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Sacred Fate Most Bonds Evolve With Time But A Precious Few Begin Even Before BirthIn The Dual Gendered Realm Of Ylandre, The Great Divide Between The High Born True Bloods And The Lower Ranked Half Bloods Is Deemed Impassable By Most Rohyr Essendri Dared To Cross It When He Took Young Lassen Idana From His Provincial Town And Made Him His Paramour Lassen Perforce Learned How To Navigate The Intricate Byways Of Life At Court What He Never Expected, However, Was To Fall In Love With Rohyr, A Most Inadvisable And Impractical Thing To Do When One S Lover Is Sovereign Ruler Of The Land But Anything Worth Having Is Worth Fighting For, Both Figuratively And, As Lassen Discovers, Literally Speaking Contains Hermaphroditism And Explicit Homoerotic Sexual Encounters

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    12 11 15 Series RE READ in preparation for newest book, woot woot and JUST as awesome.ORIGINAL REVIEW This was me before starting this What, what, you say 1 On the Best Gay Romance with Characters With Unusual Genitalia list2 MPreg that s male pregnancy for those like me who were not in the know and did not know about this entire reading sub genre.3 And dual gender characters And this was me afte

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    Fans of M M fantasy, this is FREE today 9 8 14 at US I m going to rate this even though I only read up to 50% still about 175 pages I think it is safe to say that this book is not for me I struggled immensely with the writing It is a lot of thou and wherefore kind of talk coupled with names that I think were designed just to confuse readers Virtually unpronounceable and thoroughly un rememberable, I could not for the life of

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    2.5 stars rounding up because I loved the MCs.All I have to say in this review is that the writing ruined what I consider to be an amazing 5 star story.I m parting ways with this the rest of this series because this reader does not find the old English writing style reader friendly.

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    This book simply captivated me The world is magnificent, the idea behind the story unique and quite beautiful The characters are caring and kind, yet intelligent even when a bit naive Lassen grew on me, and honestly I can put him at the very top of the list for the best character in m m He was so beautifully portrayed in his innocence and simple goodness that it brought me to tears at times and I couldn t read the words fast enough.Rohyr is

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    DNFed at 35% My rating is for that part only.Nothing happens in the first third of this fantasy The book itself is a huge info dump of useless history, descriptions of unimportant things ie plumbing and family liaisons The language is pretentious and heavy, trying to camouflage as an old charm The characters ohhhhRohyr the King is a push over and a suck up, bending backwards in order not to upset his evil uncle Lassen is a breeder , someone who can

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    Once upon a time, far. far away, in a strange land, called Aisen, there is a warrior king Surrounded by his loyal followers he is the only ruler, with power, adoration and a mental capacity no other in his land have.and despite everything something is missing He is a sorrowful knight because never know true love Yes, it s a fantasy, with a touch of fairy tale, and a lot of erotic scenes how can I say how much I love Lassen Idana of Tal Ereq, the hermaphrodi

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    Update 02 01 2014This story mixes historical and fantasy with exquisite world building As novel as the idea for this story is, it could easily overwhelm the unwary reader A glossary of terms came be found at the end I would suggest first time readers to at least take a look before tackling the story Even I needed a bit of help with the terms used.This was a reread for me because I wished to finally read the rest of the series, which I already own just haven t gotte

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    CAUTION Major SpoilersStupid CharactersUnlikable and sometime idiotic characters There is a difference between being innocent and being naive, and unfortunately Lassen fell into the latter Lassen stupidly fell in love with Rohyr despite knowing Lassen could only ever be the king s concubine and not his consort No matter, how much they love each other it was unrealistic of Lassen to not consider whether he could have a happy future with Rohyr Love may be blind, but it sure

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    If I ever wanted to read about two guys so PERFECT that it made me itch all over, but at the same time so STUPID that I wanted to slap them into oblivion, this would just be the book for it I opt for a moment of ZEN before I start this review The book managed to vex me on so many levels, it was simply breathtaking To name a few passive, submissive and na ve MC, conflict due to miscommunication, blatantly stupid behavior on all sides not even the bad guy was allowed to do clever th

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    I ve read too many of this type of hypocritical relationships lately to let this one pass me by Other reviews have pointed out this book s apparent merits, but I wish I hadn t read it in the first place When Rohyr and Lassen begin their relationship, Rohyr imprints on Lassen which doesn t allow him to have sex with another However, it s ok for Rohyr to marry somebody else, have sex with him and try and get an heir Yes, from the beginning we are told that Lassen is nothing than a paramour

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