK THIS ONE UP FOR FREE 3 5 15 I kinda LOVED this book Color me as surprised as anyone else It seems a lot of people didn t Here s what I have to say about that And also You re right I m not Talk about a refreshing flippin change of pace from the regular YA fare Not to mention this book was written by a fetus Her momma should be proud Kody Keplinger offers up some serious straight talk in Th

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    I am all about the DUFF Loved it I was interested in this books years ago, when it first came out, but then I read some reviews that said it was full of inappropriate sex and promoted low self esteem in girls.Unfortunately, I let that scare me off.I recently noticed that they were making a Movie about the book, and my interest perked up again Psst The movie a very PG version of the book.This book really struck a chord with me Now I m not going to

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