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Witch Eyes (Witch Eyes, #1) Braden Was Born With Witch Eyes The Ability To See The World As It Truly Is A Blinding Explosion Of Memories, Darkness, And Magic The Power Enables Braden To See Through Spells And Lies, But At The Cost Of Horrible PainAfter A Terrifying Vision Reveals Imminent Danger For The Uncle Who Raised And Instructed Him, Braden Retreats To Belle Dam, An Old City Divided By Two Feuding Witch Dynasties As Rival Family Heads Catherine Lansing And Jason Thorpe Desperately Try To Use Braden S Powers To Unlock Belle Dam S Secrets, Braden Vows Never To Become Their Sacrificial Pawn But Everything Changes When Braden Learns That Jason Is His Father And Trey, The Enigmatic Guy He S Falling For, Is Catherine S SonTo Stop An Insidious Dark Magic From Consuming The Town, Braden Must Master His Gift And Risk Losing The One He Loves Belle Dam is a town that has been shrouded in darkness ever since its inception It is a town divided by a feud between the two powerful families who keep its secrets the Lansing s and the Thorpe s It is a town whose residents must choose sides in this battle that has continued to rage through generations.And it is the town to which Braden Michaels runs in order to protect his uncle from the vision of a future which cost him his life.But when Braden learns that Belle Dam was once home to someone who shared his gift and his curse the witch eyes that allow him to see the truth of the world around him he is determined to learn everything he can so that he will finally be able to master his abilities and find an escape from the pain that accompanies his visions.Digging up secrets from the past would be a huge risk and one that could turn the spotlight on him and his powers But Braden is desperate to find answers.Even if it meant getting drawn into a fight that wasn t his And even if it meant that the secrets he d been keeping would come to light Because having a chance at a life without pain was worth almost any price, including the risk of losing someone he loved.But Braden planned on keeping his secrets for as long as he could Witch Eyes is exciting, intense, beautiful, heartbreaking and incredibly original Beginning in a binding circle and ending on a small cliff, this story introduces readers to Braden Michaels, a witch with a very unique gift, and Belle Dam, the town that is home to two powerful feuding families that would like nothing than to have Braden on their side.Braden has the ability to see the world as it really is and in doing so can unravel any magical spells that are cast His power would prove very useful to either family, should he choose to align himself with one of them Which meant that as long as he could hide what powers he had, he wouldn t be forced to choose.When Braden ran away from home in order to prevent his uncle s death, he thought that Belle Dam would be a safe haven and a place where he could get answers A place where he d have a chance to just be normal.But from the moment he arrived, he knew that there was something different about this town and its residents and that hiding out would not be an option And when he discovers something about himself and his past, keeping his secrets and remaining hidden would become important than ever.Witch Eyes pulls readers into a dark and dangerous world of magic, spells and witchcraft and into a town that is wrapped in secrecy, where anyone can be an enemy.Author Scott Tracey has created a story that will keep readers in suspense from the very beginning about who is the threat, who can be trusted and how can Braden possibly hope to keep his abilities secret in a town ruled by two very powerful witches.The writing is elegant and flows beautifully, with incredibly descriptive passages detailing Braden s experiences as he sees the world with his unshielded eyes And the author injects humor into the story through Braden s thoughts, clever comebacks and one liners.The characters have a unique set of abilities that serve to distinguish this story from others in the genre Most notably are Braden s witch eyes, which give him great power, but come at an equally significant cost.This action filled, magical tale, which includes a mystery and a love story, builds to an exciting conclusion that will leave readers wondering what will happen next.Witch Eyes is a must for readers looking to be captivated by not only the writing, but the characters and the story, and readers who are interested in meeting a witch with some rather incredible powers that might actually be harmful to him than the magic he can wield On the blog I gave this my 6 star rating On a personal note Yes, I m in love Again And yes, it may have started out as insta love But it turned into one of those slow burning loves that continued to grow until it became all encompassing Will I gush Maybe.Just a little bit.This is one of those books where I just want to dive back into the world Get caught back up in the vortex that held me captive the first and second times I read it I m not ready to leave Belle Dam or walk away from Braden I don t want to have to say goodbye.There s so much I want to know Now Not a year from now The wait just might kill me.Belle Dam holds so many secrets, only a few of which were revealed by Braden s witch eyes I want to learn about its past, the power that shaped the town, the feud that holds it hostage and the residents, like Riley, who were forced to choose sides.And then there s Braden I m definitely not ready to leave him Not with the way things ended I feel like I only just started to get to know him He is still such a mystery He is funny, shy, sarcastic, stubborn, clever and brave, but he is incredibly reluctant to open up and share what he s feeling With anyone Including Trey Especially Trey.I can t get over how amazingly beautiful the author s writing is I knew before I actually got my hands on a copy of the book that there was this fluidity to his writing that just took me right into the story Witch Eyes is the only book I ve been able to hear read aloud where I was instantly transported into the story instead of having to fight to focus.And I absolutely loved the passages that described Braden s visions They were these dazzling flashes of poetry that perfectly described the onslaught of sensation that Braden felt every time he lifted his sunglasses and looked at the world.But the writing wasn t all poetry and lovely passages There was plenty of action, super cool magical powers and a mystery which kept me riveted And there were so many moments of humor that made me laugh Loudly There may have even been a few eye rolls, head shakes and Oh, Braden s.Oh, and another thing I loved was that the author didn t have Braden assess his own looks in any real way He never made Braden step out of character in order to give readers a better idea of what Braden ranked on the hottie scale.Whenever I get super excited about a book before I actually read it, I m terrified that it won t live up to my expectations There s always this risk that I won t connect with the story or characters, or it will just be one of those books that s not for me And because this book was from a male character s point of view there was an even greater chance that I just wouldn t make that connection.Yeah, well, I did This book is so totally me Right from the start I was completely absorbed by this book, even with my fear of witches, and I fell madly in love with Braden as a main character He has just the right amount of sarcasm to make him someone I can relate to Plus, he is not cocky or arrogant even though he must be pretty good looking if he captured Trey s attention from the second he stepped off the bus.And I am partial to stories that give me that pit in my stomach that lets me know that things just won t end well As soon as Braden arrived in Belle Dam, there was this feeling of melancholy that kept building Like I knew that things would end in heartbreak And no matter how much sarcasm and humor were dished out on the surface, the darkness that crept through Belle Dam seeped right through the pages and into my heart Leaving me utterly wrecked at the very end.Witch Eyes completely stole my heart and then broke it The first line grabbed me and the last line destroyed me and all that stuff in between left its permanent mark on me I did not forget one single moment between my first read and my second, and that almost never happens Ohhh, Braden I am dying to find out what s going on with Braden, Trey, Jade I love her , Riley, Drew and even Catherine and Jason And I really am curious as to what s happening in Montana with Uncle Jonathan.Favorite passage I actually have eight favorites so it was tough to choose just one I d like to say I had crazy dreams that made sense in few ways, but still managed to leave portents of the future all wrapped up in a nice and neat little bow Instead, I dreamt of hamburgers.Is this not such a perfect example of beautiful, flowing writing topped off with just the right amount of humor Scott Tracey s Witch Eyes is a book I really wanted to like I was interested in reading because not only is the main protagonist a male, but is gay There are not many paranormal YA s with a gay protagonist that I can think of And the most positive thing I can say about Witch Eyes is Braden, the hero, is a very appealing fellow I really liked him and how he tries to overcome his handicap and tribulations thrown at him.Unfortunately the writing wasn t strong enough since the buildup and getting from point A to point B took way too long Also the world building was an issue where everything is revealed in such a way where again, I grew tried waiting for something explosive to happen.Braden lives with his Uncle John in what he calls the Middle of Nowhere, Montana Braden is home schooled and must wear his sunglasses every minute of the day because he sees spooky visions and flashes of scary images that no one else can see Braden s eyes hold magic within them that he can barely control His Uncle John is his teacher and mentor and tries to help Braden learn better control Lately Braden has become ansty He feels like he s cut off from the rest of the world and when he asks his uncle about his parents, he doesn t get any real answers And then he listens in on a phone call his uncle receives, where a place call Belle Dam is mentioned, as well as his father Braden decides to leave his uncle and hops on a bus to find the answers he s searching for.His introduction to Belle Dam and the residents there are than strange There seems to be a family feud going on much like something from Romeo and Juliet and now Braden is a part of it His father Jason Thorpe is an enemy of Catherine Lansing, one of the most powerful people in Belle Dam Braden now will be forced to choose sides His father rubs him the wrong way and even making friends becomes than a hassle But one resident there, Trey, goes out of his way to befriend Braden, although he isn t upfront with him at first Plus Braden starts to develop feelings for Trey other than friendship that Trey seems open to But someone is trying to take Braden out of the picture and possibly kill him because the power he has in his eyes could destroy Belle Dam and those who want to rule there.Witch Eyes is an easy read and one that s simply written where I can see many teen boys and than a few female readers enjoying the world and characters Scott has created Half way through Witch Eyes, the story grew flat for me I just couldn t stay entertained I wanted for Braden, but the world he was apart of was too lacking for me.The way Braden s sexuality is revealed was too much telling I wish this was revealed slowly as we get to know Braden An example of this is when Braden is on the bus going to Belle Dam An attractive guy, Braden thinks of as an Adonis in Abercrombie, hops on board Braden is attracted to the Adonis, but instead of seeing his reactions and emotions unfolding on the page, it was much like a pause think Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell doing his time out , where another narrator comes forth to point out that Braden is gay Braden then brings up his uncle and how his uncle tried to ignore Braden s sexual orientation It came across as preachy to me and really took me out of the moment I felt this revelation about Braden could have been handled better.Also I think the emphasis on how different Braden is from his unnatural eyes to his sexuality is too much It grew very tedious and really took away from the action and suspense that this book needed to be a winner.Witch Eyes failed for me and I couldn t finish This is one book I wish I didn t have to give a DNF to but there just wasn t enough excitement and too many lulls to keep me reading. Witch Eyes is compelling and elegantly written with a wit that has bite Scott Tracey has woven a dark, beautiful world, and Braden is just the hero to lead us through it.Five for you, Scott Tracey You go, Scott Tracey. Marking as TO READ because of this girl s ignorant comment on why she WON T read it. 4.5 reread. Wow This book was amazing I loved that Braden is gay but the fact that he is gay is not the focus He s just himself His orientation is introduced and woven through the story as seamlessly as it should be in the real world I love that it just is I think that Braden has to be my favorite GLBT character of all time I also love his relationship with Trey It is sweet and real It builds slowly but is both passionate and believable Which is my brother and his fiance s biggest pet peeve in books about gay men Hey, Kevin and Ivan Love you and you are getting this book when Wen is done with it They think most gay men in books are unrealistic because they jump the object of their affection within 4 chapters of meeting him That doesn t happen in this book Things between Braden and Trey smolder for a bit before they ignite and even then there is no jumping Braden is a great character, he is strong and loyal He leaves his uncle who raised him to keep his uncle safe from coming danger He goes to a town that he has never been to before and faces any number of unknowns to keep his uncle safe How many teens would do that Trey is nearly as great a character as Braden I love how Trey always just pops up and at first he s all mysterious As the story unfolds, we learn and about Trey and his family Trey is fiercely loyal to his mother and sister He would do anything to protect them even though I m pretty sure his mom can protect herself just fine I think my favorite part of the book was the bits where Braden would look into people with his witch eyes What they were thinking and feeling would come to him in smatterings of words and phrases and colors Those passages were especially beautiful and surprisingly insightful I can not wait for the second book, Demon Eyes The end of Witch Eyes leaves you dying to know what happens next I would suggest this book for readers 12 years and over There is some kissing but nothing graphic I highly recommend this book Witch Eyes has been on my radar since I first heard about it The concept seemed so original and different to me, and I couldn t wait to read it So when I finally got it, I started Witch Eyes immediately It was different, very different than I was expecting, but that didn t hinder my love for it one bit.Braden, a witch with a power different than any other, has a vision that compels him to venture to Belle Dam, a town where he soon discovers an ancient feud between two witch families has been going on longer than any can remember When he discovers his connection to both families, things get even twisted There was plenty of magic and intrigue in Witch Eyes, and I loved experiencing that Witches, as I ve said time and time again, are my favorite supernatural being, and Scott Tracey s version of them was different and wonderful.Scott Tracey has a developed writing style, and despite a few odd things I found, I did really appreciate his writing I was captured by the magic of it before I turned the first page, and was compelled to keep reading even in my deepest states of tiredness Tracey wove the world of Belle Dam into a believable, realistic town and created characters that are relatable on many levels.Braden was somewhat timid, but strong enough to do what would keep the ones he loved most safe Even with his great power, he didn t have a superiority or think he was better than anyone just because he had a special magic Braden s relationship with Trey was one of the realistic connections that I have read They fought, and they got annoyed with each other And neither one of them thought the other to be perfection.Witch Eyes is an addicting, compelling debut novel and I cannot wait to read from Scott Tracey If Witch Eyes is any indication of Tracey s talent, his future works will no doubt be even incredible than Witch Eyes Read Witch Eyes if you are looking for something magical, yet realistic, and completely enchanting. Okay, why aren t thereYA books out there this good Oh, I know why Because they re too damn busy trying to be the next Twilight.Let me get this out of the way the hero of this awesome novel is gay Yes, boys and girls, Braden is gay and he s got magickal powers and he s not bemoaning his state as a gay young man because he s too damn busy trying not to end up as a pawn in a dangerous and age old game between two warring factions If gay characters behaving in a powerful and heroic fashion offend you, go read something lame and safe like the aforementioned Twilight.Of course a book this amazing and engrossing isn t going to come from the cookie cutter, play it safe, Caucasian hetero centric New York publishing world, which is good news for the smaller and independent publishers who are willing to give savvy readers what we really want, which is diversity of characters In this case it s Flux,the YA imprint of the famous New Age publishing company Llewelyn.As expected from a book that features magick and which is published by a company such as Llewellyn, it s obvious author Scott Tracy understands what magick is and what it isn t, what it does and what it can t There s just something refreshing about Braden that has nothing to do with the fact that he prefers bollocks to breasts, LOL He s real, in spite of the powerful magic he possesses and sometimes which possesses him He s confused by his witch eyes, the power to see through spells and illusions by the tantalizing and dangerous secrets about his family, about fitting in He makes mistakes No Gary Stus here, thank you very much I love the fact that anytime he uses his powers, there s a price Like another reviewer, I m on Team Anyone But Trey In fact, Team Drew is looking pretty good to me right now.Another thing I liked about this book is how well the female characters fared There are way too many instances of misogynistic FAIL most sadly being committed by female authors whom one would think would know better Trey s sister Jade and the intrepid school newspaper go to chick Riley are well thought out and come off less like typical high school tropes and like real people. Oh my gosh, I have just been reading so many fabulous books lately Witch Eyes fit right in that category I have been really looking forward to Witch Eyes for months, since I first heard about it, and I honestly don t know if I have the words to express my feelings for Witch Eyes, but I ll certainly try.I really love witches I think they re one of the most fun, well paranormal isn t really the right word but I ll just use it for the lack of a better word, paranormal being out there because they re human, they just have magic There s also so many different ways witches can be, and Scott Tracey really went out on a limb and made his witches super unique That made Witch Eyes so much fun to read, because there was no predictability with the business of witches Witch Eyes was really well written This was my first thought when I started reading the book, and continued to be an omnipresent thought as I read Witch Eyes The story line was super easy to get caught up in With everything going on in this small town, I was so curious as to how everything would turn out I loved that I never was able to predict the path of the story line All the characters in Witch Eyes were all around super lovely, with the exception of Fallon and Jason, because I thought they were kind of just slimeballs and Catherine was kind of a snot I really loved Braden He was super witty and I just loved his character He had the best insults, ever I loved Riley s spunk I wasn t expecting to like Jade, I honestly was expecting her to turn out to be the typical mean girl Witch Eyes was another phenomenal debut that I have read this year With its original storyline and unforgettable characters, Witch Eyes is one of the best books of the year Scott Tracey is definitely an author to watch.

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