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Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life Drooling Fanatic, N One Who Drools In The Presence Of Beloved Rock Stars Any Of A Genus Of Rock And Roll Wannabes Geeks Who Walk Around With Songs Constantly Ringing In Their Ears, Own Than , Albums, And Fall In Love With At Least One Record Per Week With A Life That S Spanned The Phonographic Era And The Digital Age, Steve Almond Lives To Rawk Like You, He S Secretly Longed To Live The Life Of A Rock Star, Complete With Insane Talent, Famous Friends, And Hotel Rooms To Be Trashed Also Like You, He S Content Sort Of To Live The Life Of A Rabid Fan, One Who Has Converted His Unrequited Desires Into A Sort Of Noble Obsession Rock And Roll Will Save Your Life Traces Almond S Passion From His Earliest And Most Wretched Rock Criticism To His Eventual Discovery Of A Music Crazed Soul Mate And Their Subsequent Production Of Two Little Superfans Along The Way, Almond Reflects On The Delusional Power Of Songs, The Awkward Mating Habits Of Drooling Fanatics, And Why Depression Songs Actually Make Us Feel So Much Better The Book Also Includes Sometimes Drunken Interviews With America S Finest Songwriters A Recap Of The Author S Terrifying Visit To Graceland While Stoned A Vigorous And Credibility Shattering Endorsement Of Styx S Paradise Theater Recommendations You Will Often Choose To Ignore A Reluctant Exegesis Of The Toto Song Africa Obnoxious Lists Sure To Piss Off Rock Critics But Wait, There S Readers Will Also Be Able To Listen To A Special Free Mix Designed By The Author, Available Online At Stevenalmond, For The Express Purpose Of Eliciting Your Drool For Those About To Rock We Salute You

About the Author: Steve Almond

Steve Almond is the author of two story collections, My Life in Heavy Metal and The Evil B.B Chow, the non fiction book Candyfreak, and the novel Which Brings Me to You, co written with Julianna Baggott He lives outside Boston with his wife and baby daughter Josephine.

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    I know guys like Steve Almond They kind of wear me out These guys go to concerts on weeknights and read Pitchfork every morning I do not, under any circumstances, want to engage in conversation with Steve Almond and his brethren about anything but especially not about music I d rath

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    Here is a letter I recently sent to the publisher of a book called Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life Hi, I just finished reading your book Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life and I d like to review it for my blog Rockism101 Before I write my review I d like to share some of my thoughts about your

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    Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life Which, for the sake of brevity, shall be henceforth referred to here as RRWSYL is Steve Almonds highly personal account of being a musical drooling fanatic a person to whom the soundtrack of life is so important that life itself often has to pause until the right tune

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    This started off so wellAlmond writes hilariously in defining the Drooling Fanatic, the obsessive rock music nut He breaks down the lyrics of famous songs like Toto s Africa and Air Supply s All Out of Love, showing their stunning silliness I loved the section where he talks about being moved by songs that

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    This is one of those memoir critical collections that a lot of rock fans like to write Almond talks about the obsessive and transformative role music has played throughout his life, and unlike many rock fans, Almond has been able to make a career of it and even meet some of his musical heroes It s like Chuck Klos

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    Steve Almond is a good writer He chooses his words and his images carefully And I wouldn t care about it one bit if he hadn t also managed to squeeze such truthy truth into this book It s a pretty introspective book Even though the title says save your life, the examples he uses are highly personal A lot of the

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    It s hard for me to be objective about this book because I love so much about Steve Almond For me it s a 5 because everything that I thought maybe didn t exactly work, I forgave due to his fanaticism, which is what the book is about so how do you judge him for that Unlike My Life in Heavy Metal his first and probably forever

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    Another book review in which I don t review the book Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life by Steve Almond, whose prose I ve declared my love for in numerous forums Why do I love Steve Almond s writing so much There are a few possibilities It s a Jewish thing Latent, undisclosed issues This guy is Jewish He and his wife joked about na

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    Almond is a disarming narrator in these essays, very self effacing, and exaggerating I hope to humorous effect his super fandom for mostly obscure, moderately successful musicians I share his exaltation of songs and bands for expressing emotions I couldn t articulate, particularly as a teen and young adult And, frankly, a single woman i

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    Bleah.I wish I d realized that this was of a memoir I d read Almond s Candy Freak and enjoyed it enough to seek out his other books I was expecting something like that Oops Apparently women who like music are all sex starved groupies and men who like music are the true fans Taste in music is realized through older brothers and if you

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